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Dreaming to become a professional tennis player there are shortly then apart from giving importance to the minute details and the correct technique of the game, also pay attention to the fact of selecting the right tennis racquet, for this is the equipment around which the entire sports of the tennis revolves. A tennis racquet comes with an oval face having a neatly inter-weaved web of the strings on the elliptical structure along with a handle.

For a novice tennis player, it becomes all the harder to select a good tennis racquet when there are thousands of manufacturers of this sports equipment who are manufacturing millions of the racquets every year. Gone are the days when the tennis players had to play only with the wooden tennis racquets made by local company rather than famous tennis racket brands now the modern player can choose any racquet made of graphite, fiberglass or other man-made materials. Some top head tennis racquets are a judge on the basis of its weight, balance, stiffness, strings format and the head size.You don’t need to worry anymore just sit and relax for we have shortlisted Top 5 tennis racquets brands just for your conveyance so go through these labels and decide for yourself which is the perfect racquet to enhance your game skills and help you to become an expert.

Head brand carry on to create tennis racquets that speak of high engineered quality and all are professional tennis rackets for professional players,comfort and hi –tech innovation. One of the most famous products offered by this brand is Head Liquid 8 Metal Strung Racquet, the best features of this racquets are shortlisted below.

Our Top 5 Tennis Racquet Reviews 



This tennis equipment is one of the lightest and best tennis racquet for women available in the market with just 60Ibs in weight. This racquet has been created with the aim of providing the ultimate coverage so that even a beginner can strike tennis ball effortlessly and also having sufficient command while hitting the ball back.This tennis racquet comes in a head size of 112 square inches which is broad enough to strike the ball each time the ball kisses the racquet of the player. In addition to this, the beam of this weightless equipment is 28x26mm and a 16×19 string pattern. The larger head of the racquet helps the grooming player to get the ball over the net while developing stronger, cleaner strokes.The characteristic that differentiates this racquet from others is its shock suppressing technique known as No Shox that is built up right into the handle to reduce the vibrations, with this feature nearly 27% of the shock is eaten up that is created when the game is on.This tennis racquet for beginners and suitable for them.

best tennis racquet

This No Shox quality upholds the energy and the flow of the player as well polishes the skills of the novice player and thus shaping him up into an expert.This equipment is the deadly combination of power and control providing the sportsperson with the incredible power to play with the short and compact swing manner. The liquid metal material touches the four vital areas of the racquet’s face and is the sole material to use up all the energy the swing creates. This liquid metal material allows heaps of power, spin, and depth, but with excellent controlTotal Sweet Spot Construction is the feather added in the technology of this fabulous sports equipment.This technique is applied all over the racquet’s head and improves its torsional durability. This sweet spot quality boosts up the maximum potential even for the shots that seems not to land in the very center.This feature increases the area of the sweet spot thus enhancing the confidence of the sportsperson.The Integrated String Dampener can be easily located on the racquet’s grommets which help in minimizing the string vibrations and increasing the ease of use and putting less strain on the player’s wrists, arms, and shoulders. HydroSorb grip is a duo channel with perforated holes through which the proper ventilation, comfort and a firm grip are being provided.


The two selling characteristics of Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung are its ultimate power and control that offers a tremendous amount of Zeal on every shot that is being played in the game.With the above qualities, this lighter tennis racquet makes it easy for the beginners to play with, generating less stress on the wrists, arms, and shoulders. This is the most suitable for the new tennis players.



Wilson is one of the largest producers of the tennis racquets in the world having its origin in America. The Wilson (k) Factor strung performance Lawn Tennis Racquet comes under the lightest Tennis racquet category. It is a great buy for the novice tennis players but it not a recommended pick for the progressive players. On the other hand, if you fall under the genre of high defensive player then go for this racquet.For the counterpuncher, it is more important to keep passing the shots since the Wilson tennis rackets are light as a feather thus helping the player to maintain the ball is moving around the court.wilson racquet

     The Coolest Features Of  This Product Are Discussed Below

  • Wilson (K) zero strung racquet weighs much lighter as compared to its other competitors weighing around 9.1 ounces strung, thus providing more maneuverability, faster swings and fewer efforts required on the part of the player.
  • The head size of this tennis equipment is 118 squares inches which make provision for a big sweet spot and benefits the player as their less energy is needed to play shots.This is a great gift for recreational players who are just enjoying the game and not playing any competition.
  • The Term “sweet spot” refers to that part or portion of the tennis racquet where the tennis ball should strike for the more perfect and flawless outcomes. From a vibration standpoint, the position of the sweet spot is figured out by the presence of the nodal lines across the racquet’s head. This Tennis Racquet from the Wilson brand had a head large enough to support a large sweet spot making it convenient for the lawn tennis player to hit the ball each time even if the ball doesn’t land in the center of the racquet.
  • The strings are organized in the format of 16×19 lines to ensure less vibration with emphasizes to generate more power.For most potent shots the series are organized in a dual tapered manner.
  • This Wilson (K) Factor racquet comprises of triple progressive technical innovations namely (K) ompact centre, (K) ontour yoke and (K) arophite black. While (K) ompact enhances the handling as well maneuverability, the other two innovations lead to reliable durability and upgraded stability. The (K)ontour improves swiftness at key stress points on the racquet thus leading to torsional stability
  • This product is for the beginners who are after more power and comfort.
  • Being a light racquet, it’s not hard for the player to have full mastery over the racquet and swing it in any desired direction effortlessly.

 Bottom Line

The Wilson (K) factor is undoubtedly the craftiest innovation loaded with the advanced technology from the WilsonCompany and is second to none in the matters of power, maneuverability, mobility, and durability.But there are some shortcomings that stand as a hindrance in its popularity they are missing of the shock absorber; this means lots of pressure is created by the wrists, arms, and shoulders.The players using this racquet also complaints of the lack of control since this racquet builds up  so much power on its own, so it’s recommended for those sportspersons who play short to medium swings.



Wilson Pro-staff Original 6.0 was the first product  introduced by the Wilson brand in the market back in the 80’s.This modal was notably small, thick and slim as compared to Wilson’s latest invention namely Wilson Prostaff RF97 autograph. The latest Wilson racquet was inspired by the thinking of the legend tennis player Roger Federer. This concept was the brainchild of Roger Federer. This racquet is composed of braided graphite, an outstanding quality of Kevlar.

The Pro Staff RF 97 autograph racquet is excellent equipment standing out in the crowd not only for its innovative looks and design but is also an element of substance it’s hard to ignore the fact how substantial it feels in the hands of the player. As compare to some racquets that are more maneuverable and swing lighter than their static weight would suggest, this Wilson lawn tennis feels every bit it’s 12.5oz in measurement. So to play around the court with such a heavy racquet is not easy for the beginners this racquet is only for serious competitors. Unlike its descendants, the racket has a broader, more rounded beam with a width of 21.5 mm to match up the complexity of the modern game. This best tennis rackets come with the head size of 97 squares inches. Such a headlight balance of the racquet makes it much easier for the tennis player to whip away the attacking ball rocket

This racquet is for the sportspersons who want to excel in the attacking skills, the firmer, and the broad head size is a tremendous asset in managing the balance of the frame so that the swings are under the full control. Though it requires a certain amount of energy to turn the ball with its full pace, on the other hand, it reduces the impact of the incoming ball sending it back with the added speed.  With the superb ground plan and the perfect course of actions, one can even manage to improve one’s defensive style.As far as the string pattern is concerned it is 16×9,   this format provides marvelous control over the ball and maintains the perfect balance during the spin operation. This re-invented pro staff stick provides all the power needed to tease the lines during the series. This equipment comes unstrung and has an incredible stability.This Wilson sports equipment is great to be used for the doubles for it excels at digging out the weak ball.Its main demerit is due to its much heavy weight it becomes difficult for the beginners and the casual players to keep moving the racquet around the court.

Final Words

The Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph is a gem in the glowing crown of the Wilson sports good company. The highlighting features of this racquet are its firm stroke, marvelous touch, and soft power; this racquet is user-friendly equipment, having said the above merits it doesn’t mean it comes without any shortcoming, its prominent demerit is it’s too much weight that takes a toll on some of the shots.



Babolat sports good company took birth in France; it is popular in the world of sports for its high-quality tennis strings and racquets. This brand is the pioneer of “connected racquet” in the tennis world having inbuilt computer technology in the racquet’s handle for recording the details of every shot being played on the court.The Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung Tennis Racquet is composed of Graphite and Tungsten. A good choice for baseline players, court players and a great pick for players who want to improve their attacking skills. The racquet gained popularity once it got in the hands of Rafa Nadal. Also customer ask for this racquet with the name of graphite tennis racquet.babolat racket

Some Of The Impressive Characteristics Of The Racquet Are Being Discussed Below

  • Mind blowing Aero Modular Technology for maximum air penetration and faster swings.
  • Woofer technology on grommets for swelling up contact time and control.
  • To absorb vibrations, there is Cortex Active Technology.
  • Even this brand has cheap tennis rackets for beginners.

The Aero Modular Technology is what makes this racquet stand out in the crowd, this is a unique design inspired by the aero dynamic concept. This technique boosts up air penetration which leads to swift swings at the same time maintaining control of the ball as well leads to increased force without compromising on stability. These rapid swings make this Babolat racquet a hit with the aggressive baseliners like Rafael Nadal.

Woofer technique stands for the dynamic system located in the grommets of the racquet. Unlike any ordinary racquet with a static frame the Babolat Aeropro Drive racquet have a frame full of dynamic strings which means once the tennis ball touches the strings all of these get active at once leading to more spin, a wider sweet spot size,adding up more power while reducing the shock which otherwise would vibrate the whole string frame.

Cortex System technology is an extraordinary handle design that puts a stop on the unnecessary vibrations.This technique innovation gets rid of those unwanted vibrations that hamper the stability of the player and creates lots of uneasiness which stands as a big hurdle in the way of a perfect shot, but for the cortex technique, it is possible to deliver powerful shots each time.

Apart From The Above Qualities The Other Traits Of This Lawn Racquet Are

  • The strung weight is 11.3oz.This medium weight results in fabulous maneuverability and increased stability to face up heavy hitting.
  • It comes in the Head size of 100 square inches.
  • The frame stiffness is around 70
  • The string format is 16×19
  • It is Unstrung

Besides the Babolat Aeropro racquet for the adults, there is Babolat Aeropro Drive 26 Kids Tennis Racquet for the growing up Rafa Nadal. Having most of the active features as the adult, Babolat racquet has.The junior racquet also comes with active cortex system mechanism in addition to fascinating design and various sizes.

Before Ending Up

The Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Unstrung is a unique design beautifully displaying the aspects of power, control and last but not the least maneuverability.



Let’s now take a closer look at another Babolat lawn tennis racquet namely Babolat 2015 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet.The French manufacturers introduced this Babolat sports equipment in the market with the aim of providing the sportspersons with a lighter racquet that provides a magnificent balance between launch and power.The racquet has 100 square inches head that offers a sizeable sweet spot.This racquet is an excellent blend of power, technical innovation and comes in vibrant shades.The mind blowing technicalities of this latest edition in Babolat pure drive line tennis racquet are shortlisted below

  • FSI Technology for a larger sweet spot and more control
  • Woofer Technology on grommets for maximum contact time between ball and the strings
  • Cortex Dampening System for eradication of unwanted vibrations
  • Elliptic Design for greater resistance to torque and flex without any extra weight
  • EVO Beam
  • GT Technology upgraded stability

FSI or Frame-String Interaction technology as the name suggests was introduced with the aim of developing a firm string pattern higher in the frame structure,  thus creating the larger sweet spot for the better controlling of the lawn tennis ball, combining with the GT Technique for more power and control without compromising on tennis racket

Woofer Technology leads to a more active network of strings embedded in the Babolat pure drive tennis racquet of 2015 edition.The woofer mechanism works through the pulley system which at once makes the lines operative as soon as they come in direct contact with the ball, which creates a broader sweet spot and minimizes the impact of vibrations by circulating the shock on the whole frame surface.Woofer system also adds up to the contact time shared between the ball and the string by 25%leading to increased spin.

Cortex Dampening System, the primary aim of this feature, is to eradicate the unwanted vibrations and provide more comfort to the player

Elliptic Architecture hardly twists or bend which leads to effective resistance with added power this design made provision for a lower swing weight and decreased torque and flex on ball impact.The elliptic layout makes ways for a stiffer frame.

EVO Beam stands for the varying beam widths of this racquet starting from 23.5mm to 26mm to 23mm in the different parts of the racquet such as in the neck, throat, and head.This feature leads to a lower torque at ball impact for more planned shots.


  • Available in a wide range of grip sizes ranging from 4 ½,4 ¼,4 1/8,4 3/8,4 5/8.
  • String pattern is 16×19.
  • The strung weight is around 11.2 oz.
  • The Racquet is composed of Graphite


Firstly, as compared to the handle the frame is hard the reason behind this is the frame being 7 points head light.

Secondly, hard racquets are not user-friendly, these racquets are not for the players having problems in their wrists, arms or shoulders.

In the conclusion, it can be said the Babolat 2015 pure drive tennis racquet is a compact power package having a deadly combo of authority and control to play powerful strokes.



The question how to select the good lawn tennis racquet out of such a wide variety of tennis racquets manufactured by so many the large sports brands leaves the buyer into the state of perplexity. The word racquet has its origin from the Arabic word “that al-yad” it means “palm of hand.” True to its name a best quality lawn tennis racquet makes you feel like a part of your arm.  Whether you are playing tennis out of your hobby or to relax yourself or are serious about making your career there are certain things that will shape up your decision while opting for a racquet and they are head size, string format, weight, balance point, grip size, string material, string tension, and frame stiffness.As time passes by you will come to know that it is utmost important to go for a racquet that goes hand in hand with your game style.Some prefer power as compared to control and others vice versa. Tennis racquets come in an array of sizes and shapes in various colors.Best Tennis Racquet Reviews Infographics

In the beginning, most of the tennis racquets were having the wooden body, and the frame filled up with animal intestine strings.For the conveyance of the buyers, the tennis racquets can be divided into three categories as mentioned below

  • Beginner Racquets For Game Enhancement And Potential Power

The racquets falling under this division are mainly lightweight having larger or oversized head sizes ranging between 107 to 135 square inches. They have a strong head balance and are best at short, slow swings and creates lots of power. The beginner racquets have larger sweet spots and are more user-friendly.

Best beginner racquets are mainly Wilson k factor k zero, Head you tek three stars, Babolat Drive Z 118 smart grip, Yonex s-fit 5.

  • Intermediate Racquets Or Tweeners Racquets

It is evident from the name that these racquets are the players who have come a long way in the game but still need to polish their skills to reach the level of the advanced players with the yonex tennis racquets. These racquets have medium weight(9-11oz) with head light balance and are a large or mid plus in head sizes.These racquets are for those hands who want to have the command of both power and control.

Best Intermediate Racquets are Babolat Pure Drive 107 GT, Babolat Aeropro Drive GT, Head You Tek IG Speed Lite, Wilson BLX Pro open, Yonex RDi S 300 Midplus, head ti s6 tennis racquet.

  • Advanced Racquets Or Control Oriented Racquets

The best-advanced racquets come with thinner frames and smaller racquet heads having a head size of 85 to 100 square inches.These racquets are bulk with weight around 11.5 to 13.5 ounces and are unstrung.For their being head light they are a great hit with the advanced players who have mastered the skill of generating their power as well are good at spin They are power packed with ultimate control.

Best Advanced and latest tennis rackets are Head You Tek IG Speed 18×20, Head You-Tek Prestige Midplus, Babolat Pure Strom Ltd GT, Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT, Prince tennis racquets.


When going to buy a tennis racquet don’t forget to consider the below given specific characteristics in order to save your energy and valuable time.Besides one must be acutely aware of his or her weak points and strong attributes as a tennis player before spending hard earned money on the racquet.IN addition to these the specific needs of the players also play as one of the factors in shaping up the decision what kind of tennis racquet you want.

  • Head Size-This includes the size of the racquet face covering the frame and the strings. Usually, the head size comes under the size of 85 to 135 square inches and is generally addressed as oversize, mid-plus and mid-size. Head size and power are co-related. Bigger head size makes space for a broader sweet spot, thus making it easy to whip the ball.Mostly the new players go for oversize racquets as they offer more power, and the seasoned layers opt for the racquets with smaller heads for that extra control meant perfect for the juniors tennis racquet players.
  • String Format-The string patterns that are often used around the face of the racquet are 16×19 and 18×20.While the former refers to the mains or the vertical lines, the latter relates to the horizontal strings or crosses these formats are also known as open string pattern and closed string pattern. Vertical strings create more spin potential and power, emphasizing less on control and horizontal strings gives more control but reduced topspin and electricity as well more string durability.
  • Length Issue – The term of the lawn tennis racquet also matters a lot normally 68.57 cm counts as the regular length; the other two length sizes are 69.21 cm and beyond 69.84 cm. The longer the racquet is the amount of the serving power swells up. With a long racquet, one can expect great balance.Most of the racquets available in the market are lighter in weight.
  • Grip Size– Grip size or the hand size play a significant role while selecting a right tennis racquet. If care is not taken at the time of picking up the racquet, the consequences can be severe wrong grip sized racquet can result in hand, elbow or shoulder injuries. tennis racquet grip size meaurementsMoreover, it can take a toll on the playing capability of the player. Mostly grip sizes ranges between L0 to L5(European size) and 4 to 4 5/8” (US size).For the beginners, the correct way to choose a racquet is to hold a racquet to find out the comfort level of the grip, the more experienced players can also opt for Index finger test and ruler test to try the different grip sizes.A too big grip can put unnecessary pressure on the wrist, elbow or the shoulder of the player that can hamper the performance.
  • Weighty Issue– The weight of the racquet has a direct impact on the power and the swing of any racquet present in the market. Heavier the racquet more power is added to the racquet in addition to extra stability with reduced shock.If the racquet is lighter, it yields fast swings with extra maneuverability. The perfect weight to suits the needs of different categories of players are super light(252.3 gms) racquets for young tennis players, Light(255-27 gms) for the novice players, Medium(272.1-294.84gms) for intermediate players, Heavy(294-311 gms) for advanced players and very thick (exceeding 311 gms) for that extra power.
  • Balance Matters– The rest of a racquet relates directly to the weight distribution and determines whether the racquet is going to be head light, head heavy or evenly balanced. Head light racquets are for more power and control and minimized control they are ideal for advanced players. Stable racquets are best tennis racquets for intermediate players and head heavy calls for added maneuverability, fast swings, and demands less energy and are best companions for the beginners.
  • Swing Weight-The things that affect the swing weight are racquet weight, length, balance and of course head size. The racquet with a lower swing weight means fast racquet head speed and added spin. While maximum stability and power is provided by a racquet having increased swing weight. If you want to enjoy the services provided by both types of racquets, then choose the middle way to go for a medium swing weight racquet.
  • Stiffness– How sturdy and comfortable a racquet can be judged by the ability how much it can bend or in other words the stiffness of the racquet affects its comfort level and power. A flexible racquet bends more on coming in the contact of the lawn tennis ball resulting in reduced power level but increased control, and a stiff or a solid racquet yields more power by twisting down once it touches the ball but have less control over the ball.Having a stiff racquet can have an adverse impact on the wrist, shoulder or elbow of the players it absorbs less shock which created once the racquet whips the ball.One can choose the frame stiffness in accordance with their playing styles it is entirely personal preference.
  • Beam Width– A Buyer also needs to keep in mind the width of the beam how broad the beam is mattered a lot in term of the power of the racquet head if one is after more power then go for larger racquets with a full beam width. For the beginner, the ideal racquet would be the one with beam width ranging between 23-27mm.
  • String Tension-The feel and control of the racquet depends on a lot of its string tension.The string tension is divided into three sections namely low tension, high tension and in between tension. Each of these tensions have their fair share of advantages as well disadvantages. First, little string tension provides more power, spin, durability, maximum comfort and feel but minimum control and stability.Secondly, high string tension boosts up control and stability but with a significant decrease in power, spin durability and comfort and feel.
  • String Gauge-The string gauge stands for the string thickness. This feature has its impact on the overall feel and the spin performance of the tennis racquet. The standard gauge size is anywhere in between 15 to 18.For more control, the right feel, maximum power and sufficient spin output head towards thinner strings.

The Stuff That Goes In the Making of the Tennis Racket

Since the invention of the first laminated wooden frame racket having a network of strings made of catgut or the animal intestines there have been a stunning revolution in the making of the tennis racquets.The earliest racket size was determined by the durability and weight of the wooden frame to test whether his frame could support the strings and stiff to hit the ball.The traditional wooden frame of the racket now has been replaced by the materials such as aluminum, steel, carbon fiber composites whereas along with catgut,  other substances have also come into existence to fill up the frame of the racket head such as nylon, polyester, Kevlar. Choosing the tennis strings depends on the specific requirements of the players for different strings reacts in an entirely different manner when comes in contact with a tennis ball.THE modern day tennis racquets mainly have two different types of tennis strings namely Natural Gut Strings and synthetic tennis strings

  • Natural Gut Strings

These are those strings which are made of animal intestines resembling those of the traditional tennis strings. Nowadays the cow’s gut is the main ingredient in the creation of strings. The chief advantages of these strings are the feel and the control that the players experience while using them.Gut strings also provide benefits such as maximum elasticity, tension stability, playability and fabulous spin.These strings also come with a set of demerits like too much expensive, fragile and can easily break down, easily affected by moisture.

  • Synthetic Gut

Synthetic guts are the strings composed of substances such as nylon, polyester, Kelvar.This artificial stuff provides more stability, power, and spin to the racquets.

 1.  Nylon

Nylon strings have an excellent quality of nylon fibers as active ingredient racquets consisting of nylon strings are the best option for the beginners. These strings provide the benefits like durability, elasticity and hold on to tension while the negative is it is less gentle.

2. Polyester

Polyester tends to be more stiff and durable string and is the best pick for players who are inclined more towards playing hard shots without harming the string bed.Merits are mind blowing durability, added topspin and increased control with a few demerits like fails to keep up tension and very stiff.

3. Kelvar

Kelvar is considered to be the most rigid of all the synthetic strings which don’t break down easily and is for those players who are often in the habit of snapping down their strings.For being so stiff string, it is not preferred to be used on its own rather it is good to be used along with other synthetic string mostly nylon.The advantages of this string are its exceptional durability, its capacity to hold back tension.Its share of demerits are stiffest strings, leads to harmful strain on the elbow of the players.In addition to the above strings there are also strings types such as multifilament, monofilament, composites to name a few.

The Bottom Line

Tennis is immensely a great sport to be a part of it whether one is playing it on the tennis court or watching the game it provides incredible pleasure to both the players and the spectators.It is a treat for the eyes to witness such a classy sports. THE game of tennis has its lovers from all age groups young or old everyone appreciates this game.Picking up the top rated tennis rackets depends entirely on the game style, and personal liking of the players Even the selection of a particular brand or a racket is affected by the needs of the player.Thus selecting top tennis rackets can be a tuft job to do but don’t worry for we have made things much easier for you all tennis lovers out there and can get tennis racquet, best tennis racquet bag ,best tennis shoes and tennis ball machine are well designed for practice. After spending many hours, we have tried to provide you valuable information with comparison chat that you should keep in mind while purchasing your top tennis racquet.


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