Guides & Tips about tennis is the section where we give our tips and ultimate guides about this type of racquet sport. This section will include 2 types of information:

  • Guides: this is just to make sure that you will have the correct guidance to start playing tennis. From scratch, I mean. When you have no idea how to have that right forehand until you can master the backhand. That’s what this guide thing for.
  • Tips: There is advice to help you improve your performance, speed, techniques, … It may not change immediately, but please be patient. Follow our tips to be better at tennis.

With this category, we want to provide our readers with the information that is:

  • Precise
  • Practical
  • Helpful

We hope that we can actually do that. Please if there is anything we miss out or you have an idea to discuss, contact me via emails or leave a comment. I am glad to answer your question!