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The Most Durable Best Pickleball Paddle for Beginners

It’s hard to delegate a pickleball paddle to the beginners or pro player's section. A paddle that qualifies as the best pickleball paddle for beginners has been designed to be used by both beginners and advanced players. However, there are specific pickleball paddles that you should stay clear off from if you’re a beginner.

For a beginner paddle, you want a paddle that is easy to switch, manoeuvrable and has a delicate touch and feel to it. Superior comfort and grip are a priority, and as a beginner, you need a sensitive touch and feel at the net. Normally, beginner paddles are wide-bodied, with polymer cores, and don’t have any industry-unique or niche characteristics. Just plain perfect!

Notably, though, the heavier your paddle is, the more power it gives on your shots and vice versa. A lighter paddle will give you less weight on your shots.

However, if you’re not strong enough, don't go for a heavier paddle. It'll disappoint since you’ll have neither control nor paddle.

The list we came up with doesn’t have any “advanced players only” paddles, so if you’re a beginner, it is safe to use any of them.

The Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

1. Paddletek Phoenix LTE Composite Paddle

This feathery light 7.2oz paddle is not only ideal for beginners in pickleball game but also a great fit for former ping-pong players. It may not give you as much spin compared to a paddle with a fibreglass face, but it gives you such an enormous amount of ball control.

It has a polymer core and composite face, making this paddle construction so brutally accurate. If you have strong arms and quick shots to leave your opponent in shock, then you will definitely love this paddle. However, if we consider the lightweight nature of this Paddletek Phoenix paddle, you will certainly lose some power.

The main paddle features and specifications of the Phoenix paddle include a composite face with an average weight of 7.1oz and a grip size of 4 1/4inches. The Phoenix LTE paddle gives you precise control of the ball softly, while its feathery stature gives you a precise stab at the ball. Even the slightest weight difference between two paddles can give the player an incredible change of performance. 

The weight of the paddle is important, but so is the weight balance of the pickleball paddle. The Center of Gravity of the paddle is on its head, where all the weight is most concentrated and where power originates.

Composite basically means multiple things put together to make up one thing, meaning composite paddle faces have a composition of different types of materials, and each is judged individually. The composite pickleball face of this paddle is uniform and feels slightly rough. The composite face doesn’t feel as “sandy” as a graphite face but still doesn’t have the kind of grain direction you'd find on a fibreglass face.

The Phoenix pickleball paddle isn’t as loud either. The polymer core, largely known to be quiet, and the composite pickleball face of this paddle makes it a noise ordinance-friendly paddle. The Phoenix LTE handle has a 4 ½ inches standard size and a grip circumference of 4 ¼ inches meaning it easily fits most people’s hands.

Most women find it very comfortable and a larger section of men as well. However, if you have large hands, this paddle may need you to apply some more grip, and you're good to go.

The features and construction make it perfectly suitable for use by both beginners and advanced players. What's more, since the paddle has a small grip that is light, it is perfect for older players, people with arm weaknesses and young children at the ages of around 6-11.

Overall, the Phoenix LTE pickleball paddle does exactly what it sets out to do. It is relatively inexpensive and only comes in blue and red.


  • It gives you ample power since most of its paddle weight is distributed away from its handle instead of towards its handle.
  • It has a decent grip size that is ideal for most people.
  • It is a lightweight paddle that is ideal for beginners, older people, people with an arm or wrist weakness and young players at the age 6-11It is relatively affordable.
  • It is well constructed and durable.
  • It is USAPA approved for tournament play.
  • It has a polymer core.
  • It has a gamma perforated ribbed grip type.


  • It has a small grip.
  • It is too lightweight for most advanced players.

2. Gamma Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

The Gamma sports brand is widely renowned for its quality pickleball paddles, making it one of the best pickleball paddles on the market. The Gamma fusion 2.0 pickle paddle has a solid grip, comes in a decent size that is reasonably lightweight and uniquely has great graphics.

The paddle is versatile enough to be used by both advanced players and beginners. If you're an advanced layer who's keen on getting a paddle that gives you a great spin on the ball, then the Gamma fusion is perfectly suited for that as well. It has a slight texture on its composite fibreglass face allowing the ball to spin and slice.

 The Fusion 2.0 pickle paddle has an aluminium core to offer a great balance and shot power. It also has a honeycomb cushioned grip that is sweat-absorbent to help the player hit the ball without any slips.

It is so light and perfectly suited for most beginner players. The edge guard around the face is covered to keep your paddle safe from chipping. The well-designed fibreglass composite face allows the player to easily control the tempo they use in the match through its playing surface.

The Gamma Fusion 2.0 has a large sweet spot and stocky grip size that makes the paddle an appealing choice to players at different levels and still perfect for beginners. It is affordably priced, has a classic design construction and strong build that is perfect for most pickleball players who are aiming for decent shots, dinks and spins.


  • It is USAPA approved for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • It has an affordable price point.
  • It is constructed to generate a good spin, shot and dink.
  • The edge guard protects the paddle from fragmenting.


  • It is not suited for tournament plays.
  • It doesn't come with a cover.

3. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Upstreet Pickleball Paddle - Polypro Honeycomb Composite Core - Paddles Include Racket Cover
  • Upstreet pickleball paddles are paired with a complimentary neoprene pickleball paddle cover. We...
  • Polypro honeycomb composite is widely recognized as one of the best pickleball paddle cores in the...
  • Upstreet Pickleball's mission is to enhance the game by offering a professional graphite pickleball...
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The Upstreet Graphite pickleball paddle comes with a paddle cover that is neoprene-free with a lucrative design suitably constructed for beginner pickleball players. The Upstreet paddles are also reasonably priced to meet the requirements of beginner players.

The Upstreet graphite pickleball paddle is responsive, soft-edged, and lightweight, making it one of the popular go-to paddles for beginners and advanced players. It also has a larger sweet spot with a Polypropylene honeycomb core giving this graphite pickleball paddle a balance between control and power. The Polypropylene honeycomb composite core has a unique plastic blend to give the player better control with less vibration.

Both recreational and serious pickleball junkie players who engage in long plays prefer the Upstreet paddle because of its smooth micro-dry grip that absorbs sweat. Its sturdy construction has a stitched rib grip tape for better grip and thick foam to ensure a soft feel on the paddle's handle.

It is USAPA approved for both indoor and outdoor pickleball games and comes in a wide array of colours and styles. You can confidently be assured that there's a paddle that suits your style of play.


  • It has a better quality compared to wood paddles.
  • It has an exemplary construction and design.
  • It is affordably priced.
  • It is suited for both advanced and intermediate players.
  • It has a long handle and grip size to increase your power play.


  • It doesn't come with a rulebook.
  • It is not built for continuous intense plays.

4. Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle
  • HIGH END PERFORMANCE - Impress your friends and experience high-end performance with the...
  • POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB CORE - Vibration dampening technology offers both power and control, while...
  • POLYCARBONATE FACING - Durable velvet texture face protects the paddle and further enhances the...
  • PERFORATED MOISTURE WICKING CUSHION GRIP - gives you superior contact with the paddle wicking sweat...
  • Full size face: 15.57" x 7.875", Perfect Weight: 7.7 - 8.0 oz, One Size Fits All Grip: 4.25"...

The Rally Tyro paddle recently got an upgrade with its 2.0 version, which is also one of the best beginner pickle paddles that also happens to one of the most expensive since it offers a great blend of power and control.

The Tyro 2.0 is slightly heavier compared to its predecessor and offers more power on shots. Its paddle weight falls in the mid-weight category making it perfectly suited for beginners as well. If you're a player who's just starting and wants to perfectly serve and hit the pickleball towards your opponent’s baseline, this is a definite go-to-option for you.

This pickleball paddle gives a 'pop' sound due to the Nomex honeycomb core that makes up its playing surface, making it less weighty. It also has a large sweet spot with a thick polymer core, giving beginners a better shot execution even as they start.


  • Even tennis players can comfortably use this pickleball paddle.
  • The use of advanced aerospace materials gives it its exclusive value.
  • It has a durable construction to ensure power and control.
  • It has a large sweet spot that gives the player more ball control and balance in whatever playing style.
  • This is a high-quality pickleball paddle that coaches use.
  • It has a premium construction that is durable even for regular use.
  • It has a sweat-absorbent grip that is ideal even for players who sweat a lot.


  • It has no USAPA approval for tournament plays.

5. Selkirk NEO Composite Paddle

SLK Neo by Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Set | Polymer Pickleball Paddles Feature a Graphite Face and...
  • USAPA TESTED & APPROVED - Selkirk pickleball paddles are Tested and Approved for all USAPA...
  • POWERCORE POLYMER CORE & COMPOSITE SURFACE: Powerful, durable, and consistent PowerCore polymer core...
  • EDGESENTRY PROTECTION & SELKIRK THINGRIP HANDLE - Our rugged EdgeSentry guard offers more protection...
  • BOLD NEO BLUE VINYL GRAPHICS DESIGN: Our NEO pickleball paddles feature lightweight and durable...
  • SELKIRK NEO PICKLEBALL PADDLE SPECS - Weight Avg: 7.7-7.9oz - Shape: Width: 7.875", Height: 15.67" -...

This is not a pickleball paddle for every beginner. The Selkirk NEO paddle mostly favours the aggressive and power-hungry players in intense plays. Starting with NEO composite paddles give beginners a taste of how power games are.

It is built to compliment your power phase with an inevitable switch to the dinking and ball control phase. It does both, but not as well as the Tempest Wave which makes it so great for beginners. It's a great beginner pickleball paddle.

It gives a budget-friendly pickleball paddle that gives you control while you're hitting the ball, which makes it ideal for a power game. Just like the Phoenix LTE pickleball paddle, the Selkirk NEO paddle only comes in red and blue. It has a decent, durable construction that is affordably priced to last you a good long time.


  • It has USAPA approval.
  • It is made of a Powercore Polymer core material with a composite hitting surface.
  • Edge guard offers comfortable protection and durability for confident control.
  • This paddle has a decent sweet spot.
  • It can be used by both beginners and intermediate players.
  • This paddle has a premium polymer honeycomb core material.
  • It has an affordable price point.


  • It is not ideal for every beginner.

Factors to Consider to Choose the Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

a. A beginner should avoid a long-board paddle and instead go for a wide pickleball paddle that doesn't need a great degree of accuracy

b. When choosing a pickleball paddle for a beginner, go for polymer core paddles and avoid aluminium or Nomex core paddles

c. Generally, avoid wooden paddles

d. Even as you consider a cheaper option paddle, don't go for paddles that priced under $30. Most are not properly constructed with quality durable materials, especially if you’re going to play regularly

e. You should avoid heavy paddles that weigh over 8.5oz; otherwise, you might develop a sprain or tennis elbow. A lightweight pickleball paddle is easier to steer for a more comfortable play

f. Similarly, the beginner should avoid pickleball paddles that are too light, such as the ones under 6oz in weight

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

1. Which is better graphite between a composite pickleball paddle?

Generally, composite pickleball paddles are a happy middle ground for most beginning players. They are mid-range priced and come in a good range of sizes and weights. On the other hand, graphite paddles are quite pricey, the upside being that they can be light yet powerful.

2. What is the standard measurement of a pickleball paddle?

Generally, pickleball paddles have a maximum length of 15.5-17 inches (39.4-43.2 cm), a width of 7-8.25 inches (17.8-20.9 cm), and a depth of 1.25 inches (31.75 mm).

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