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Best Ping Pong Paddles – Top Table Tennis Rackets 2023

Table tennis paddles come in a range of shapes and sizes, depending on the handle and the player's tastes. They are made up of a wooden handles attached to a fixed blade made primarily of carbon fiber and seasoned wood.

During the game, the blade is the spherical component that makes contact with the ball. It is cushioned with rubber which helps highly qualified players to make technical shots.

This rubber is often painted red on one side and black on the other, with pimples—a sparse pattern of dots that make the surface very rough—on one side. This is due to a provision that forbids a player from being duped by his opponent with a variety of shots.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

1. Stiga Pro Carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with Carbon Technology for Tournament Play
  • STIGA – Since 1944, STIGA has been the innovative leader in table tennis equipment. STIGA combines...
  • BUILT FOR COMPETITION – Nano Composite and ACS Technologies form stronger and tighter bonds in the...
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY – This racket unites STIGA's Crystal and WRB Technologies for a hardened,...
  • PRECISION BLADE – The 7-ply blade boasts 5 layers of light-weight balsa wood and 2 layers of...
  • PERFORMANCE RATINGS – Speed: 99, Spin: 100, Control: 80

The STIGA Pro Carbon is the first product we looked at (and it's the best ping pong paddle), and it's best for experienced players who want to move their game to the next level. This paddle has amazing strength and speed, and it's even cooler because it's less expensive than other paddles with similar features.

You can get a solid paddle with decent spin for about $50. However, depending on how much you play, the rubber padding on the blade begins to fade after a few months, though other players confirm that the paddle retains its original pace and spin consistency after the rubber is removed.

  • Speed : 99%
  • Spin : 100%
  • Control : 80%

Stiga Pro Carbon features:

STIGA Pro Carbon paddle is a high performance ping pong paddle with carbon integration into the blades for improved stiffness and response. Most pros found that this increased speed and power, and for that reason and more, this ITTF-approved rubber paddle is a prominent mention on our list of best ping pong paddles.

On a scale of 100 percent for pace, 100 percent for spin, and 80 percent for control, the output scores are 99 percent for speed, 100 percent for spin, and 80 percent for control. The 7-ply extra light blade, S5 rubber, and 2mm thick sponge help this paddle earn such high scores.

The STIGA Pro Carbon features nano-composite technology that offers tighter and stronger rubber bindings. This means that the rubber remains evenly bonded over a long period of time, affecting speed and spin.

The ACS's numerous microscopic air capsules in the ultra-light rubber padding contribute to high speed and also provide maximum resiliency and excellent control over every stroke of the ball.

It also has a WRB weight balance factor, which means that the blade's balance is transferred to the ball's touch point, ensuring that and ball is received well. In order to increase the recovery time after each shot, the blade weight is decreased to a minimum after each swing.

Both professional and competitive table tennis players agree that this paddle is incredibly effective.

2. Killerspin JET800

Killerspin Jet800 SPEED N2 Ping Pong Paddle with Storage Case Red/Black
  • Professional Grade Paddle: Designed With The Serious Player In Mind, This Ittf-Approved Paddle...
  • Superior Construction: Blade Consists Of 7-Ply Composite Wood And Carbon Fiber For Extra Pop, While...
  • Ideal Ratings: Features Ratings Of Control: 7;5, Spin: 9, Power: 9, Ideal For An Aggressive Play...
  • Personalized Memory Book: Store Your Ping Pong Paddle In A Gift-Worthy Storage Case And Record...

Talk about a tournament level paddle for best performance and look no further than the Killerspin JET800 , which is the highest rated product for professional play. At one point, the JET800 was the first choice of Chinese gold medalist Chen Qi, who is considered one of the best table tennis players.

The paddle's key selling point is its pace, which is ranked 9.5/10, but it also performs well in other categories including Spin (9/10) and Control (8/10). You can respond rapidly to your opponent's shots while still producing killer spins with this paddle in your face.

The downside we found is that the Killerspin JET800 is at the higher end of the market and may not be affordable for everyone. To be specific, this paddle maintains unprecedented efficiency and reliability in all of its specifications, with the exception of the price, which is higher than other paddles.

So, if money isn't a problem, this paddle is well worth the money.

  • Speed : 9.5
  • Spin : 9
  • Steering : 8

Killerspin Jet 800 FEATURES:

Killerspin is a sporting goods manufacturer headquartered in Chicago that prides itself on mixing youth and novelty in its offerings, and the Killerspin JET800 is no different.

This paddle provides competition-level efficiency thanks to its 7-ply wood blade and double carbon layers on the blade for extra strength. The paddles and a score memory book are included with the kit.

It comes with Nitrx 2.0 mm rubbers that are ITTF certified and produce a lot of power with each stroke. Regulations require that the opposite sides be coloured red or black.

The wooden side band on this tournament-worthy paddle produces a catapult effect by extracting the energy from each touch, adding to the paddle's overall efficiency ranking. The pace, power, and spin are all measured at 9.5, which is strong in the professional range.

Whether you're looking to equip yourself with the KillerSpin JET800 for professional or recreational competition, you'll have a reliable tool you can count on. It also comes with 30-day warranty.

3. Jebor professional

If for solely recreational purpose and nothing serious then it may not make economic sense to spend heavily on a paddle. Right?

Jebor Professional produces the best table tennis paddle at a fair discount.

This paddle is cost-effective, as it contains four paddles and six balls for a low price.

They're all in the same kit. While it is a decent option for casual games and is ideal for nearly all playing types, this could be the only exciting aspect of this device.

Jebor Professional make-up:

With their premium paddle style, Abco Sport promises 100 percent risk-free satisfaction. This commodity has seven layers of cottonwood blades that give players an advantage in loop strokes, defensive shots, and offensive shots, based on ability.

This best ping pong paddle has a smooth and spongy inverted rubber surface that offers superior spin and balance, helping you to keep ahead of your game. The rubber on each side of the paddle are red and black respectively in accordance with standard ping pong regulations.

The handle has a flared design that is narrower at the top and gets wider as it approaches the ground, giving you superior grip and flexibility for different stroke types. The Blade Grip Coordination features a premium design that provides each player with consistent precision throughout the game.

A full package of four paddles (with premium regulation orientation) and six 40mm ping pong balls in three orange and white colors are also included. The paddles and balls would last a long time without degrading due to the high quality of the construction and the material used.

4. STIGA Evolution

STIGA Evolution is a worthy choice to explore for practitioners (Killerspin JET 800 is too expensive). The Killerspin JET 800 is ranked higher than this paddle because it has a decent overall balance and few bad feedback, while the STIGA Evolution's biggest flaw is that it is difficult to handle, but it improves with practice.

As a lightweight paddle, professionals can play for hours without tiring, but users have complained that its hollow grip makes it difficult to maintain control of this paddle. Suffice it to say, it's not meant for aggressive or offensive players, but for defensive play.

If you have trouble distinguishing between Evolution and Pro Carbon, our Stiga Evolution vs Stiga Pro Carbon review is very comprehensive.

Stiga Evolution Features:

The STIGA Evolution is a tournament-ready table tennis paddle that has been approved by the ITTF. The ITTF-approved rubber with Shock Dispersion Technology-SDT, which absorbs energy from your swing and bouncing shots and transfers it through the handle, is the paddle's most fascinating feature.

This increases your shooting pace, feel, and power. This technology's efficiency scores are very impressive, with Spin at 94/100, Power at 90/100, and Pace at 96/100. On a 6-ply blade, the rubber is actually a 2mm thick spongy film.

Between the blade and the rubber, ACS has numerous microscopic air capsules, mainly present in the ultra-light rubber, which improves the relationship between the control of each stroke and the elasticity of the rubber.

Nano-composite technology is used to create a stronger and tighter bond between the rubber and the paddle wood to prevent air from getting between the pair and causing catastrophic shot dampening or misplacement.

The Evolution, like other STIGA versions, utilizes WRB technologies to move the blade's equilibrium to the point of impact with the projectile, resulting in better precision and even energy distribution. The weight of the blade is decreased for improved recovery after each shot, which contributes to the amazing recovery rate.

5. STIGA Supreme

For tournament play, a 6-ply wood extra light blade is padded with ITTF certified Potential Inverted Rubber.

This combination is made with high tech blade machines to mill micro channel length paths in the center of the blade. The channels are then filled with various materials to improve the overall performance of the paddle. The paddle is rated at 90% for speed, 92% for spin and 89% for control.

The STIGA Supreme also has crystal technology, which hardens the blade's surface and increases speed, WRB technology, which includes weight balance, which helps balance the blade to the point of contact with the ball. It also has recovery rate, which helps reduce the weight of the blade after every stroke for perfect recovery. With the ball sensitivity feature, you are provided with extra touch sensitivity in the point of contact with the ball. Adding to this, the ball sensitivity feature, which provides extra touch sensitivity by securing the blade to the handle.

The rubber, 2mm thick spongy material, with a handle made from anatomical Italian composite, works in tandem with the blade to deliver each stroke perfectly.

6. STIGA Titan

STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket with Crystal Technology to Harden Blade for...
  • STIGA – Since 1944, STIGA has been the innovative leader in table tennis equipment. STIGA combines...
  • BUILT FOR COMPETITION – ITTF approved smooth inverted rubber designed for excellence in tournament...
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – STIGA's Crystal and WRB Technologies combine for a hardened, light blade...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – The 5-ply, ultra light-weight balsa blade and Concave Pro handle offer an...
  • PERFORMANCE RATINGS – Speed: 80, Spin: 77, Control: 81

For optimal control and speed, the STIGA Titan features an ITTF-approved Triumph Inverted Rubber with a 2mm sponge hard-pressed on a 5-ply, extra-light blade. The blade is put in place by a concave Italian composite handle that is a perfect match for it. The blade itself has been hardened using crystal technology.

This hardness increases the delivery speed of each stroke, directly contributing to its performance rating. Considering the price and the materials used, a performance rating of 80% speed, 77% spin, and 82% control is pretty impressive.

The handle is a concave Italian composite that is easy to grip and, according to reviews, gives the impression of playing without a paddle. WRB technology, which stands for weight balance, recovery rate, and ball sensitivity, is also included.

The weight balance feature ensures that the blade's balance is shifted to the point of contact with the ball on each stroke, and the recovery rate is improved by ensuring that the blade's weight is reduced after each stroke to provide better recovery. The recess in the handle is accurately positioned to provide additional sensitivity for each touch for ball sensitivity.

Because balsa wood is used for the blade, it improves speed and reaction time. Innovations like these have kept STIGA in the lead in the sports equipment category for over 60 years in over 100 countries.

7. Butterfly 401

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set - 1 Ping Pong Paddle – 1 Ping Pong Paddle Case - ITTF...
  • Blade Construction: 5 Ply-Wood
  • Handle: Flared - Concave At The Center - The Most Popular Style
  • Rubber: Yuki - Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1 & Rubber: Yuki Sponge Thickness (mm): 2.1
  • Recommended For Beginning Level Players
  • International Table Tennis Federation Approved

Like other brands, Butterfly prides itself on the results of its technology and how well users review it.

Much can be said about the Butterfly 401 table tennis bat in terms of its performance ratings and distinctive features like the Shake handle with flared grip. This additive improves user grip comfort by absorbing sweat and keeping the grip strong for extended periods of time.

It also has a Yuki 2.1mm inverted rubber on both sides of the blade, in red and black, as required by regulations, which provides stickiness and a springy feel for spins.

This has resulted in an impressive performance rating based on the test results in accordance with ITTF regulations, among other things. Speed is at 80%, spin is at 80%, and control is at 85% on a perfect 100.

A butterfly full racket case, helpful for storage and safe-keeping is also included. If you want to send it as a present, there is also a gift box included in the set. Like other best table tennis paddles, it has a full professional and leisure atmosphere packed into each purchase.


This paddle's efficiency ranking, while balanced, isn't especially good, but its durability is out of this world. Another important downside of this paddle is the size of its grip. Sure, players with large hands would find it very difficult to use. If that doesn't bother you, you'll surely find that this inexpensive paddle is worth its salt.

8. Killerspin Jet 200

Killerspin Jet200 Mocha Table Tennis Paddles - Double Pack of Paddles that Offer a Great Balance...
  • RECREATIONAL PADDLES: Perfect for learning basic strokes and perfecting ball control, these paddles...
  • SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION: Blades consist of 5 layers of wood and Jet Basic rubbers to perfect your...
  • IDEAL RATINGS: Features ratings of Control: 8;5, Spin: 7, Power: 6, ideal for beginners or...
  • PERSONALIZED MEMORY BOOKS: Store your ping pong paddles in gift-worthy storage cases and record...
  • PORTABLE SIZE: Rackets measure 6” x 6 1/8” in case you want to play on the go

Because of its many features, such as the 5-ply wood style, which is very adaptable to a simple level of play, this Chicago-based bestseller will help you sharpen your tennis skills. When it provides a good balance of pace and power, a beginner can't go wrong.

The blade's 5-ply wood construction is padded on both sides with a proprietary blue and black jet base rubber. Regulation is greatly helped by this padding.

There is also a flexible PVC side band on the side of the racket that protects the padding from coming off the blade or outside influences like moisture from affecting the binding.

The blade is complemented by a flared handle with a sturdy grip that keeps you focused on the ball rather than your composure.

Between the blade, handle and padding, you get a performance rating of 85% control, 70% spin and 60% speed. All of these ratings and features are backed by a 30-day warranty for optimal customer satisfaction.

Other features include a memory book that lets you keep scores , write down lessons and experiences, get personalized messages and even autographs from renowned table tennis pros. It is available in three colors: bluvanilla, mocha, and lime.


Killer Spin is known for its lightning-fast paddles, but the JET200's pace is just too slow to overlook. While it is not a professional paddle, players who need to develop their control or beginners who need general development will benefit greatly from this paddle.

9. DHS Hurricane II

DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle, Table Tennis Racket - Shakehand with a KAMTS Wrist...
  • DHS HURRICANE-II Table Tennis Shakehand Racquet
  • Rubber: Red Pimples In / Black Pimples In
  • Fitted Play: All-Round; Comes in one racket with cover and two balls in gift box
  • If you find anything wrong with the paddle and want to return - please make sure the product in...
  • With a Landson wrist support

The DHS Hurricane is made of high-quality materials that show up in its performance. It's padded with some of the best Chinese rubber, with spongy effects that look like red pimples around the blade's padded surface for amazing control and spin.

According to ITTF rules, the padded surfaces on both spongy sides are painted black and red, showing that it is a success class paddle.

It also has a secure grip in a durable handle that offers adequate traction and comfort when playing several games without being interrupted by excessive changes caused by sweaty palms or a thin grip.

The Landson wrist support ensures that your shots are in line with the ball's power, spin, and support at all times. Most users believe that this increases your execution and gives it that extra touch you need to defeat your opponent.

There is a racket cover in each purchase that can easily hold two perfectly placed balls and the paddle itself. This could make for an excellent gift that gives the package. It comes with a warranty that only works if the paddle is not tampered with, especially the rubber covers.

Final Thoughts....

The DHS Hurricane II is a professional paddle and is therefore justified by its high price. However, it is more suitable for players who use the Asian or Shake Hand Playing Grip.

The only real downside is that the rubber loses its stickiness after a significant amount of use. Needless to say, the sticking technology isn't up to scratch, but the paddle's spin might be enough to reassure you that it's a worthwhile buy.


You could not go wrong with this comprehensively rated bestseller after making your selection. However, it is best if you go through the reviews carefully to sort out the ones that match your skill level. This way, you will get the best value for your purchase.

More importantly, you need to consider other factors such as your budget, brand awareness, warranty, and other general buying considerations as you would in other business transactions. These factors will also determine the quality of the paddle and directly affect your game.

If the price gap between entry-level and professional ping pong paddles is important, it is best to allocate your budget to the higher-quality option as a long-term investment.

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