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8 Benefits of Practicing with a Table Tennis Robot

Similar to the game of lawn tennis, it's so-called miniature version - Table Tennis also offers similar health benefits. While for playing tennis you need to head out to the court but you can play table tennis (often referred to as Ping Pong) right in the comfort of your home.

But what if you want to polish your table tennis skills but are unable to do so as there is no one present to practice with you?

How to Practice Tennis Alone

Table tennis is a two player's game, and you might think that it would be challenging to enhance your skills by practicing alone or with someone less trained than you.

But, with the help of latest innovations in the field of sports, it is possible to practice alone even if you’re playing a two player’s game!

One such innovation is a Table Tennis Robot. Contrary to what the name suggests, it is not an actual robot who will be playing table tennis with you but rather a robot, who will shoot balls at you. It works quite similar to a Tennis ball machine.

The ping-pong robots fire the balls from one end of the table to the other, allowing the player to practice. It even comes with a net to catch the returning balls and a control box that is used to set the speed and time gap of the ball throwings. It is fully automatic, just power the machine, set the necessary settings, load the table tennis balls and voila!

Practicing tennis without an opponent is just one of the many benefits of the robot. We’ve listed down the other prominent benefits of using a table tennis robot. So, let’s get started and explore the benefits of this newest innovation!

  • Cheap Alternative to coaching session

A typical coaching session starts $50/hour and it soon can become a costly exercise, especially as a beginner. While an intermediate quality table tennis robot costs under $500 and you can easily recoup your investment.

A good idea would be to incorporate practice on table tennis robot along with a couple of coaching session. Practice on the robot can help you refine your stroke and build muscle memory, while a coach can keep your technique in check so that you don’t pick any bad technique.

  • Practice Tennis Alone

This is the first and foremost benefit that we’ve been talking about from the starting. It decreases your dependency on other people to help you polish or enhance your skills.

Usually, your opponent is either more skilled than you or less skilled than you, finding the perfect partner who matches your level is rare. A robot can work as your ideal partner as you can set the speed and time gap of the ball delivery!

  • Practice as long as you want!

As you’re not playing with a live person and just a machine that runs on electricity, the time duration of the practice session totally depends on you! You can practice as long as you want without stopping your game as the other person has to leave. The robot comes with a control panel that makes it easy to set and control the duration of the training session.

  • Can become a great alternative to the gym!

Surely, it cannot give you the exact benefits of going to a gym, but it can become a healthy alternative to your daily jogging or Zumba classes. Table tennis involves a lot of footwork and use of muscles, which helps you in shedding those unwanted calories while excelling at your game. The robot is a great option to tone your muscles and enhance your game skills all at the same time.

  • No unnecessary game breaks!

The robot doesn't require any breaks, and thus you can go on and on without disturbing your game. When you're playing with another opponent, there are chances he/she may get tired and take a little break while you're filled with energy and willing to play more.

This obstructs the flow of the practice sessions and sometimes also leads to decreased coordination.

  • Helps you to improve your footwork and weak strokes!

A table tennis robot throws the balls with the same speed and spins every single time, which makes you repeat the same routine again and again and thus helps you in excelling in your weak strokes.

You can set the required speed, and spin and the robot will make sure that you become proficient in that technique. This also helps you in improving your footwork.

  • Improves overall performance!

A robot can help you in practicing different routines with different speed, spin, and placement setting, which enhances your coordination. With time and practice, you will become an expert in handling different speeds and responses to all spins, which will improve your overall performance. With a strong foundation of all necessary skills, you can take your game to the next level!

  • Makes table tennis fun!

The robot makes table tennis fun and easy. It is not always about the practice, and a lot of times becomes a family recreational activity.

It enables you to have a great family game time and is also very useful for group coaching where only one coach is present who has to look over the performance of all of the students.

You can set the speed of the machine according to the capability of the student to let him/her excel in that particular routine.

  • Perfect for a beginner!

If you’re just starting out with the sport, a table tennis robot can help you work and improve your stroke play. It also makes the game more accessible and entertaining, especially for children.

They can start at lower speeds and then go step by step excelling at a different pace and spin levels. This helps beginners to excel in basic skills and make their foundation secure.

Bottom Lines

These were just some of the Benefits of Practicing with a Table Tennis Robot. If you know about some more benefits of this incredible innovation, do let us know in the comments sections below!

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