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Which is Helpful One-handed or Two-handed Backhand

It is often a tough decision whether to play using a one-handed backhand grip or a two-handed backhand grip. There are pros and cons to every case. To complicate matters, every player is different, and they may even differ between the use of one or two hands for backhand returns over time with the best tennis racquet.

One-handed Backhand Only

Before 1970, tennis players were only one-handed with backhand hits. With the etiquette of respectable,to use two handssimply was not done and so didn’t show up in any training manuals of the era.

Enter Bjorn Borg

The successful tennis player Bjorn Borg changed all that. With the combination of his two-handed backhand and numerous winning matches, a change swept across the tennis landscape and players quickly adjusted to using both hands to grip the racket.

Which Is Easier for Beginners?

For many beginners, being able to use two hands for their backstroke is reassuring. This is particularly the case for women and children. Mostly in the latter case, the strength available in their shoulder, arm, and wrist make it difficult to strike the ball with any real power. When using a two-handed grip, it is easier to keep the racket steady, flow through the shot, and use more of the body and strength from both arms to strike the ball more powerfully.

Two-handed for Improved Accuracy?

Using two-hands, once comfortable with doing so, with a backhand shot offers the potential for greater accuracy. We say here, potential, not guarantee. For some players, using two hands gives them greater confidence when hitting the ball and offers the potential for more purposeful follow-thru action too.

Is Single-handed Better for Reach?

When a ball it returned into the corner near the baseline, it often takes a fully outstretched arm to reach the ball before it sails past. For two-handed players, this severely restricts their ability to return the ball because they are not able to plant their feet and reach as far with this type of grip. Simply put, one-handed backhand offers greater range.

Slices Best with One-Handed Backhand

A slice shot where one adds backspin to the ball to make it spin backward after bouncing is a single-handed move. Trying to use two hands to perform a slice doesn’t achieve pleasing results. Don’t trust us? Try it for yourself and see!

Power Backhand Shots Are Always Two-handed?

It is a fair observation that the harder shots are often delivered two-handed from the backhand. Not every player is the same. Some players are just uncomfortable using a two-handed grip regardless of the benefits. Other players prefer to stay single-handed to avoid juggling between single-handed grip for some strokes (like slices) and switching to two-handed grip for their backhand. Worst case, they could drop their racket in the middle of a point while switching their grip.

Bottom Lines

There is no right or wrong answer with how many hands to use for a backhand grip. Ultimately, there are pros and cons to each approach. It also comes down to what the tennis player is comfortable with and requires, rather than correct and incorrect technique.

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Tips To An Overgrip On A Tennis Racket

Before we explain how to put an over grip on correctly, we should cover why using one is important for tennis players. Every tennis racket comes with its grip. It is there to be used. However, even professional players usually avoid doing so.The reason that players don’t use the original grip is that it will wear down and wear out over time. When this happens, it becomes problematic to remove without leaving parts of the grip still on the tennis racket handle. Alternatively, when using an overgrip to cover over parts of the original grip that have worn down or worn away, the new grip will feel uneven.

Using an Overgrip Avoids Damage to the Original Grip

To prevent the kind of issues described above, an overgrip is applied to a new tennis racket which can wear down over time. It is then possible to remove it, without damaging the original grip, and replace the overgrip with a new one. By managing the grip this way, it avoids making the handle uneven for experienced and inexperienced players.

How to Put an Overgrip on a Tennis Racket

Putting on an overgrip onto a tennis racket is performed differently depending on whether the player who will use the racket is left-handed or right-handed.

Firstly, most grips secure the end of it with a double-sided tape. This helps it stay in place. Some products, like the Tourna grip, don’t include a double-sided tape design but work equally well. When there isn’t a double-sided tape, it is a little harder to apply the grip correctly to the racket. But in most cases, what is needed is practice.

Secondly, with the double-sided tape (if any) removed, you’re ready to begin. For right-handed players, take the racket in the left hand (or right hand for left-handed players) and place the end of the grip at the very end of the handle. The tape must line up with the edge of the end, but not overlap it. Stick it down and then wrap it all the way around the handle covering the very end of the original grip, so there are no gaps at the bottom of the tennis racket handle.

Continuing, once this first circle of the grip has been put in place, begin angling downwards modestly to let the grip start to coil around the handle. While doing so, keep a finger on the edge of the grip to maintain it’s starting position; this avoids the grip unraveling while putting it into place. The amount of tension when pulling on the overgrip while coiling it around the handle must be consistent throughout the process. The angle also must be consistent too. Once the handle is fully wrapped, secure the tape either with the included double-sided tape or with electrical tape.

It can often take a few tries at this process before you get the handle of it. There’s no harm in starting over to get just the right tension and good angle for a perfect fit. Once the racket is ready, hit the courts to see how it feels in hand.

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How To Hit The Best Backhand In Tennis

A backhand hit is either performed single-handed and two-handed. It is entirely up to the player whether they wish to play two-handed. For faster returns, a two-handed technique offers better protection from the speed of the opponent’s hit while still offering the ability to return the shot powerfully.

Grip Comes First: One-handed or Two-handed

The first step is the grip. It is either two-handed with either the dominant hand placed first (or last) or one-handed. Whichever feels comfortable is usually right for the player. Once the ball is within reach, spread the legs for a wider stance, and rotate the shoulders so that the arm and racket move together in a single motion.

It’s All in the Shoulder

The player must be side on to the ball with their shoulder aiming down the line towards the net. The shoulder that’s the dominant one faces the net. The weight distribution must be on the back foot before winding up to use the backhand. The knees are also bent a little, and the racket starts that the 2’O clock position ready. The weight slowly moves from the back foot to the front foot as the shot it was taken.

Relaxation is Key

Some players grip their tennis racket like their life depends on it. The reality is that often causes a forced error, sending the tennis ball in the wrong direction. The racket head is commonly below the level of the ball initially, to reduce the amount of pressure on the wrist. It is lifted up as the ball comes near and then brought down in a sweeping motion to create sufficient speed to hit the ball, sending it powerfully back over the net.

Top Spin

Depending on the angle of the racket and the speed it is brought down, topspin may be added to deliver extra forward bounce to the ball. While doing this, grip firmly without strangling the grip tape in the process. Obviously, you don’t want to drop the racket, but you also don’t want the grip to be too stiff either.

Slicing for Extra Points

The process of slicing a backhand shot creates a new difficulty for the opponent. They may not see the player performing the slice in time to run forward to return the shallow ball. The sliced backhand loops somewhat in the air, falling short of where the opponent often expects and then it typically moves back towards the net again. This increases the difficulty in reaching the ball in time and returning it well.

Final Points

Returning a backhand powerfully and well is all about it feeling right in the moment. The racket needs to feel comfortable in hand. The weight and its distribution must be suited to the strength of the player to get the best out of the racket. Incorporating top spin or slices to some backhand shots is also important to surprise the opponent, keeping them on their toes, quite literally, making it harder to reach the ball in time.

An effective backhand can be equally as good as a smash from a forehand shot. In many ways, the best backhand in tennis has a greater variety than a forehand shot which comes into play with experienced players who know how to mix it up to create surprises.

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Advanced Tennis Skills and Techniques

When wanting to improve as a tennis player, or just to be more competitive, there are some useful techniques and skills one can acquire to improve your ratio of wins over losses. Here, we cover a few of the better ways to boost your game to the next level.

Charging the Net

Running from the baseline up to net is a good idea when sending a strong serve into the corner of their court or simply when hitting hard and deep. One must judge whether your opponent can strongly return the ball or will barely get the ball over the net. In the latter case, it is often a simple matter to return their ball away from their current position, to finish the point.

Overhead Return

With balls that are being sent high towards you, it’s possible to use an overhead shot to return the ball over the net. Sometimes it’s necessary to bend the knees a little bit when the ball falls lower than expected before reaching you.

Elongated Swing

The elongated swing is one that begins with your tennis racket head up high and arches down to eventually hit the approaching ball using the forehand or backhand. The effect of performing this swooping motion is to add greater speed to the return. Make sure you have a powerful racket, and it’s been well-strung to avoid damaging your equipment with a hard return shot.

The Lob

When your opponent has come directly to the net line, there is an opportunity to return the ball using an upwards directed lob. The idea here is to angle the racket diagonally upwards to bounce the ball over the opponent’s head. This ensures that they:

  1. a) cannot reach it,and
  2. b) it lands on their side of the court

The shot takes the time to practice and succeed at.

The Slice

The slice is an angled shot where the racket starts above the ball with the head shown with the top closest to you and the bottom of the head tilted 45-degrees. The racket is then brought down to strike the ball in the center while continuing to bring it diagonally through the ball’s position. The racket ends up in a low position. The effect is to slice the ball which causes it to fall short and usually spin backward after it’s bounced on the court. When doing so, often your opponent will miss-judge the likely position of the ball and must run to reach it.

The Drop-shot

The drop-shot is, to some degree, the opposite of the “Charging the Net” technique. Instead of rushing to the net and returning the ball hard into the corner of the opponent’s court, the drop shot involves a delicate touch. The racket is positioned below the ball and brought up to gently kiss it, rather than striking the ball hard. The idea here is to use the natural bounciness of the gut string tension with the racket to return the ball just over the net. The shorter return causes the opponent difficulty in getting to the net in time.

The Serve

Leaning forward when serving, while avoiding putting your foot over the line, is a useful way to get a slight advantage. The process of leaning forward helps the arm deliver its maximum speed to the serve and slightly reduces the distance to the net too.

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How to wash tennis shoes

The more frequently you play a game of tennis, the dirtier your tennis shoes will become. We all have a favorite pair of shoes that we believe is lucky or simply the most comfortable when running around the court, and these get heavily worn over time. To remove the more apparent signs of excessive wear like grass smudge marks and refresh insoles that badly need some deodorizing, it is necessary to wash your tennis shoes. But what is the best way to go about that?Just run through our instructions below to understand more about how to wash tennis shoes.

First, Attack the Insoles

Take the insoles out of the tennis shoes. These get washed on their own and are not part of the main wash.Use a plastic washbowl. Add some water that’s not overly hot, but not tepid either. Use a washing detergent and add an appropriate amount. Get a brush with reasonably soft bristles or if you don’t have one, try a cloth of some kind (an old t-shirt torn into sections will do in a pinch). Dip the brush or cloth into the water to soak it and begin scrubbing the insole. Depending on how much the stains or gravel has been ground into the material, you might need to apply some force with this and take your time. A sponge (artificial or real) is useful to mop up any of the detergent that remains once the cleaning process has been completed.

Even after a thorough wash, should the insoles still be odorous, then try placing baking soda on the insoles, insert into a Zip lock bag, give it a good shake, and then leave it until morning. This should resolve the issue.Failing that, an old trick is to combine water and vinegar and leaving them to soak for half a day. Follow this up by again using baking soda, heated water and a fragrant oil to refresh the insole.

Second, Washing Machine to the Rescue

Most tennis shoes are machine washable. Check the label to make sure before use. Take out the laces to avoid them getting caught up in the metal washing bin and snapping. The laces can be washed by putting them into a fabric pocket or a pillowcase in a pinch.Use a brush to disperse visible caked-on mud and dirt that’s stuck to the shoe. Doing so will deliver a better

We suggest washing a pair of best tennis shoes along with a few bathroom wash towels. The towels add some soft protection to the load and avoid the tumbling around during the wash or spin cycle that could damage the shoes. Older towels are best because newer ones sometimes have color dye or particles that will separate and contaminate the shoes.

Apply a liquid washing solution to the machine. Do not use a powdered solution because it tends to deposit inside the tennis shoe. To remove unwanted odors, vinegar is a good solution to sprinkle in the wash bin. Oil, such as pine, is a useful disinfectant, but it must be almost pure.It is important only to use the “delicates” cold cycle to avoid hot water changing the form and shape of your shoes.

Hand Washing

With shoes that are over $100, it is worth considering hand-washing. Liquid detergent and warm (not hot) water, is best. Use a scrub to brush against the sole, midsole, and outer sole until they are clean. A cloth is also suitable if a brush is not available. Use a sponge to mop up any detergent.

Using a Dryer

You can dry a pair of wet tennis shoes on the lower heat setting. There is some risk to this because the heat could potentially warp the shape of the shoe. It is a good idea to wrap up the shoes in a towel to avoid damage through direct exposure to heat. Place shoe laces inside a pillowcase to dry them too.Be sure not to leave the shoes unattended. Check the heat level or the response to the heat level careful and frequently.

Drying Outside via Air Drying

The other option is air drying. Here, the drying process is slower. Direct sunlight may alter the colors on the side of the shoe that is directly exposed to the bright rays. It is a good idea to position the tennis shoes beneath a table or in a location that is outside in the warmth but covered to avoid discoloration during the drying process. Stuffing a small hand towel inside each shoe is a smart way to help the shoe maintain its original shape.


Best Babolat Tennis Racquet Reviews 2019

The Babolat tennis racquet has a rich history dating back to the very beginnings of tennis as a sport. Following the creation of tennis as a recreational game in 1874, Pierre Babolat was the first to use natural gut to string the racquet. International expansion followed in 1950, with US Open winner Arthur Ashe using Babolat gut during his winning match putting the brand on the map. In 1994, the company launched its first tennis racquets, and the rest is history.

The best Babolat racquet is a matter of both taste and requirements. Our BabolatPure Drive review covers this exciting racquet that delivers considerable power to a player who wishes to command it. However, for younger players in the 10-12 age range, the Babolat Pure Aero Junior 26 racquet we review later is an interesting one to suit pre-teens who are interested in the game. As one can tell, a powerful tennis racquet doesn’t need to conform to a certain size or age range suitability to be powerful.Here are three interesting Babolat tennis rackets to consider for your next visit to the courts.


Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition

The Babolat Drive G Lite Wimbledon Edition incorporates the use of Cortex Dampening to lend more feel like the racquet as an extension of the arm. The product is a key racquet to keep in the bag as one that is excellent both way back at the baseline and when up at the net catching fast-moving volleys. Few tennis racquets perform equally well under both circumstances, but this one certainly does. Therefore, for players who are just as comfortable at the net as they are elsewhere on the court, the Drive G Lite is a useful addition to their tennis arsenal.

Image Credit : Amazon

The benefit of the Drive G Lite technologies is improved control once the ball strikes the racquet or strings at speed. Reduced reverberation limits any negative effect on return follow through arm movements for a better play against big striking opponents. The weight, when strung, is around 9.6 ounces which place this racquet in the middle of adult racquet weight levels while being comfortably below the 12-ounce weight that creates problems for some players who prefer something lighter. The BabolatSyntec grip is both comfortable and durable for multi-hour play across several sets of a match.

The design, especially the graphics, on the Drive G Lite product is current as of 2013. Serious-looking, distinctive, with a dash of canary-yellow colored branding, added for good measure. The Drive is a good all rounder for different play with both power and precision shots against different opponents on clay or grass courts. Either as a single racquet solution or as part of a collection of tennis racquets, this Racquet hits the mark.

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Babolat 2019 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

The Babolat 2019 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet is a modern release intended to better handle the faster pace of courts, quicker ball response, and greater dexterity of players.The Babolat Pure Drive racquet improves upon previous sweet spots by making this one larger and higher for improved shots even when connecting away from the center. This aspect will certainly please unsure, inexperienced and out of practice returning players who need a racquet that’s a little bit forgiving of their mistakes. Image Credit : Amazon

Better frame string technology is employed here. The frame thickness and its elliptical appearance resist torque and minimize the amount of flex which would otherwise affect how the returning shot is received. The Cortex Dampening technology which came in 2012 also helps to transmit the feel of the racquet to the hands which provide players with better control over their sporting outcomes on the court. The 9.6-ounce weight of this racquet is on the lighter side of a pro style racquet for adult players. It is ideal for tennis enthusiasts who find the 11 and 12-ounce racquets too much racquet to handle single-handed but who don’t wish to give up either control or power in the process of trading down to something lighter.

This tennis racquet Babolat-style with classic blue and black coloring maintains the history of the Pure Drive product line. The white color was introduced in the 2019 model for the first time to provide a contrast on the long handle. With this Tennis Racquet, Babolat Play is included. The app allows coaches and players to understand better their swing and overall game performance making continual improvement possible. Avoid becoming stagnant in your game play and advance further.

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Babolat Pure Aero junior 26 Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Aero Junior 26 in its 2019 AeroPro Junior version is a pre-strung tennis racquet that delivers the adult experience in a smaller size. The Pure Aero playing experience is not lost to a younger player with this Junior 26 version which provides pleasing performance for 10-12-year-old younger players.The Pure Aero range is endorsed by none other than Rafael Nadal, so one knows that it’s a solid choice. Many of the same features present in the adult version are also evident here too. The 8.8-ounce weight is light enough for younger players to handle with ease. The lightness is achieved by using a 100% graphite technology to keep the weight down. Image Credit : Amazon

The black and yellow stripes make this racquet stand out from the crown. An attractive black over-the-shoulder case, with shoulder strap included, completes the look. Subtle, but noticeable.The frame is pre-strung to avoid youngsters having to deal with how to add strings before trying to their Junior 26 on the court. The purchase is a single option that avoids any fuss with handle padding, strings or needing to get a racquet strung before use which makes it an ideal gift for a young boy or girl.

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Babolat tennis racquets come in all types and versions suitable for adult and junior players, experienced and novice alike. While their manufacturing only dates to the 1970s with their racquets; the latest manufacturing technologies are employed in their products to deliver a dependable performance on the court.One of the standout aspects of the Babolat range is that many of their racquets are lighter. This reality opens their use to more people who find that many racquets are heavier in their hand than they’re comfortable with and get put off playing their next match of tennis because of it. Several of the Babolat racquets reviewed above are a testament to this increased range of options for players keen to get back on the court using a lighter tennis racquet.



Best Tennis Racquet Bag Reviews 2019

If your interest in tennis is confined to borrowing a racquet from a friend twice a year and playing in the park across the street you don’t need to think about a tennis racquet bag. If on the other hand, you are serious about tennis and play as much for the exercise as for the pure joy of it, you’re going to want a high quality bag to tote your tennis related things about in. Some things that typically wind up in a tennis bag include:

  • 2 – 6 racquets
  • Bandages
  • Gauze
  • Antiseptics
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Extra shirts
  • Extra shorts
  • Extra shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and more…

Imagine trying to schlep all that around without a bag? You couldn’t. And because you couldn’t your game would be compromised. There are a lot of different tennis bags on the market today and below we’re going to review the 5 we feel are the best.



Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder X6

Image Credit : Amazon

When you stride out to center court for your big match you’ll want to look and feel your best and know that your equipment is dry and safe and ready to go, just the way it was when you packed it into your Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder X6 bag earlier in the day. The X6 features dual, fully adjustable shoulder straps with copious shoulder padding so that, no matter how full you’ve packed the bag, carrying it is always a comfortable exercise. You have the option of carrying it like a backpack, slinging it over one shoulder or carrying it at your side via the strong, well placed handle. A large outer pocket provides plenty of room for support items and the non-PVC material keeps everything nice and dry even if you experience some mid-match rain.

Look and Feel like a Pro with the Holder X6 from Babolat

The distinctive coloring of the Holder X6 from Babolat makes a statement the minute you stride out of the locker room onto the court. You’re here to play tennis, not to play games. All of your equipment from your racquets to your power bars will be where you put them ready to be put into action, vanquishing your opponent or rejuvenating you between sets.

Major Features

  • Storage of up to 6 racquets: With some tennis bags putting more than a couple of racquets inside causes the bag to become unwieldy. Not so with the X6. Even when filled to capacity it still retains proper balance and is never awkward to carry or difficult to mount or dismount.
  • Great looks: This Top tennis racquet case looks smart. It looks like it was designed by serious tennis players who know the importance of comfort and balance and who appreciate sophisticated design that’s distinctive without being loud or tacky.
  • Durable construction: The X6 will be with you for years, even with regular use. Materials and stitching are both top of the line and you won’t see any fraying around the edges after only a few uses like you will with lesser bags.
  • Phenomenal value: At around $90 the Babolat Club X6 Racquet Holder bag is just a phenomenal value. You could buy 3 or 4 of these for the price of a single pair of high quality tennis shoes and have tennis bags enough to last a lifetime.

Non-racquet storage – On the exterior non-racquet storage is confined to a single large pocket. Use this for your mobile phone, power bars, sweat bands or other miscellaneous items. Inside, the amount of storage available for non-racquet items is entirely dependent on how many racquets you’re taking. If you’re like most club players you won’t be toting half a dozen racquets with so if you bring, say, 3 you can reserve the 2nd interior racquet storage space for items like towels, spare socks, water, spare t-shirts or anything else.

We can’t say enough about the Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder X6 bag. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some higher priced bags but it’s an extraordinary value no matter how you look at it.

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Head Core 3R Pro Tennis Racquet Bag

Image Credit : Amazon

The Head Core 3R Pro Tennis Bag is a basic bag designed to hold up to 3 racquets along with the other essentials you’ll need to help you emerge victorious from your hard court pursuits. There are other, larger bags out there for the similar money but none that are built better than the 3R. Head has been doing this for a long time and has the science of toting tennis equipment down pat. Their bags are rarely flashy, rarely call attention to themselves yet will be there for you over the years keeping your valuable equipment safe and dry.

 The Perfect Bag for Most Players

If you’re heading to the club for a friendly match, the Core 3R Head tennis bag is the perfect bag for you. Bring along 2 or 3 rackets, some extra socks, a towel and a few power bars, and you’re ready to go. The Head Core 3R is a beautifully balanced bag. Whether you’re carrying it over your shoulder or via the convenient handle and whether you have it stuffed to the gills or simply have a racquet and a few sweatbands inside, the bag never loses its integrity and never feels clumsy. Because of this it truly is the only tennis racquet bag most players will ever need.

Major Features

  • Store 2 or 3 racquets easily: The Core 3R is more than a little deceptive in that it looks like a small tennis racquet bag when it’s anything but. You can easily hold 3 tennis racquets in this bag with no problem and even then you’ll be able to fit in some accessories as well.
  • Attractive price: The Core 3R retails for about $30 which is the same as the Babolat Club X6 Racquet Holder bag. You won’t get as much storage space as you do with the X6 but the bag is built to stand the test of time and should never let you down no matter how many times you press it into service.
  • Streamlined design: The 3R is a sleek and well-considered bag that never gets in the way on the court or in the locker room. If you’re cycling to the club to meet your friends, just sling it over your shoulder enjoy your ride.
  • Durable and versatile: The 3R is built like a high quality piece of luggage, and you can treat it as such. If you’re taking it with you on your trip to Palm Springs or Miami, simply load it up and stow it above your seat in the overhead compartment. Something you can’t always do with bigger, bulkier tennis bags.

The Head Core 3R Tennis Bag is a “basic” bag but not in the pejorative sense of the word. It’s basic because it is designed to perform a basic function and it does that beautifully. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a great first bag or a seasoned pro looking for a bag that will suit your everyday needs, the Core 3R is all that and more.

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Wilson Federer Team 6 Pack Tennis Bag 

Image Credit : Amazon

If you’re a fan of Wilson tennis racquets what could be more logical than transporting them to and fro in the Wilson tennis bags? After all, one being made for other means you’ll get a perfectly snug fit whether you’re toting 2 racquets with your Wilson bag or the full complement of 6. The Wilson Federer 6 Pack bag is serious tennis kit. It’s designed for those who have their game down, know what they want, know what they need to bring with them on a given day and have a full arsenal of high quality racquets at their disposal. There are plenty of pockets, plenty of handles and plenty of style. It’s the kind of bag that says you have the game to back it up.

A Serious Bag for Serious Players

The Wilson Federer 6 Pack Tennis Bag is larger than some bags but it’s remarkably easy to control because of the well placed handles and dual padded shoulder straps for carrying backpack-style. It includes an end strap that allows you to hang the bag on a hook in the locker room or courtside or to use as an aid when mounting or dismounting the bag from your back. With so many ways to lift, move and transport this bag its size will never be an issue.

Major Features

  • Full 6 racquet capability: The Wilson Federer 6 Pack tennis racquet bag can easily accommodate half a dozen racquets. One of the many features that separate it from the competition is the Isotherm storage compartment that will accommodate 3 racquets and keep them safe from damage in extreme heat conditions.
  • Affordability: In spite of the fact that the Wilson Federer 6 Pack is a ‘bells and whistles’ bag, Babolat has managed to keep the price down. At around $80 this bag will provide everything even the most dedicated player could want from a tennis bag and do so for the price of dinner with a friend.
  • State of the art design: The Wilson Federer 6 Pack Tennis Bag is the product of serious designers dedicating serious time to make the bag both eminently functional but also stylish and sporty looking. Nothing about the Pure Drive looks or feels anything but top-of-the-line.
  • Built to last: This Bag is engineered to withstand the rigors of tennis life: from being repeatedly packed and unpacked, carried around backpack style, dropped, picked up, carried in the rain and left in the baking sun at courtside for hours. It will never buckle under the stress you subject it to or fray and wear like lesser bags.

Non-racquet storage – Another of the ‘bells and whistles’ we refer to above is the abundance of non-racquet storage included in the Wilson Federer. Between the Isotherm storage compartment on one side and the standard racquet storage compartment on the other are 2 smaller compartments perfect for storing spare items of clothing and a discrete ventilated compartment perfect for storing your sweaty shoes after a long match.

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Wilson Team 3 Pack Tennis Bag

Image Credit : Amazon

The Wilson Team 3 Pack Tennis Bag should be standard issue for club players, spirited novices or anyone who enjoys tennis but is not fanatical about it. The Team 3 Pack is well designed, well built, convenient, compact and affordable. The Team 3 Pack, like many other Wilson tennis bags, is extremely lightweight and portable without a lot of bells and whistles but with plenty of moxie and trim. The appealing gun-metal red design sets it apart from most other bags that embrace bold primary colors. In our humble opinion, it might be the best looking tennis racquet bag Wilson makes.

Giving Non-Pros Something to be Proud of

The Wilson Team 3 Pack Tennis Bag sports the kind of thoughtful design usually reserved for high-end bags intended for club or tour pros. It says to the novice or part-time enthusiast that you don’t need to be out there every day at the break of dawn practicing your cross court backhand returns to have a bag that’s effective and looks great. The main handle is sturdy and well-placed, the shoulder strap comfortable and firmly attached to the bag’s body and the end loop allows you to hang the bag at court side if you wish or simply toss it over your shoulder as you make your way from court side to the showers.

Major Features

  • No-nonsense 3 racquet capability: Unless you spend your life on and around the court, chances are you’ll never be toting more than 3 racquets with you at any one time which makes the Wilson Team 3 Pack Tennis Bag more than enough by way of storage space. Even when carrying 3 racquets, however, there’s still plenty of other space for accessories.
  • Price: At around $45 the Wilson is a bit more than other 3-pack tennis racquet bags. We suspect that has as much to do with the time and effort that went into making the bag look and feel so great as anything else, and in that regard we’d say it’s definitely worth the extra stretch if you really care about appearances (and who doesn’t?).
  • Looks: We’ve said it already, but we’ll say it again: the Wilson Team 3 Pack Tennis Bag looks like a million bucks. It’s simple; clean design will grab hold of you the minute you see it and won’t let go. Its compact design belies the fact that there’s plenty of space inside for just about anything the average tennis enthusiast would want to be carrying.
  • Build quality: The Wilson 3 Pack Tennis Bag is put together like few other sports bags at its price point. We suspect you’ll still be using this as your everyday bag even if your game matures after you purchase it and you graduate to more feature-rich bags for tournaments and the like.

Non-racquet storage – The Team 3 Pack from Wilson has 2 generous pockets on the exterior that will easily accommodate your personal belongings while you’re bouncing between the net and baseline. If you decide to bring 1 or 2 racquets with you, you’ll also free up lots of room inside for a towel, change of socks, water and more. Overall just a beautiful, practical tennis bag.

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Cinda B Tennis Tote II Bag 

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Finally, pulling up the rear of our best tennis bag reviews we have something a little different: the Cinda B Tennis Tote II Bag. The Cinda B Tote II is built for fun, and everything from the design to the colors to the emphasis on storage capacity for non-racquet items reinforces that notion. Empty, the bag is quite light and easy to carry around either using the strap handles up top or the shoulder strap (although we’re going to admonish Cinda B a bit here for not making the shoulder strap just a bit more comfy).

Lighten up with the Cinda B Tote II

For a lot of casual tennis players the Sturm und Drang, the “this is serious business” attitude of tennis fanatics can be a bit much. After all, this is supposed to be fun, right? So lighten up and have some fun with Cinda B tennis bags for women. This bag is machine washable, plenty durable and available in a variety of fun colors including powder blue, pink and leaf green. Next time you’re heading out to play a set with your BFF make sure you arrive sporting the Cinda B Tote II.

Major Features

  • External racquet pocket: Because we’re talking fun here and not the safeguarding of your professionally strung, graphite and boron racquets, the Cinda B sports an exterior pocket into which you slide the head of the racquet while the grips remain free. Because you’ll likely be carrying the Tote II at your side, this arrangement shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Price: Perhaps the thing that will surprise most about the Cinda B Tote II is the price. At nearly $150 it’s several times as much as bags that will do a much better job of protecting your racquets. Again though the Cinda B is all about fun and a major component of fun is style, something the Cinda B has in spades.
  • Appearance: With its quilted surface and fun-loving color scheme you’re not going to see the Cinda B on center court at the US open any time soon. And that’s just fine with most of the ladies who would arrive for their friendly match with the Cinda B draped over their shoulder. The bag looks more like a standard tote bag than tennis bag (the name ought to give that away), and in that sense, it looks like a well-made tote.
  • Overall quality: There is no doubt that the Cinda B tote is a well-designed and well-constructed girls tennis bag. Although it’s extremely light, it nonetheless feels incredibly solid with the center storage area filled with spare shoes, socks, and shirts. Slip full water bottles into the side pockets without fear and don’t ever worry that having your racquet handles hanging out into the fresh air is going to cause stitching to give way. 

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Selecting the Right Tennis Bag for You

The right tennis bag is as important as the right racquet or the right grip, with “right” in this case having as much to do with your level of involvement in the sport as it does with your personal preferences regarding styles and colors. The right bag for someone that plays daily and perhaps even qualifies for the occasional tournament will be fundamentally different than the right bag for a novice or weekend warrior.

Number of Racquets: 3, 6 or 12-Pack

Certainly, if you’re hitting the court once a month with your neighbor you’re not going to need to bring a dozen racquets to the court with you. A standard 3-pack bag should do you just fine. Conversely, if you’re attempting to qualify for the US Open you’ll be bringing a full nylon jacket of racquets along to be prepared for all contingencies. The avid player may want to go with a 6-pack bag simply because, even on those occasions when perhaps they only need 2 or 3 racquets, they’ll still be able to use the extra storage space for towels, water, spare socks and the like.


If you’re the type of player who takes large bags of tennis equipment with them when they travel, you’ll want to consider a bag with wheels. Likewise, if you’re toting 12 racquets around on a regular basis it can all become a bit much for the shoulders and, without a bag with wheels, you could wear yourself out before the first serve is hit. If on the other hand, you don’t typically bring more than 1 or 2 racquets with you there’s no need for wheels.

Tennis Bag with Backpack Option

Carrying your bag backpack-style can be a great way to take strain off your arms and shoulders especially if you are the type who regularly carries a half dozen or so racquets with you. Not all bags will offer the dual padded straps necessary to make an effective backpack, so if you’re interested in this option to make sure the bag you choose has 2 straps and not just one. And don’t confuse tennis backpacks for a tennis bag with dual straps that you can carry like a backpack. The tennis backpack is typically much smaller, will hold only 1 or 2 racquets and is intended for casual players.

Shoulder Totes

In this review of the 5 best tennis bags we’ve only featured 1 of the many tennis tote bags on the market. Whether or not a tote bag will be right for you depends almost entirely on your attitude about tennis. Is it a fun past time you engage in occasionally in order to get some exercise and catch up with friends? Or is it the red in your blood and that which you eat, sleep and breathe. If it’s former, a tote-style bag may be just right for you. If it’s the latter, you’ll want something more substantial.


A great tennis bag can ramp up your enjoyment and make getting the necessary gear to and from the court significantly easier and safer. Great tennis bags also help protect your investment (good tennis racquets aren’t cheap) and keep your spare clothes and towels nice and dry, so they’re there when you need them at the end of the match. We hope you found this review of the best tennis racquet bags helpful.

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The Tennis ball machine became an essential need of every tennis player. It may nothing but lifeline of the tennis players or silent partner ball machineThese portable machines can be easily carried anywhere in the basements, courts, backyards.

The harsh weather conditions don’t have any negative impact on the premium exterior of the equipment. There are different types of tennis ball machines to be selected according to the categories of the players, for the beginners there are less complicated machines as compared to the ones used by the professionals also these all machines called as the tennis tutor for beginners.

Lobster is a huge name in the tennis world; the Lobster tennis ball machines are great to practice with below are discussed some of these outstanding Lobster machines in detail; the reason behind the birth of this equipment was to assist the tennis players in their practice sessions and helps them in polishing up their game skills.

Nowadays when time has become precious, this machine is a great gift as the player can practice his game at any time of the day without wasting much time in waiting for his partner or the coach and thus upgrade his tennis skills by working on his shots and strokes and improve his pace to match up with the ball speed. The main aim of the device is to technologically update the sports of tennis.

 5 Best Tennis Ball Machines


Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Ball Machine

The machine is robotic in nature that is it is technology driven. The machine comprises of a big basket that can hold around 150 balls at a time; this basket has a cutout to provide a clear estimate of the ball level to the player standing at the other end of the net.

The machine weighs 35 oz. The 8” inches enlarged tires, flexible handle that is detachable and molded handholds all these characteristics add on to the portability of the equipment which makes it easy to be moved to any place according to the player‘s conveyance.

Whether the surface is gravel or full of grass, the machine moves smoothly on any surface. The elevation indicator located at the front shows the crystal clear view of the shot height. Regarding the technical specifications, the machine leads to random oscillation that covers full corner to corner, which makes way for the players to enhance their forehand and backhand shots.

The speed of the ground shot balls can be adjusted according to the level of the player’s capacity for the new players the ideal speed is 10mph which can be increased when the player wants to take their game to the next stage.Mainly, the increased speed is recommended for the expertise of this racquet game.

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Some of its other technical features are

  •  Feed rate counts up to 2-10 seconds.
  •  The elevation is manual that is0-50 degrees.
  •  It offers court time of 2 to 4 hours.
  •  Comes with the warranty of 2 years.
  •  The basic charger is included.
  •  Have a dynamic, fast charger to charge up the machine at faster speed.
  •  Includes external AC power supply for the uninterrupted use. This feature allows the machine to keep going on even when the battery is running out of the power and allowing the user to adopt any power method to charge up the battery.


Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Best Ball Machine

Lobster’s Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine boasts off elegant and sophisticated aerodynamic design, the Elite one has a battery life of full 4 to 8 hours offering quality time to the player to have unstoppable practice sessions on the tennis court.

This machine delivers full corner to corner random oscillation, and throws the ball at the high maximum speed of 80mph; these traits are of a huge help to the sportsperson to make his backhand and forehand shots strong, this device has the capacity of delivering heavy topspin and backspin.

One can hardly ignore the extraordinary ergonomic structure of this compact and transportable device having the adjustable handle that can be smoothly pushed or pull.Moreover, the big 8” wide wheels make it convenient for the player to carry the device anywhere.

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The special characteristic of the Elite 1 machine

  •  The machine had a huge attractive box to hold not less than 150 lawn tennis balls for the practice.
  •  Average feed rate is amount 2to 10 balls in a second.
  •  Offers an electronic elevation of 0 to 60 degrees.
  •  Have an elevation indicator for the player’s conveyance to give him a clear picture of the shot height.
  •  The machine weighs about 19 kg.
  •  Have a warranty of 2 years.
  • Molded handholds are right down the machine for holding the device while moving it and the pads prevent the sliding of the equipment.
  • The court placement indicator attached to this sleek machine provides for the full corner to corner sweeps.
  • Have an elegant hopper that let the user keep an eye on the ball level from the opposite side of the court for uninterrupted practice.
  • Comes with a basic charger.
  • The fast charger is optional.



This Lobster machine has more improved technical benefits to offer the players coming from the different categories whether you are a novice or a seasoned player this machine has something for every player. The additional special qualities of this Lobster device over the previous one are as follows

  •  Triple Oscillation

This machine not only provides horizontal oscillation but also sweeps randomly in a vertical direction for the deep and short shots in the random pattern. Great for lobs, volleys, and ground strokes.

The deadly combo of the vertical and horizontal oscillation enhances the tennis skills of the players and encourages them to improves their forehand, backhand along with the synchronizing of their pace with the ball’s speed by simply smashing the ball in every corner of the court- left, right, short, deep.

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  • Vertical elevation indicator

This feature is a bonus which was missing in the early version of the Lobster device. It allows the players to tune in their desired elevation settings to have a clear view of the shot height. This indicator leads to a fast and easy setup. Some other characteristics of the Lobster 2 machine are as follows

  • Speed

The machine can throw out the balls at the speed ranging between 10 to 80 mph an ideal speed for a machine. The player can adjust the level of the speed according to the individual needs and the game style.

  • Power

The battery of this Lobster product remains charged up to 4 to 8 whole hours.

  • Feed range

The average rate at which the Lobster 2 machine fires the ball at the player is 2 to 10 balls per second.In case the player wants to have more speedy throw of the ball then the machine can tune in the speed to 1.5 seconds which is for the advanced player to cope up with such a fast speed.The feed rate provided by this machine is good for swift volleys.

  • Ball capacity
  • The basket of the device can effortlessly carry on 150 lawn tennis balls.
  • Elevation is 0-60
  • Have a basic charger
  • Weighs about 42lbs.


Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Ball Machine

The elite liberty is a new member of the greatly acclaimed family of the elite series of the portable tennis ball machines. This latest machine from the Lobster is a perfect companion to indulge with for the hardcore practice at the net.

It is highly recommended for both the beginners and the advanced players. Before going for the product, it is a good idea to go through the specifications.

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  • Horizontal oscillation

The device renders horizontal oscillation to the players. The ball moves from the left to the right corner of the court. This feature improves the swing moves in addition to conditioning the muscles to strengthen the control.

  • Spin potential

The spin capability of the Lobster Elite liberty includes both the topspin and the backspin. The spin function leads to the improvement of the backhand and forehand shots. These dual spinning functions prepare the player to face unexpected ball movements making the player ready for the real tennis shots.

  • Battery life

The battery of the machine remains fully charged for the whole 2 to 4 hours providing 4 hours of the uninterrupted practice sessions at the court.

  • Huge sitting

The huge sitting at the top of the machine is capable of carrying 150 balls at a time which is quite convenient for the player as he gets ample time for trying the different shots.

  • Feed capability 

This ball machine is capable of firing 2 to 10 balls per second.

  • Durability

Durability is another trait that is added to the machine

  •  Speed range

The flexible speed range empowers the player to control and change the ball speed according to the capabilities of the players the speed can be decreased as low to 20mph or increased as high to 80 mph.

  • Inches large

8 inches large wheels, flexible handle and the molded handholds on the bottom side of the device allow this portable machine to be carried anywhere much easily.

  • Weight

The weight is 36 pounds.


Lobster Sports Elite Grand Iv Portable Ball Machine

The Elite Grand IV from the Lobster brand is a most dynamic design that includes the highly upgraded battery.

This technique innovative model has computerized software that has been formulated to figure out all possible combinations of pace, directions or trajectory and spin this feature for the device leads to the stimulation of a real match play.

Also, it also includes six pre –programmed shot drills that trigger the famous game styles namely grinder, all courter, moon baller, slicer, lefty and power baseliner, the mind blowing blending of the drills with pace, trajectory and spin fully train the user to face the elite opponents.

A simple push of a button starts off the desired game style of the player.The grand IV model has an advanced control panel and optional wireless remote control. This “Lexan” control panel displays touch buttons” and also features a digital LCD screen for menu selections and settings.

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The technical information about the product is given below

  • Oscillation-type

Mainly Random horizontal oscillation that includes short, mid and deep shots and random vertical oscillation including left, right and middle strokes are delivered that blends well with the dynamic speed and spin.

  • Positional settings

It leads to a three positional settings that comprise of the middle stage, narrow and wide positions respectively.

  • Speed

Speed capacity starts from 20mph to 80mph.

  • Battery

It is battery operated equipment.

  • Battery life

Battery life span is 4 to 8 hours which is quite long as compare to the other Lobster tennis machines.

  • Weight

Weighs about 44lbs.

  • Warranty

Comes with a two years warranty.

  • Throws up to 2 to 12 balls per second.
  • Includes an Elite premium fast charger.
  • Have a full functional wire free remote to control the feed rate as well the sweep.
  • Electronic elevation ranging from 0 to 50 degrees.


Best Tennis Ball Launchers

To become a perfect Tennis player, one need to go through the rigorous training sessions, sweating a lot out there on the lawn tennis court to master those impeccable forehand and backhand shots and hone up the skills to become the expert in the stunning lobs and volleys.

To have that glorious crown of an unconquerable Tennis player in addition to the hard practice, one need the best tennis equipment to make a smooth way to achieve the title of being an ace tennis player.

The true companions in helping out the players during their practice rounds include tennis ball machines, tennis ball launchers, tennis ball hoppers and not forgetting the user-friendly racquet.

The fundamental traits of a user-friendly tennis ball launcher are its long lasting durability, trustworthy, easy to carry and last but not the least its mind blowing functionality.

These tennis ball shooters are an outstanding substitute for the coach, and one does not need to wait for any partner on the other side of the net to exchange those tennis shots.

The diversity regarding the shots offered by the tennis ball launcher includes overheads to backhands to volleys.The best thing about this device is its capability to effortlessly blend the spin, the height and the movements of the ball to keep the player alert all the time to and push him harder to work on the foot agility to match up with the unpredictable pace of the lawn tennis ball. The market price of the machine varies, so it is better to invest in a tennis ball launcher machine that will return the positive output for many years to come.

Out in the market, a wide variety of the tennis ball launchers is available under the different brand names with particular technologies. It depends entirely on the user which one he would prefer according to his needs mainly two types are available

  1. Compressed Air type.
  2. Rotating Wheel.

The things to keep in the mind while buying are

  1. Kinds of spins the machine has to offer.
  2. Different oscillations.
  3. Capabilities of the machine.
  4. Is the machine controlled by the remote or not.

tennis ball machine

Choosing the right firing machine

Every tennis ball launcher machine works in a unique way depending on their technical features.First, we look at the both sides of the two kinds of launcher devices found in the market

  • Compressed Air

Firstly, the tennis ball shooting out straight from the machine suffers less wear and tear thus the life of the lawn tennis ball increases more, while choosing the compressed air machine saves both the money and time of the user.

Secondly, This tennis practice equipment is not heavy in the user‘s pocket it is a cheap tennis ball machine. By spending just a few bucks, one can become the proud owner of the compressed air tennis launcher machine.Now let’s look at the flip side of the coin

Since the machine works through the circulation of the air throughout the body of the machine at times, this can create lots of noise on the court which can be a little annoying and can distract the concentration of the player.

The different types of lawn tennis balls going inside this machine have negative impact on the consistency level of the machine resulting in the downfall of the flexible

  • Rotating Wheel

High on the consistency level as compare to the air compressed machine. The balls are thrown out towards the user in a same consistent level.

It is noise free equipment that means the player can concentrate more on his shots rather than bearing that irritating noise.

The demerits of the machine are

  • The balls are worn out more. Thus the user needs to spend more money on buying the tennis balls. Moreover, the frequent wearing and tearing of the balls interrupt the practice of the user as he has to stop playing once the ball is worn out badly.
  • If the user is after the rotating wheels, he will have to spend more money, for this machine is quite expensive as compare to the air compressed.

Every machine has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and each machine works in a unique way, it entirely depends on the user to opt for a machine that goes hand in hand with his style of game.Let’s make close compare between the two kinds of the machines

  • Rotating wheel machine is good at spinning the ball and can easily vary the speed as compare to the compressed Air machine which is quite vociferous and thus unable to spin the balls out
  • Unlike the Rotating machine that consumes less electricity, Compressed Air Machine requires more electricity, which is a drawback as this machine cannot be used with battery power.
  • Compressed Air machine has a spin adaptor which is missing in the case of the Rotating wheels machine.
  • The compressed air machine makes the balls more durable as these balls are less worn out whereas the balls are badly worn out in the case of the Rotating wheel device.
  • In comparison to the Rotating wheel device, the compressed air machine is less expensive. After going through the above comparison, it entirely depends on upon the user which tennis ball launcher he wants to purchase, as both the devices have pros and cons.

Uses of  Best Tennis Ball Machine

Best Tennis ball machine is the best friend of any tennis sports lover and great for those who wants to excel in the game and are eager to become an expertise of the tennis sports.

These tennis ball equipment are the great source of help when it comes to practice sessions. The user will have huge benefits once he bought the machine it saves both the time and money of the player, as he doesn’t need to wait for a friend to start the practice nor need to spend money to pay to the tennis ball machine ever

Some of the advantages of having the machine are discussed below

  • Great for all the players irrespective of their game level It hardly matters whether the user is a beginner or a seasoned player the machine is flexible enough to allow any level of the player to gain the maximum benefits from the device and enhance their tennis skills.
  • Boost up the stamina Endurance is utmost important if one wants overcome challenging situations and wants to beat their opponents playing on the opposite side these technically advanced devices are set up in such a way to engage the user in lengthy practice sessions to make them game ready for real tough and tiresome tennis matches by fuelling up their stamina level.
  • Flexible enough to adjust the drill needs The modern hi-tech machine is loaded with the flexible drill styles and offers the player multiple choices to choose from that go well with their level and style of the game. Thus the different level of the players derives equal benefits from the devices.
  • Makes the practice sessions joyful Ball machines shot out the ball towards the player like a professional opponent which brings a realistic touch to the game as the serves leads to fabulous strokes thus give a joyful color to the practice sessions.

These ball machines are pre loaded with triple oscillations features which provide ample opportunities to the player to enhance their footwork to match up with the pace of the Best tennis ball machine.

Tennis Ball Machine Power Kinds

  • Battery operated

Some of the tennis ball machine available in the market operates on the battery and these are all tennis tutors beneficial for practice before match.

The battery of this kind of machine can remain fully charged for 2 to 8 hours thus giving uninterrupted training sessions extending up to 8 hours.

The advantage of the device is its portability that makes it convenient to be carried anywhere by the user.

The batteries that come with kind of this battery operated machines are lead acid in nature so there no need to worry about any leakage even if the device turns up side down on handling or carrying.

Some of the negatives attached to the machines are the lack of oscillation, unable to hold large balls, and also got poor memory, so it is advisable to charge the machine completely.

First, the maximum amount of time the machine takes to get charged is 10 to 12 hours. To recharge the machine the user just need to plug the charger of the battery into any simple house outlets.

Some machines come with fast chargers which will cut down the recharge time up to 3 to 9 hours.

  • AC power

The positive thing about the AC power based ball machine are they offer quality practice time to the user which is hardly affected by the battery that is running down.

The player doesn’t need to worry about the recharging of the machine and can concentrate more on his game.

The biggest disadvantage regarding the machine is it not portable; this machine is quite heavy and large in the structure which makes it unable to move anywhere.

The option of Spin Portable tennis ball machines.

There are many different types of options available for spin portable ball machines. We can change the relative speed of the ball by changing the upper and lower wheel.

  • The ball discharge out with leading spin when the top wheel rotates faster compared to the lower wheel and fires the ball out with backspin when the lower wheel rotates faster than the upper wheel. If the wheels spin at an equal rate, then it provides a no spin level sphere.
  • With the help of knob on the control panel, we can easily control the level of spin of driven machine.
  • There are few machines that do not offer the spin control will have the wheel arranged in a horizontal plane.
  • The tennis ball will spin to either side wile changing the speed; side spin is not common, and so these machines do not allow spin control.


Tennis is a fantastic and challenging game where you can enjoy and keep your mind fresh in any age. But before play this game, you must have to increase the fun in this game.

You also need to find the right racket for you. Always Purchase the racquet according to your style and age. Choosing the right and best tennis ball machine to improve your skills and make you perfect to play the game.