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8 Best Tennis Strings Reviews (Newest Update) – Tennis String Tension

The type of string on your racquet determines quite a lot and experienced tennis players will tell you this for sure. Unfortunately for most unprofessional players and even beginners, string quality is the last thing they think about when buying tennis equipment. Why is buying the best tennis strings so important?

The answer might vary for most players but the crucial point to take note of is that not all strings are created equally. This simply indicates that some strings provide players with better impetus than others.

Furthermore, depending on personal preference and your game choice, the best tennis string you use can impact your game significantly. Taking these points into account, you can see why it is very important to buy the best tennis racket strings when shopping for one.

Using the best tennis strings will increase your playing experience as well as your chances of winning a significant portion of your one-on-one matches.

What Criteria to choose tennis strings

In your bid to choose the best tennis strings in the market you first need to know some of the essential string qualities to be on the lookout for. Buying just any string you find isn’t going to cut it at this point.

If you get it right at this stage, you can experience a hugely rewarding experience moving forward but if not, the results may be a disappointing one.

How do you choose the best tennis racket strings that reflect your desire for quality?

  • Power: If your desire is to add more power to your racquet you should be on the lookout for the best tennis strings for power by dropping tensions by a few pounds. If you go for a string with power, the string will deflect more momentum while adding more energy to the ball once you strike.
  • Control: This characteristic is for those who want to add more control to their game. The best tennis strings for control limits balls from flying too far off once they are hit. Controlled strings deflect less and provide balls with less energy. Normally, controlled strings are better for more experienced players who receive and hit long balls.
  • Comfort: Regardless of your playing pattern, it is understandable if you desire to play with a string you are very comfortable with. This is one reason why players are advised to read tennis strings reviews before making purchases online. Comfort means different things to different players and is rated based on personal preference. Just make sure you go for a string you are comfortable with by reading reviews and getting opinions from others.
  • Durability: If you are looking for a string that will last you for longer, you can use a string with thicker gauges and extra abrasion resistant properties. These types of materials are not very elastic but resilient in nature. The only downside to the use of this type of string is that it impacts the quality of play. In a nutshell, the more durable your tennis string, the less value you enjoy in the use of it.
  • Gauge: Another thing to consider when choosing the best tennis strings in the market has to do with the gauge type or quality. Essentially, thinner strings or gauge as they are sometimes called provide much better playability than thicker strings.

Strings are listed as gauge 15 (1.35mm – 1.49mm) to 19 (1.00 – 1.10mm). Playing with gauge 19 will give you more power and a better spin but will wear out quickly while gauge 15 strings provide less satisfaction but are more durable. When making tennis strings recommendations, I advise advanced players to use the thinnest string gauges they can find.

  • String Tension: Also, consider the tension when seeking out the best tennis strings in the market. Lower strings have more power while tight strings have more control. Beginners are better with lower strings as they help guard against frequent off court hits.

Tighter strings, however, are better for advanced players for fast swings and power strikes. But above all, simply stick with tensions you are more comfortable with.

Different Tennis String Types

As you already know, there are so many different tennis string types so picking the right one for personal use should be a top priority. To guide your choice, we preview some of the commonly used strings today. Deciding on the one to use should depend on your game style and preference.

There is no substitute for preference however so you may need to try a few strings before you arrive at an option that suits you best. Here are the different tennis string types you can go for.

#1. Natural Gut

Natural gut strings is a winner takes all in the world of string categories. Why is this? This is because naturally gutted strings are suitable for players at all levels.

Made from serosa fibers, they provide great quality in terms of playability but are also one of the most expensive strings you will find. What makes them highly rated is the quality of tension power and maintenance that they produce.

#2. Synthetic Gut

Also called Nylon, this gut type is made from nylon materials (polyamides). Synthetic guts are graded differently so you will need to try different ones for comfort if you decide to go for a string made from this material.


This option provides users with a perfect combination of improved playability and price affordability. A great option for non-professional players and beginners.

#3. Polyester

Polyester is another option if you don’t want to use a natural or synthetic gut string. A top choice for advanced players, this string type delivers fast stroke speed and a higher spin quality.

Polyester strings are not advisable for beginners due to the risk of injuries but they can use a hybrid string which has a softer and more elastic form.

#4. Kevlar

Kevlar is the most durable of all string types due to their stiff and tight build. Many Kevlar products come with soft nylon crosses to reduce stiffness and improve comfort. Of all the strings available to players, Kevlar is one of the least powerful strings.

If you are a Beginner in the game of tennis, consider reducing tension a little to compensate for stiffness. If you can afford other options, I recommend you don’t use this string so you don’t run the risk of injuries.

#5. Hybrid

As the name implies, hybrid strings are a mixture of two different string types in the same tennis racket. This option has become very popular over the years since polyester strings were first introduced. A hybrid heightens playability and increases durability.

#6. Multifilament

An advanced tennis string type, multifilaments are a combination of several individual filaments such as nylon braided or wrapped into a string length with a binding agent such as polyurethane. A great choice for players with tender elbows and arms, it produces more comfort and power than synthetic strings.

#7. Monofilament

Monofilaments are produced with just one string material or a mixture of different materials drawn through geometric shapes dye. This is done to form a very solid string piece. They are one of the most durable tennis strings in the market but are less comfortable to use. Better for advanced and intermediate players.

Increase or Decrease String Tension?

Since string tension is a necessary consideration when deciding on the best strings for tennis, you should pay close attention to the tension quality. A common frustration experienced by many professional and amateur players is deciding whether to increase or decrease the tension of their strings.

Based on personal experience, I will recommend that you find a compromise between both since tension will affect your playing experience significantly.

  • Should you increase the tension?

If you place a premium on control instead of power you will have to tighten the strings more while limiting the first and second soars. Most popular tennis strings for beginners have increased tensions for aiding control when in use so if you don’t have too much court experience you might want to increase tensions a little.


The downsides of doing this are two-fold. Firstly, increased tensions impacts string durability so don’t be surprised if your string wears out quickly. Secondly, this reduces comfort and requires more force to strike balls.

  • Should you decrease the tension?

If you prefer power over control you may want to decrease tension a little bit. A decreased tension makes the ball to come off your racket a lot quicker unlike when tension is increased.  Decreasing tension increases string durability and comfort and allows balls to come off your racket easily.

Difference between Multifilament and Monofilament strings

Monofilament and Multifilament strings are two of the used by amateur and tennis professionals but many players don’t know the difference between the two. Knowing the difference between these two string types will help you determine which of the two to buy and use for your gaming experience. What differentiates one from the other are essentially two features.

Monofilaments are power tennis strings made from one, two or more materials. Multifilaments, on the other hand, are the direct opposite of Monofilaments. They are made from different microfiber bundles all twisted and bonded together to form a tough string. Some of the best tennis string for control and touch are actually Multifilament strings.

  • Monofilament strings:

In choosing a tennis string for personal use, you need to decide whether you want a string that packs more power or controls balls a lot better. Monofilaments allow you to strike long balls with amazing power and they have increased tensions. If you are an experienced player you may opt for this option.

  • Multifilament strings:

Multifilaments have softer strings with shock absorbing qualities. If you are not very experienced or you often suffer from arm problems the soft fibers in Multifilament strings is ideal. The decision to go for one or the other should be taken based on personal preference, game style, and physical conditions.

Can Tennis Strings improve your Game?

This is one question only asked by amateurs and beginners who don’t know much about the game of tennis.  Just like in any other sport, your tennis racquet matters a great deal in the game of tennis and the string is an essential component in the racquets used for the sport.

To improve your game, you will have to acquire the right striking technique and endurance but the quality of your string can also aid your improvement.


Tennis coaches and experienced pros opt for strings that help them improve their game rather than limit it so make sure you bear this in mind when picking strings for your racquet.

Here are some game improvement considerations to gloss over:

  • If you are not a very strong player or you have limited experience, a string that provides more control will be very good for you. To gain more control of your game, reducing the tension of your strings will help you place balls better. Multifilament strings offer users more control due to their shock absorbing qualities.
  • For players who prefer to add more spin to their game, Polyester strings are good options. Strings with a high spin rating can help in generating more spin to shots but the thicker the string the less spin it generates. Let’s also add that thinner strings are less durable.
  • Players who love to hit long balls prefer Monofilament tennis strings for power. To raise string power you will have to reduce tension. Power strings are better for more experienced players who have mastered control and ball placements.
  • If you suffer from elbow pains like half of the players who play tennis regularly do, consider buying a racquet that has an open string pattern. This type of string has deflective and rebound effects which limit the impact on your arm each time you strike balls. Open strings are great options for reducing elbow pains in players who play tennis regularly.

10 Best Tennis Strings Reviews

Now that you have a fair idea about what to take note regarding tennis strings, below we showcase a brief review of some of the best tennis strings that you can purchase online.

This list is backed by popular demand, buyer reviews, and our own in-house testing. You can buy any of these top rated tennis strings but make sure the option you choose is one which will best enhance your game.

Some of the strings on this list are quite pricey but possess durability and improved playability. We have also selected the best tennis strings based on the special needs of the average tennis player. Overall, we drew up the list based on need, quality, durability, and affordability. Read on to preview them.

#1. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String



The next model that we would like to bring to you is the Nike Women's Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe. Firstly, we would like to discuss foot assistance and stability. These shoes are superb stable among these shoes. It holds your feet securely and seemed to adapt to your footwork. The balance was a fabulous complement to the slicker traction. On the other hand, it was a perfect one that possesses a function of stability for the tennis players.

Prince Synthetic Gut tennis string is a high-performance string made from nylon composite materials for all round game performance. This string is a great choice for players who suffer from chronic arm pains. Its extra softness reduces ball impact and can be used in combination with any other string type of choice. One of the best synthetic gut strings in the market.


  • Very durable string.
  • Can be used as a Multifilament (combined with one or two more strings).
  • The cheap choice for buyers on a low budget.
  • Great for extra game control.
  • Good safeguard against elbow pains.


  • May not be the best choice for advanced players and top pros.
  • Limited offer online.
  • Not the best tennis string for power.


Prince Synthetic Gut is an affordable and durable choice for everyone. It’s cheap price and Multifilament setup makes it a smart choice for players who want to add more control to their game.

#2. Wilson Champions Choice Duo Tennis String Natural



Wilson Champions Choice is another best tennis string to make our list because it is a top choice for many. This string is such a great option because it is built for users to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. With this string, you can push the limits of performance and take your game to a whole new level. Wilson provides players with controllable power and is made from a blend of natural Gut and ALU Power rough fibers for game worthiness.


  • Provides power and control.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Its great elasticity and tension improves playability.
  • Durable setup.


  • Great option but a little expensive.
  • Better used as part of a hybrid setup.
  • Not a top choice for intermediate and Advanced players.


Some people may consider Wilson Champion to be a very expensive option but overall, it is a very good option for players making their way in the world of tennis. To enjoy this string for longer, consider buying a few more to add to your stockpile.

#3. Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String

WILSON NXT Control String, Natural, 16



Just like the Wilson Champion Choice, Wilson NXT is a 16 gauge string and is one of the best Multifilament tennis strings available to buyers today. The combination of various materials produces a triple effect of control, power, and comfort (a quality only very few string brands have). Made from Xycro fibers, nylon, and polyester, you can use Wilson NXT for better playability and a much longer game in court.


  • Fantastic Topspin range.
  • Great for long volleys.
  • Has a great feel to it.
  • A perfect replacement for Natural Gut strings.


  • Expensive to maintain.
  • Not very long lasting.


Wilson NXT is ideal for players who wish to incorporate power, comfort, and control into their game. The manufacturer’ smart combination of fibers improves the user’s playing experience. It represents value for money if you consider how long it will last and how much it is sold for.

#4. Babolat VS Touch Tennis String



Another Gut tennis string and the second Babolat brand to make our list, Babolat VS Touch is indeed a premium standard gut string with an updated BT7 technology which provides an extra 15% durability (An upgrade to the Babolat RPM Blast). It has a larger spread to withstand tension and provide comfort during gaming action.


  • Improved Thermogut technology increases tension hold and elasticity for better comfort.
  • Designed to serve its purpose for much longer.
  • Can be combined with other string types in a Multifilament setup.
  • Protection against tennis elbow complications.
  • Can be used in a hybrid setup.


  • Some users may find the string movement discomforting.
  • Hard hitters may lose game momentum with this string.


Babolat VS offers the same value as the Babolat RPM Blast but with greater durability. Furthermore, it is a counter to the Babolat RPM (VS Touch is hybrid/Multifilament while RPM Blast is Monofilament).

If you hit hard and long balls, we recommend that you stick to the RPM Blasts but if you still want the best tennis racquet string with extra durable features, Babolat VS Touch will serve you well.

#5. Luxilon ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set

Luxilion ALU Power 125 Tennis Racquet String Set (16L Gauge, 1.25 mm)



Since Gustavo Kuerten won Roland Garros, Luxilon ALU has become a household name and a benchmark for polyester strings. Designed for control and power, you can enjoy this string without being troubled by string movements. Luxilon ALU generates a lot of Topspin for fast swinging players who like to strike balls from the court baseline.


  • Lower tension for more control.
  • Soft and easy on the arm.
  • Enhances racquet quality.
  • Long-lasting quality.


  • Too much power for players with weak arms.
  • Too stretchy for comfort.
  • Loses tension quickly compared to other polyester strings.


More than 50% of professional ATP players use Luxilon ALU Power string because it is one of the best tennis strings money can buy. If you want to add more speed and power to your game, this is the string for you.

#6. Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String Reel

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16g White Tennis String Reel



Another tennis string from the same manufacturer to make our list, Prince Synthetic Gut is for players who prefer not to use a natural gut string. This all-around series model gives you consistency and long term usage.


  • The quality matches the price.
  • Extra softness for better comfort.
  • Perfect elbow safeguard.
  • Fine color combinations


  • Better for recreational purposes but not the best for competitive tourneys.
  • Limited tension doesn’t provide sufficient power for long balls.


If you are looking to go pro or you prefer to hit long and hard balls you may want to check some of the other tennis strings listed in this best tennis guide. Prince Synthetic Gut is also not the best tennis strings for power but built for control. A smart choice for beginners and for recreation.

#7. Babolat RPM Black Blast 17g Strings



Babolat RPM Black Blast is one of the few 17g strings in our list (others are 16g). Built with the same composition as the Babolat Hurricane Tour, albeit with minor alterations, this polyester-based string is designed to enhance spin generation through it’s embedded dyed and coating exterior. The open pattern and octagonal profile lessens friction and dictates spin action.


  • Good power and spin.
  • Uncompromising quality.
  • Less stress on the elbow.
  • Lasts longer than the Babolat Hybrid variant.


  • Limited offer.
  • A bit on the expensive side.


Babolat has proven to be a top manufacturer of some of the best tennis strings in the market and the RPM Black Blast doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Not the best string from the staple of Babolat but definitely not the worst. Great quality, good price.

#8. Tourna Premium Poly Tennis String Reel

Tourna Premium Poly Durable Tennis String, Black



The last but definitely not the least product to make the list of our tennis strings recommendation is Tourna Premium string reel. This German made product is hugely popular because it is available in 16g, 17g, and 18g specs. Designed with advanced poly fibers, topspin hitters will love this product.


  • 660ft Reel for extra comfort.
  • Advanced polyester fiber for longevity. 
  • Cheap and effective.


  • The brittle string is prone to kinking.
  • Tough on the arm
  • Top of the bracket not so great


Tourna Premium is a great product because it offers buyers different gauges at a reasonable price. It’s building material combinations makes for a perfect feel to the arms and great for players in search of best tennis strings for power. If you have fragile arms, don’t use this string.


Improving your playing skills requires a lot of effort but the use of some of the best tennis strings can help you improve your skill and increase playability significantly. Deciding on the best string for your racket will depend on your preference and playing style but above all, comfort is vital. If you suffer from elbow and shoulder pains frequently, consider buying strings with increased tensions and a wider spread.

If you are a hard hitting player, you will find some of the best tennis strings for power on our list but if control is more important to you, we have also reviewed some of the best tennis strings for control. Above all, choosing the best tennis racquet strings should be done with patience and clarity based on special needs.

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