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You are currently viewing A Definite Guide on How To Choose A Tennis Racket For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Player

A Definite Guide on How To Choose A Tennis Racket For Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Player

We can say that the racket is the central pillar of tennis. Sometimes it costs us a lot, like choosing a thriving racket. A high-end racket will not make a beginner become a genius, but it will make a difference at higher levels. If you are purchasing a new racket or have been interested in understanding them more thoroughly, you are in the right place.

Let's all assume and know that the price will reflect the quality of a tennis racket. Therefore, this article will clarify what'ss the right way to choose a tennis racket and help you in the process of selecting your Best kids tennis racket. Here are the list of what to consider when it comes to choosing a tennis racket quickly & efficiently!

What Factors to Consider When Buying A Tennis Racket?

#1. Head Size

#2. String Pattern

#3. Weight

Another significant value that you should care about is the weight. The weight of the racket always described in grams and regardless of the weight of the strings. It means that we must add approximately 13 to 18 gr. A difference of between 5 and 10 gr may not be so much, but there is a real difference in this case. After hitting many times, a weight above may be bothering us. If we have discomfort in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder, we may play with excessive weight.

On the other hand, weight is mass, which interprets into potency. We all know the formula that defines our strength:

F (force) = m (mass) * a (acceleration)

It proves that a racket with greater weight, we will gain power but losing manageability. We observe that it is not only the mass that matters, but the ability to accelerate with our arm also multiplies that power. We do not insist on obsessing with the weight of the racket; the heaviest rackets focused on advanced players with sufficient strength. It is common to see professional players add weight to the racket with lead to handle rackets of 400 gr.

In this way, we can distinguish rackets according to their weight:

  • Very heavy: more than 320gr
  • Heavy: from 300gr to 319gr
  • Standard/ Medium: from 280gr to 299gr
  • Light: from 260gr to 279gr
  • Lightweight: from 240 gr to 259 gr
  • Very light: 220 gr to 239 gr
  • Super Light: less than 220 gr

The above values refer to weights in adults. The following sizes used for children's rackets. In this case, we will find out about light rackets and metal materials. As usual, the child mustn't weigh the racket anymore. From 12 years, depending on the physical condition and level, we can invest in graphite rackets. It is crucial to follow these tables and measures regularly. Also, the factor of control and accuracy are better against power. That is why we will start with light rackets, and we will gradually increase in weight over the years.

#4. Balance

#5. Swing Weight

#6. Stiffness

Selecting The Right Tennis Racket For Your Skill Level

#1. For Beginners

#2. For Intermediates

#3. For Advanced Player


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