Best Tennis Shoes Men & Women Reviews

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Best Tennis Shoes For Men & Women 2019 Reviews

Tennis shoes have come a long way in the past 30 years or so yet the quality of today’s best tennis shoes still varies considerably.

At one end of the spectrum, there are cheap men’s tennis shoes that look like the real deal but fall apart almost before you finish lacing them up the first time and at the other end are state of the art athletic footwear that will allow you to compete at the highest levels of the sport with complete confidence.

In this article, we’re going to concentrate on the high end of the spectrum and present what we consider to be the top 5 tennis shoes currently available.


NoImageNameUpperMidsoleOutsoleWhere To Buy
1ASICS MEN’S GR7Synthetic LeatherSolyte SoleExtra-Durable See Price on
2NIKE AIR ZOOM VAPOR X HCMesh LeatherPhylon SoleXDR RubberSee Price on
3ADIDAS MEN’S BARRICADE CLUBSynthetic LeatherTorsion SystemAdiwear 6See Price on
4NEW BALANCE MEN’S MC806Synthetic LeatherAdiprene SoleNDurance® See Price on
5BABOLAT PROPULSE BLAST MENSSynthetic LeatherMichelin SoleMichelin OCSSee Price on
6ASICS Women's GR7Synthetic LeatherSolyte soleAHAR HighSee Price on
7TF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B07K9LM4FQ&linkCode=as2&tag=tennisinformationnet02-20&linkId=8eeb96dcee53f7f85b9f1b3609dfc824" rel="noopener noreferrer">ASICS Gel-Court Speed Mesh LeatherSolyte SoleRubberSee Price on
8Adidas Performance Women's ASMC Synthetic LeatherReinforced SoleAdiwear6See Price on
9ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6 Synthetic LeatherEVA SoleSolid RubberSee Price on
10K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt ExpressSynthetic LeatherPhylon InsoleRubberSee Price on

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Men Reviews 2019

  1. ASICS MEN’S Gel- Resolution® 7 Tennis shoe
  2. NIKE Air Zoom Vapor X HC MEN’S Tennis Shoe
  3. ADIDAS MEN’S Barricade Club Tennis Shoe
  4. NEW BALANCE MEN’S MC806 Tennis Shoe
  5. BABOLAT MEN’S Ropulse Blast All Court Tennis Shoes

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Women Reviews 2019

  1. ASICS WOMEN’S Gel Resolution 7 Tennis shoe
  2. ASICS Gel-Court Speed WOMEN’S Tennis Shoe
  3. ADIDAS Performance WOMEN’S ASMC Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe
  4. ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6 WOMEN’S Tennis shoe
  5. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoes



ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution® 7 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

ASICS’ Gel-Resolution line of tennis shoes are designed with competition in mind and thus feature optimal support and stability. What’s been true of this line from the start remains the key feature of the Gel-Resolution 7.

Designed ostensibly for the unique demands of the clay court, the GR7 puts the emphasis squarely on midfoot support although never at the expense of overall performance or comfort.

These Asics tennis shoes also introduce the company’s proprietary “FluidRide” construction. This feature is engineered to provide the steady underfoot performance competitors require to get through multiple sets while also reducing weight in order to allow you to get the most from your game.

Perhaps the icing on the cake of the GR7 is the fact that the American Podiatric Medical Association has given the shoe its official seal of approval, meaning you can be certain that any claims about delivering superior support are likely backed up by the shoe itself.

  • Upper: Improved form-fitting comfort and world-class support are to be found in the improved Flexion Fit upper.
  • Heel: Heel collar is lined with Personal Heel Fit (PHF) memory foam to maximize comfort and provide a personalized fit.
  • Midsole: The patented Gel-cushioning system employed by the GR6 is a delight to experience with shock absorption off the scale and comfort levels you normally don’t associate with anything but the best running shoes. Solyte midsole and DuoMax support round out the menu of midsole enhancements that help achieve that much-appreciated stability and comfort.
  • Outsole: Few sports bring lateral stresses to bear on footwear like tennis and the Gel-Resolution 7 addresses this issue effectively with its Extended Trusstic System which ensures the long lasting structural integrity and responsiveness, again, without a loss of comfort. PGuard Toe Protector ensures you’re not punished for dragging your toe on those long reaches at the baseline.

Bottom Line:-

Gel-Resolution 7 is definitely one of the good tennis shoes available. The enhanced focus on midfoot support and ASICS’ long-running commitment to stability combine to create a tennis shoe that should power up many an amateur game while providing seasoned pros with a competitive edge that’s hard to beat.

Extended Flexion Fit along with rough and ready lateral support throughout mean it will allow you to forget about your footwear and concentrate on other aspects of your game.

It’s hard to overstate just how good the GR7 is. Lightweight, stable as a Mars rover, responsive even during the twists and turns of competition and comfortable as grandpa’s overstuffed chair, the GR6 suggests yet again that progress may not have a logical endpoint after all. If you’re serious about your game, you owe it to yourself, to your serve and to your cross-court forehand to try the Gel-Resolution 7.

Color: Black-Sour Yuzu/ White-Silver/ Sour Yuzu/ White-Koi

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Nike Air Zoom Vapor X HC Mens Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X HC takes the company’s flagship tennis shoe and incorporates subtle tweaks to create a shoe worthy of its primary design consultant, one Roger Federer.

The Zoom Vapor X HC provides a bespoke feel in a lightweight package that makes the fifth set as easy on your feet as the first. Federer is known to favor light weight over just about everything else and that is certainly on display here, although the Nike brain trust has not abandoned comfort, stability or durability in the process of making RF happy.

The Vapor X HC upper sports the adaptive fit construction that gives the shoe the previously mentioned bespoke feel. It’s wonderfully breathable without feeling like your foot is exposed to the elements and stability is never in question even when you’re fully extended and digging deep to carve out one of your two-handed backhands.

The Nike Zoom unit in the heel provides comfort and surety and a sense that you’re form fitted to the surface whether it be grass, clay or asphalt.

The XDR rubber outsole is engineered for improved stability over earlier models though, to tell the truth, stability never seemed like an issue in earlier incarnations. The company has also beefed up the shoe at strategic points in order to enhance durability and extend the shoe’s life.

You’d be as hard-pressed as we were to find any significant fault with the Zoom Vapor X HC. This is serious athletic footwear, not some wannabe with a famous name on the side. Some key features include:

    •  Fabric/Mesh upper that’s breathable while it holds your foot snugly.
    •  Adaptive fit provides a custom made feel that embraces your foot from arch to bridge.
    •  Impressive heel cushioning and first class impact absorption.
  •  Rock solid stability during even the most bruising cuts.

Bottom Line:-

With the Zoom Vapor X HC, you’ll look as good as you feel regardless of the score or weather conditions. While Roger Federer provided the professional insight that has allowed this shoe to ascend the ranks to the top (or close to it), Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has made sure it’s all presented in a package that will turn heads as surely as it will vanquish opponents. Sleek lines, contour sculpting and a tasteful integration of structural elements with stylistic considerations make this one of the best tennis shoes you can buy.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X HC Men’s Tennis shoe performs just as well on hard courts as on the clay of Roland Garros and with its adaptive fit technology leading the way it will keep you in the game right to the end without needing to be adjusted or swapped out for another shoe.

You get the superior grip, incredible lateral stability, and impressive bounce when reaching to scorch that ace, all in a shoe that never overheats and won’t require you take out a second mortgage to purchase. Just a fantastic shoe all around and one any tennis player would be well advised to investigate.

  • Color: Black/ White/ Vast Grey/ Orange Peel/ Gold

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Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

Image Credit : Amazon

While Adidas has ruled the powerlifting shoe sector for some time, their tennis shoes have always left us just a bit flat. While we’re aware not everyone shares this opinion, our reviewers have always felt the company never really ‘got’ tennis shoes for men the way it seemed to intrinsically understand the needs and wants of power lifting and power lifters.

Happily, we’re here to report that our Adidas skepticism has taken a solid one to the chin with the addition of the Barricade Club to the Adidas equipment bag.

Although it’s virtually the same weight as its predecessors, the Barricade Club feels lighter, a situation we can only attribute to a more intelligent deployment of materials. The shoe displays excellent ventilation and continues to do so even when you’re midway through a grinding set on an August afternoon on center court. Other features include:

  • Upper: A lightweight TPU skin is partnered with a tough yet thoroughly breathable mesh to form an upper that is both cool under pressure and there with the support when you need it most.
  • Midsole: Midfoot stability is ensured via the company’s Torsion System while their adiPrene material imbues the shoe with the first rate shock absorption qualities. Your knees, ankles, and arches will feel the difference over the course of a long match.
  • Outsole: The outsole of the Barricade Club is constructed from their proprietary adiWear composite for optimal durability in high-stress areas.
  • Toe: adiTuff abrasion-resistant material envelopes the toe and forefoot to mitigate damage from sudden stops, drags and scuffing that can occur during serves and high-intensity volleys. A much-appreciated feature.
  • Fit and Appearance: The shoe fits true to size and is available in a range of color combinations that are sure to please.

Bottom Line:-

As we stated up front, we’d always been a bit underwhelmed by the tennis offerings being issued from Adidas Inc. There was always something about the look and feel of their shoes that, while undoubtedly well-constructed, didn’t seem right for an afternoon on a hard court. With the Barricade Club , however, any lingering doubts about the company’s commitment to making the best sports shoes regardless of the sport have been effectively squashed (so to speak).

Perhaps because Adidas has such a dedicated customer base who have been waiting for the company to serve a tennis shoe ace it seems demand for the new Barricade Club has gone through the roof and you’ll often walk into your favorite athletic footwear store to find them out of stock. Not to worry though as the company are committed to this line and a short wait should provide you with that which you (and so many others) seek.

  • Color: White / Night / Black

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New Balance Men’s MC806 Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

New Balance has always dedicated a healthy portion of their revenue to R&D. Fans of their running shoes have reaped the rewards of this focus on continual improvement for the better part of 30 years, and the company continues to be a leader in that area.

When it comes to tennis, their commitment to getting it right has also paid off in recent years, and that trend continues with their MC806 tennis shoe. Certainly one of the best tennis shoes available.

The MC806 is designed for long afternoons of competition or practice with an emphasis on comfort and wearability with the following structural features:

  • Upper: The shoe sports a (mostly) leather upper that takes a bit of breaking in. But once that process is out of the way the MC806 achieves a level of comfort totally synthetic uppers can never quite match. Durable, stable and good looking, the MC806 upper is a major plus.
  • Midsole: The 806 features an injection molded EVA midsole that is flexible but firm. Abzorb cushioning delivers first class shock absorption over both the short and long term for those extended sessions on the hard court.
  • Outsole: The herringbone outsole is comprised of NDurance rubber and provides excellent responsiveness, grip and lateral stability on the sharp cut-backs.
  • Sizing: We’ve heard rumblings from some circles that the New Balance sizes run a tad smaller than some other brands. Something to keep in mind if you’re ordering online.

If you’re looking for lightweight tennis shoes with a no-nonsense design, unassailable build quality and all the features that make for comfort and performance look no further than the MC806.

But, although it’s made and marketed primarily as a tennis shoe the 806 has also been gaining some credibility as a basketball shoe of late. Ballers tend to enjoy the leather upper, the durability and both the spring and lateral stability, since theirs is a sport that requires copious amounts of both.

Bottom Line:-

New Balance MC806 tennis shoes are a versatile, comfortable, durable piece of athletic footwear that will make you forget about what you’re wearing while you’re playing.

And isn’t that what all great footwear should do? The shoe weighs a feathery 15.5 oz and sports a modest heel to toe drop of 12mm. It provides some of the best lateral support around even though you’ll never experience the restrictive, vice-like feel that some other shoes can produce.

The shoe’s suggested retail price is a scant $100 which is pretty amazing for a shoe with a genuine leather upper and makes the 806 a real value.

  • Color: White

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Babolat Propulse Blast All Court Men’s Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

Babolat may not be a household name Stateside ala Nike, but the company has been around since 1875 and has long been known in its native France as a tennis, squash, and badminton equipment company.

Babolat is perhaps best known for their professional grade tennis racquets and strings which are used by several of the highest ranked players in the world including former world #1 Rafael Nadal. Recently the company has branched out into footwear, and the Babolat Propulse Blast is, in our humble opinion, the best tennis shoe the company currently manufactures.

These Babolat tennis shoes have many positive qualities that should have any serious tennis aficionado weighing them as an option against the other shoes on our list.

  • Upper: The Blast Propulse provides more than adequate lateral support in the upper while the velcro bridge strap is a welcome addition. The overall feel of the shoe is looser than most competitors, but it never feels sloppy.
  • Midsole: The shoe will conform to your foot over time, so any issues you may have the first few times you lace up will likely dissipate upon repeated use. Beyond that, the shoe exhibits long-term heel dampening via something they call the Kompressor System.
  • Outsole: The Michelin outsole is as durable as you’ll get regardless of which type of surface you subject it to. The innovative tread pattern also provides excellent grip in a variety of playing conditions; something that can’t be said of all tennis shoes.
  • Durability: Either it’s our imagination or the company have invested some serious thought into making the toe box more durable than it was in previous models. You can drag your toe repeatedly, and you should see little wear and tear.
  • Sizing: As mentioned earlier the shoe can take some time to conform to your feet. As a result, they’re liable to feel a bit loosey-goosey right out of the box. Also, the company has a bit of a reputation for sizing their shoes too big: that is if you order a 13 you may well get something that fits far more like a 12 so be aware of that when ordering online.

Bottom Line:-

While the Blast Propulse doesn’t look like classic tennis shoes, they can sometimes feel like it, and we mean that in the best possible way. They’re old school comfortable and, like older shoes, they’ll take a while before they achieve their optimal fit.

Once they do though you’re off to the races. The shoe is wonderfully breathable and, once broken in, provides a snug fit without pinching. They are by any reasonable measure an excellent tennis shoe (just be careful about sizing when purchasing them online.)

  • Colors: White/ Fluo Aero/ Blue

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How to Select the Best Tennis Shoes

Selecting the right shoes is crucial to the success of your game. Whether you’re a baseline brawler, a serve-and-volley net-charger or pride yourself on your versatility, you need the right footwear to put you in the position to win. Below we’ll go through the basics of selecting the right pair of tennis shoes to elevate your game to the next level.Why “Tennis” Shoes?

Athletic shoes are athletic shoes. Right? – Not really. Tennis makes its own unique demands on footwear and the shoes you select need to be able to respond to those demands. As such the good quality tennis shoes will typically be:

    • Built stronger to take long hours of use and abuse.
    • Be lighter than many other types of athletic footwear.
    • Have different patterns on the outsole to accommodate different surfaces.
    • Put an emphasis on lateral strength.
  • Have firmer heels and insoles.

Now that you have a better idea of why you need shoes built for the specific demands of the sport here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for that perfect tennis shoe:Your Playing Style

The first thing you’ll want to do is take a realistic look at your game and determine what type of player you are. This will help determine which type of shoe is best for you.

Are you a Baseline player? – A baseline player is someone who typically stays back to give themselves ample room and time to respond to any type of shot. Baseline players spend lots of time running right and left. Therefore their shoes should:

  • Provide maximum lateral support.
  • Have an outsole that’s not going to break down after a few hours of left/right play.
  • Be extremely comfortable because baseline play typically makes for long matches.

Are you a Serve-and-Volley player? – Serve-and-volley players practice a more aggressive form of tennis whereby they deliver their serve then charge the net to put pressure on the opponent. If this is you you’ll want a shoe that:

    •  Has a reinforced toe cap to withstand frequent charging and stopping.
  •  Provides medial arch support for those times when you drag your trailing foot.

Type of Surface: Tennis is one of the few sports around for which there is no single agreed-upon playing surface. While most public courts have a concrete or asphalt surface, many private clubs use more esoteric surfaces like grass (Wimbledon) or clay (Roland Garros). As such you’ll want shoes for tennis built for whatever material you typically play on.

Concrete: Tennis shoes built for concrete courts should stress:-

    •  A tough, resilient, supportive upper.
  •  A high degree of shock absorption.

Clay or other soft material: Clay or grass court tennis shoes typically have:-

    •  Plenty of lateral support.
  •  Outsoles that typically exhibit a low impact herringbone pattern.

Multiple surfaces: You can buy a different type of shoe for different surfaces, but it’s more practical (and a lot cheaper) to buy a shoe designed for multiple surface types. Such shoes will typically:

    • Provide excellent lateral support.
  • Have a rubber outsole that sports a hybrid pattern.Your Feet

Feet typically fall into one of three categories: neutral, over-pronation and under-pronation. Which type of foot you have will help determine which type of tennis shoe you need?

Neutral foot type:


    •  Most people have a neutral foot type which allows them to wear just about any style of shoe.
  • This foot type is characterized by a mild but visible arch.

Over-pronation foot type: Over-pronation causes the foot to tilt inward. For this foot type you’ll want a tennis shoe that:

    • Encourages a more neutral stance.
  • Provides robust arch and lateral support.

Under-Pronation foot type: Under-pronated feet tend to roll outward. For this type of foot, you’ll want a shoe that.

    • Provides generous and firm lateral support.
  •  You may also want to wear an ankle support brace to keep your ankles from rolling.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the 5 best tennis shoes on the market today. Anyone of them should hold you in good stead as you endeavor to improve your game. Remember that tennis shoes are something you should only think about when you’re putting them on and taking them off.

If you’ve chosen wisely and selected a pair that’s right for your foot type, the style of game you play, and the surfaces you typically play on you should never have to think about your shoes while you’re in action. Good luck and happy volleying!

Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Rating the best tennis shoes for women is not as cut and dry as it might have once been. There are so many different brands and styles of tennis shoes on the market today that it can seem like a daunting task trying to determine exactly which pair is right for you.

To make your life a bit easier, we’ve whittled things down to what we consider the 5 best women’s tennis shoes on the market today and below we’ll go into some detail about each and why you may want to consider buying them.

Our Choice of the Top 5 Tennis Shoes for Women

Tennis shoes have come a long way in the past 20 – 30 years. The shoes you can buy today from Amazon or your local athletic footwear store are several orders of magnitude better than anything that was available to even the top professional players during the 80s. Materials, fabrication methods, computer aided design and the simple but ongoing act of continual refinement mean that today’s shoes are the best made. Here are our choices for the best of the best.


ASICS Women’s Gel Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

The Gel Resolution 7 is Asics’ top-of-the-line women’s tennis shoe. Comfort, style, durability and performance all work together in the Gel Resolution to ensure those long hot afternoons on the hardcourt are never cut short or undermined by footwear issues.

The list of features displayed by these shoes is long and impressive and includes advanced gait-enhancing I.G.S gel cushioning for maximum flexibility even when you’re embroiled in a 3rd set tie-breaker.

  •  Upper: The Gel Resolution’s upper features a heel collar lined with memory foam for a personalized fit and what Asics is calling Flexion technology that ramps up the support while simultaneously enhancing comfort.
  • Midsole: The Gel Resolution features some of the most impressive shock absorption of any tennis shoe we’ve tested; women’s or men’s. But it’s not all a matter of simply loading up on the memory foam. The Asics designers have been hard at work crafting a shoe that more closely adheres to the natural contours and movements of the foot when under pressure.
  • Outsole: TheAsics Extended Trusstic System reduces the weight of the soul, ensures full contact with whatever surface you’re playing on and provides the structural integrity that unpins the shoe’s responsive support during even the most extreme cut backs.

The good news with the Gel Resolution doesn’t stop with the technical stuff. These shoes are available in an array of pastel tones that look fabulous in a way you might not expect from such a technically superior shoe.

Whichever color you choose you’ll glide across the court in comfort and style. Medial stability is top notch, and the lateral support system will never let you down even when you’re digging out the toughest baseline rocket.

You’ll become so spoiled by the customized feel of the Gel Resolution you may never want to go back to any other type of tennis shoe.

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ASICS Gel-Court Speed Women’s Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

Asics wasn’t content to make just one top-of-the-line women’s tennis shoe, however. Once they’d perfected the Gel-Court Speed, they turned their sights to their Gel-Court Speed Shoes and produced yet another winner.

  • Upper: As with the Gel Resolution, the Gel-Court Speed features Asics’ full-length Flexion Fit technology that ensures support without sacrificing comfort. The Personal Heel Fit (PHF) is little more than memory foam, but it works like a charm so who’s complaining?
  • Midsole: The Gel-Court Speed features the Asics Solyte midsole for explosive movement to the ball that is enhanced further by the Propulsion Trusstic System it shares with its Resolution cousin. Toe and heel cushioning are the first rates without being intrusive while all around support is impressive.
  • Outsole: The AHAR herringbone outsole provides enhanced traction on clay courts but also does an admirable job on harder surfaces and even on grass. The PGuard Toe Protector keeps your shoes looking new regardless of how often you drag your toe after serving or stretching to deliver that sideline winner.

While the Gel-Court Speed may not have quite the lateral support of the Resolution its clay court mandate means it doesn’t need to. But the point is moot anyway because whatever it may lack in lateral support it more than makes up for in lowdown stability and grip.

You’ll never feel like you’re bouncing out of your stance because the Solution’s cushioning never comes at the expense of being able to hold your ground or turn on a dime.

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Adidas Performance Women’s ASMC Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

These may be the best women’s shoes for tennis Adidas has ever made. Their svelte profile, light weight, and the state-of-the-art design mean they bring tennis dreams to life in a way their bulky predecessors never could.

This is serious athletic footwear that dares to look like a skimpy cosmetic slipper of sorts with only the somewhat Gothic heel assembly belying the aggressive level of support the shoe strives to, and succeeds in, attaining.

  • Upper: ClimaCool technology is a semi-opaque outer mesh over an internal web that keeps your foot well ventilated regardless of how extreme the competition.
  • Midsole: A molded EVA insole partners with Adidas Adiprene technology to generate comfort and absorb shocks. Torsion System generates arch support along with midfoot positioning and explosive thrust during plant-and-shift maneuvers.
  •  Outsole: Adiwear multi-surface durable rubber outsole grips the court and prevents sliding. The outsole may be the most long-lasting the company has made and is a welcome respite from those that seem to wear down visibly with every extended rally.

The Performance ASMC Barricade Boost Tennis shoe fits like a glove the minute you slip your foot into it and never relinquishes that snug, custom fit feeling even after repeated wears. The level of comfort and the degree of natural movement allowed is such that you may be tempted to leave the Rally Comp on as you head out to socialize after the match.

Not only does the ASMC Comp-fit like a glove it looks in many ways like a high-performance sports glove as well. A sleek, sexy profile belies its intense structural integrity, and the range of seductive colors means you’re going to look as good walking onto the court as you do when you’re following through on that cross court backhand. An outstanding overall value.

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ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6 Women’s Tennis Shoe

Image Credit : Amazon

The 3rd Asics entry into the top 5 best women’s tennis shoes, the Women’s Gel-Dedicate 6 sports the most ‘traditional’ look of the shoes we’ve chosen here but don’t let that unremarkable (though clean and appealing) facade fool you. The Gel-Dedicate 6 tennis shoe is built for all day comfort and stability without ever having to be re-laced and is a performance leader in almost every measurable category.

The Asics trademark cushioning and support are on full display here as the foam padded collar and tongue combine with the full-grain leather upper for enhanced durability and a bespoke feel. There’s no delay between hitting the surface and reestablishing your stance, no messy shifting of the foot on severe cutbacks and no shocks radiating up the leg after planting for a return volley.

  • Upper: Rare, full grain leather sets the upper apart from just about any other regarding comfort and durability. While other shoes provide a snug, comfortable fit the Gel-Dedicate 6 does that one better by doing away with the plasticky feel many casual tennis shoes can’t seem to shake.
  • Midsole: Outstanding shock absorption and commendable support toe to heel. The lightweight EVA midsole makes you feel like you’re walking on air even when you’re jamming your foot down for a crushing reversal of direction.
  • Outsole: The modified herringbone outsole provides excellent grip on a variety of playing surfaces. You get slip-free rubber traction even during those light spring showers that can cause other outsoles to slip and slide.

As stated, the Gel-Dedicate 6 sports a classic look that belies its state-of-the-art footwear engineering. The mesh and leather upper along with padded tongue and collar provides comfort and support without compromising maneuverability. Toss in the non-marking rubber outsole with its excellent grip on various surfaces and you have a shoe made for the serious recreational player who enjoys a more traditional look to her footwear.

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K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoes

Image Credit : Amazon

And finally, K-Swiss elbows their way into what was beginning to seem like the top 5 tennis shoes for women with their Women’s Hypercourt Express: a shoe that could have you forgetting the other 4 shoes mentioned here.

The K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express is a great looking shoe with upward sweeping lines and a clean outsole profile that makes it appear in some ways a less formidable shoe than it is. But that’s good. We’ll take understated but effective any day over ridiculously busy and ineffective.

  • Upper: Lightweight fabrication means less stress and strain heading into the 3rd set. Breathability, durability, comfort and style abound in the Hypercourt Express. As with all Nike tennis shoes for women, The DuraWrap system enfolds your foot and keeps it in place during the most exhaustive rallies.
  • Midsole: Lightweight phylon midsole provides ample cushioning while Nike Zoom heel unit ensures lateral stability. Optimal responsiveness during rapid changes in direction is no problem with K-EVA foot frame technology holding down the fort.
  • Outsole: Herringbone outsole is Aosta 7.0 rubber. Great for extended rallies on the hardcourt. Heel to toe transition is smooth with advanced articulation and outstanding traction provided by deep flex grooves.

K-swiss’s best women’s tennis shoe is a superlative example of form following function. Sporting a glove-like fit and a dynamic design that’s both attractive and logical, Hypercourt Express looks at the leading-edge footwear part while also exhibiting next-gen functionality.

The K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express impresses out of the box, on the court and with your feet. If you are spent at the end of the 3rd set, it won’t be the fault of the footwear. That much is certain.

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How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoe for You

Tennis puts unique and significant strains on your foot, unlike any other sport. As such you’ll need footwear that’s up to the challenge. But how do you determine exactly which of the good tennis shoes for women featured above would be right for you? Here are 5 things to consider when shopping for tennis shoes.

    1. Size: This may seem like a “duh” thing to say, but it’s crucial that your tennis shoes fit you perfectly. Toss out what you think you know about sizing and find a pair that fits snugly without pinching and provides the width you need. Different manufacturers will often produce their version of a particular size so don’t get your mind set on the idea that “I take a size X”. The right size when it comes to tennis shoes is the size that fits.
    1. Comfort: When it comes to tennis shoes comfort is typically a matter of striking a balance between cushioning and support. One does not necessarily equal the other in that excessive cushioning can undermine support, and excessive support can lead to pinching of the foot and rapid fatigue in muscles being asked to bear too much of the cushioning load themselves. From a comfort perspective finding the right tennis shoe for you is all about trying them on. There’s simply no substitute.
    1. Grip: The outsole of your tennis shoe is where the rubber hits the road. Or, in this case, the court. All the upper support in the world won’t be worth much if you’re slipping and sliding instead of planting and volleying so finding a tennis shoe with the proper grip for your preferred surface is crucial. In some cases, a manufacturer will provide a 6-month guarantee on the outsole and it’s a good idea to take them up on this, especially if you play on a regular basis.
    1. Breathability: This may not seem like a big deal to a novice but those who have spent 4 hours locked in a back and forth match being played out under the summer sun know how important it is that your feet stay as cool and dry as possible. The tennis shoes for women offer optimal breathability from a combination of natural and synthetic materials in the upper.
  1. Additional Considerations: You may want to add an insole to your new tennis shoes to provide additional support. If you’ve chosen a shoe that is heavy on support and light on cushioning you can mitigate some of that lack of cushioning by wearing certain types of sports socks. Also, it doesn’t make sense to splurge on the most expensive shoe when you can get virtually the same performance out of a shoe that’s half the price.

Bottom Lines 

The best tennis shoes for women will all do the job they were designed to do magnificently. Which one is right for you will depend on things such as how much support you need, what type of surface you’ll be playing on most of the time and which design appeals to your particular sensibilities.

Anyone of the above-reviewed shoes will help you improve your game and avoid injuries that can result from poorly engineered cheap tennis shoes for women. So choose wisely, and we’ll see you at center court.

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