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A Guide on How To Pick A Tennis Racket for A Child

How to pick a tennis racket for a child? A seem-to-be an easy question but no. Kids tennis racket must have some features and specifications to suit all the needs of your kid. You cannot choose and purchase any racket for your kids; you need to look deeply to pick the right one. Therefore, we will tell you in our simplified guide what you want to know about: how to choose and purchasing kids tennis racket.

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There are less concerns about a kid tennnis racket than the version for adult. There are 2 main things you need to pay attention: Length & Grip Size. That leads to the question how to test the length & grip size that suit your kid the most? Well let's find out!

Things You Need to Look For When It Comes To Kid Tennis Rackets

You will find that there is an overwhelming number of kids tennis rackets on the market today. So it is difficult to select the right one for your kid and choose the right features. You will always want to know, what brand and style will suit your child?

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Therefore, I give you some tips to help you pick the right kids tennis racket in the following points.

  • You must choose the racket according to your kid’s age because you cannot give your 4 years old child a tennis racket for 10 years old kid.
  • You will always need to buy a kids tennis racket based on height, which is one of the most important points you need to take care of.
  • It is important to choose the right grip size for your kids especially if your kid's hand measures more or less than 4 inches.
  • Make sure that the strings in the racket are strong enough to sustain the ball’s velocity in a perfect way.
  • Take care of choosing a comfortable weight and high-quality material of the racket very well because it will help your child to have some comfortably swing around without any difficulty while playing tennis.

A Comprehensive Tennis Racket Sizing Chart For Kids

To make it short, here is the sizing chart for kid tennis racquets depending on Age, Height & Racquet Length: 



Racquet Size

  • 4 years & younger
  • 4-5 years
  • 6-8 years
  • 9-10 years
  • 10 years & older
  • 40 inch. or shorter
  • 40-44 inch.
  • 45-49 inch.
  • 50-55 inch.
  • 55 inch. or taller
  • 19 inch.
  • 21 inch.
  • 23 inch.
  • 25 inch.
  • 26 inch.

Here, if I wrote in words, it would be: 

  • Your kid is 4 years old or younger, he/she will need a racket with 40 inches or shorter in height, and 19 inches in length.
  • If your kid is 4 or 5 years old, he/she will need a racket with 40 -44 inches in height, and 21 inches in length.
  • Kid is 6 to 8 years old, he/she will need a racket with 45-49 inches in height, and 23 inches in length.
  • Kid is 9 or 10 years old, he/she will need a racket with 50-55 inches in height, and 25 inches in length.
  • If your kid is 10 years old and above, he/she will need a racket with 55 inches or taller in height, and 26-27 inches in length how to size a tennis racket

Testing The Size of Your Kid Tennis Racket 

If you find that your kid feels uncomfortable while playing tennis or feels pain at his/her wrist or arm. You will need to think twice about the racket size because it seems that it does not suit your kid. You can know your kids' perfect tennis racket size by doing the following steps:

  • Make your kids stand nice and tall as possible as you can.
  • Place the tennis racket you have to their side, and the head of the racket has to be on the ground and the butt-end of it handle pointing up towards the sky.
  • Make your kids put the palm of their hand on the very bottom of the handle of the racket.
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After doing all the last steps, you need to notice if your kids' arm is comfortably extended and resting on the butt cap of the racket or not.

  • If the answer is yes, then congratulations you have picked up the right size of the racket.
  • But if the answer is no, and you find that your kids have to bend their arm to comfortably rest their hand on the butt cap, then the size is not correct.

Note: if you find that your kids are between two sizes, then we recommended choosing the smaller size because it will never make them feel pain and it will be easier for them to handle too.

Testing The Grip Size for Your Kids

It is easy to choose the grip size for your kids because it is all about measuring the circumference of a racket’s handle in inches.

  • You will find that almost all of the kid's tennis rackets have one grip size, which is a 4-inch.
  • If you find that 4-inch grip size does not suit your kid, then you need to make some adjustments.
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We do not recommend buying a new racket because you can fix it by adding an overgrip, which will add about 1/16 of an inch to the grip size.

Bottom Lines

From all the information here, we can say that you need to make a little effort to buy a great racket that matches with your child. Now how to pick a tennis racket for a child seems not to be that hard, right? You also need to know that your child cannot play tennis at any age, you need to wait until he/she becomes at least 2 years old.

Moreover, it is so important to watch out for any signs of discomfort or pain your child makes while playing tennis. Besides, you have to be careful when you choose the size of the tennis racket and its grip size too. I hope that this article helps you find the answer for how to pick a tennis racket for a child thoroughly. Thanks for visiting!

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