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The Best Women’s Tennis Racquet for Power and Control

Finding the best women's tennis racquet needs a lot of patience, but it's a worthwhile process to avoid purchasing a tennis racket you won't enjoy using. The main difference in choosing the best tennis racquet between men and women players is grip size and how brands market their product. The tennis rackets for women should have the right combination of balance, comfort, and power regardless of the level, and using the right tennis racket will help improve your gameplay.

Want to learn even more about the best tennis racquets for women? Check out the best womens tennis racquets that recap the advantages and disadvantages of the major features you need to consider.

1. Wilson Tour Slam Strung Tennis Racket

Wilson Tour Slam is the best women's tennis racquet for any female players looking for a price and beginner-friendly tennis racket because this one will last for a long time even with extended use and improvement of skills. The tennis racket offers excellent comfort and power with a head size of 122 square inches because it is a sturdy synthetic racket that feels very light. The Wilson Tour Slam pre-strung racket comes with Stop Shock Pads that are stabilizers and, thus, reduce any vibration produced when the ball and the racket head come into contact and provide additional control.

Wilson Tour Slam tennis rackets for women are built with aluminum and feature a Volcanic Frame Technology where it provides a blend of control and power. Also, being a pre-strung tennis racket offers the right tension, providing more tension when in contact with the tennis ball.


  • The vibration is controlled.
  • Large sweet spot.
  • Durable and long-lasting tennis racket.
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate level players.
  • Increase in power.
  • Pre-strung tennis racquet.
  • The tennis racket offers the female player plenty of control.


  • The handle grip may be too big for young players.
  • The tennis racket may be heavy for some young players.

2. Head TI S6 Tennis Racket

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet - Strung
  • The head size of the racquet is 115 square inches and is 1" head heavy. This racquet will be shipped...
  • The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm
  • The string pattern of the racquet is 16x19
  • The racquet weighs 8 oz
  • The racquet is extra long in length at 27 3/4"

Head S6 is a great tennis racquet for women, and it offers a perfect combination of power, weight, and balance, making it suitable for any tennis beginner. With a 115 square inch head size and 27.75 inches in length, this racquet offers plenty of power that is needed to improve your skills successfully, hit the ball over the net, and boost your tennis game in general. The women's racquet weighs a mere 8.9 ounces, making your racket feel extra light when playing, making swinging easy, and preventing you from hurting your shoulder and elbow.

The S6 is available in three sizes and is suitable for beginners who have not decided whether to play tennis for recreation purposes or get into the competition. This is more because the racquet is large and automatically has a large sweet spot giving you great shots on your first go-around, and also because of the large size, and there's plenty of room for error. Also, the racquet comes strung with a synthetic head gut which is among the best strings to use for rackets because it's durable, and you can make shots and put some topspin on the ball.


  • This racquet can be used to play for extended periods.
  • It does not stress the elbow and the wrists because its lightweight.
  • Durable and comfortable
    The length is extra-long.
  • It has 8.9 ounces in weight.
  • The huge sweet spot gives a great feel.
  • Friendly price.


  • Tiny bottle opening.

3. Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet
  • Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet
  • Perfect combination of power, speed, and spin.
  • Graphite composition delivers a pure, consistent feel.
  • Great for baseliners looking for extra spin on their penetrating shots.
  • Head Size: 100 sq. in.; Length: 27 in.; Strung Weight: 11.2 oz.

Babolat is one of the leading brands for the best tennis rackets in the market, with the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Racquet topping the list and the latest addition. The Babolat tennis racket is popular among many men and women because of the power, spin, and speed generation it brings on the tennis court with a strung weight of 11.2 oz and an unstrung weight of 10.2 oz. With a stylish paint job and a graphite body that doesn't make the racquet heavy, you won't experience any weight problems even though the racquet is not ultra-lightweight.

Babolat Pure Drive is one of the best tennis rackets in the current market, with a 100square inch head size and a 16×19 string pattern delivering high angle ball delivery from the racquet. The Pure Drive tennis racket uses the FSI Power Technology, which gives out extra power when a player hits the ball across the court and introduces Cortex, which offers you an advantage with shocks and vibrations. With three different beam width sizes, you can comfortably choose one racquet according to your needs, and it also features the best grip on the market and Syntec Pro grip type. Also, if you are looking for a more arm-friendly version, you can choose the Babolat Pure Aero 2019, which is slightly more comfortable than Babolat Pure Drive in the court, but the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 is an older version.


  • Excellent design.
  • Perfect choice for intermediate and advanced female tennis players.
  • Topnotch paint job.
  • Offers spin and power control.
  • There are different beamwidth options.
  • Endorsed by Karolina Pliskova.


  • Expensive.

4. Head Graphene 360+ Speed Tennis Racket

HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed MP Tennis Racquet-UNSTRUNG
  • This racquet will be shipped unstrung
  • WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 300 g / 10.6 oz
  • HEAD SIZE: 645 cm / 100 in
  • LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed is one of the best tennis racquets, which is easy to swing and delivers balance and control across different attributes offering female players the best performance around the court. Weighing the same as Babolat Pure Drive 2021 tennis racket, it features the letters MP, which stands for a mid-range, referring to the racket's 100 square inch head size, meaning a big sweet spot. Also, it has a strung weight of 11.2 oz, a 16 main or 19 crosses string pattern with no pre-strung, and a low to medium power.

Head Graphene 360 tennis racket is suitable for female players interested in more control because it will guarantee the best control over your ball, and it helps players from any point on the court. The women tennis racket uses a 16×19 string pattern which offers a low to medium power, and it's ideal for players who like precise shots and a heavy spin on their hits. It is one of the best tennis rackets for people with gameplay involving spin shots, intermediate players, and the advanced level.


  • A large head meaning the sweet spot is large.
  • Comfortable and light, offering stability.
  • Durable because its made with a graphite material.
  • An ideal choice for intermediate to the advanced players.


  • Unstrung.

5. Yonex EZONE 98

Yonex EZONE 98 is the racquet choice for the tennis star Naomi Osaka which; she uses a white limited edition of this model, and it offers extra control and precision with a smaller 98 square inch head size. It is one of the most user-friendly racquets because it can be used for many game styles and is quite light, weighing 11.3 ounces.

Yonex EZONE tennis racket has the most in-depth racquet lines, enabling players of all levels and ages to have a wide selection. The graphite racquet comes with a string pattern of 16 main and 19 crosses with no pre-strung and a low to medium power. When combined with a great feel and plenty of spin potential, it is easy to see why this racket wouldn't miss this list.


  • Perfect power and precision blend.
  • Suitable racquet for the modern tennis player.
  • Great quality control of all racquets.
  • Offers stability at the net
    Endorsed by Nick Kyrgios.


  • Expensive.
  • Slightly stiffer than previous models.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Women's Tennis Racquets

1. Weight

The weight of a racquet usually determines how powerful tennis rackets for women will be, how they will feel on your hand, and how easy swinging them will be because how heavy a racquet determines how powerful it will be. The total weight that should be considered is the racket weight distribution and also for the racket head. A racket head with a high weight distribution makes a powerful racket head suitable for players who enjoy doing short swings. These lightweight rackets will need you to use little strength when playing, making them suitable for beginners and players who lack experience.

On the other hand, a heavyweight racket features a heavy racket head that is difficult to maneuver, making the racket control entirely on the player. Notably, it can difficult to use it if you lack experience, and it can cause injury and pain to your arm, wrist, and hands in general, but it makes an ideal choice for advanced tennis players.

2. Length

An appropriate racket length is an important consideration, with the lengths of rackets ranging between 27 and 28 inches, with some few being longer than the standard length. The length ideal for beginners, intermediate to advanced, is 27 inches which is also the standard length, and these are quite easy to maneuver. However, rackets with 29 inches are more ideal because its harder to maneuver, resulting in high loads.

3. Material

You must always consider the construction material before purchasing the best tennis racket for female tennis players. How good the material determines how smooth and ideal the game timing will be. The cheapest racket is made from aluminum which is of medium quality, making it suitable for beginners, and high-quality racquets are made from Kevlar, carbon fiber, and Boron material. Although they are slightly expensive, they improve your performance and gameplay, making them price-worthy and suitable for intermediate and advanced players, which helps them perform exceptionally well, especially when confronting an opponent on the court.

4. Head Size

Considering the head size is a crucial factor because using the right racket head size can improve your game generally and improve your performance significantly. The head size is different from one racket to another, so you ought to find the best tennis racket head that serves tour needs perfectly with the racket head sizes ranging from 85 to 135 square inches. Rackets with head sizes larger than 105 square inches are considered oversized, but they offer a blend of power and spin without putting in a lot of effort, making them suitable for female beginners.

Additionally, the oversized tennis racket for women improves the game significantly and helps them enjoy their game rapidly. There are other tennis rackets for women called Mid plus rackets with a head size ranging between 95 and 105 square inches, which offer plenty of power and control, resulting in an exceptional performance. Lastly, the tennis racquets with head sizes below 95 inches are called the mid-size rackets, which offer more control than power making them ideal for professional tennis players.

5. Grip size

The grip size is also referred to as the handle size of the racket, and it determines how much comfort you get from the racket when playing on the tennis court. A racquet with a small grip size is usually very tight. A tennis player may experience muscle strain when using such a racket when playing and may ultimately lead to an injury when used for extended periods. On the other hand, large grip size rackets often result in discomfort when playing because the female player may feel the racquet slipping off during the game.

It would be best to choose a tennis racket that offers a moderate grip that is not too loose or too tight.

6. Stiffness

How much a racket can flex determines how much comfort and power it will give you. Less energy is lost with a stiff frame when hitting the ball, which sends more impact shock to your hand and arm.

7. String Pattern

The string pattern is another important consideration because it can affect how the gameplay of female players turns out. The tennis racket comes in two patterns or styles, and whichever you choose depends on which pattern best suits you and they include:

a). Open String Pattern

This pattern or style is less of a crisscross and more of an open string pattern with a design purposed for delivering power and spinning control racquets. This style is intended to give the ball more power and spin when the core area comes in contact with the ball. However, this pattern easily loosens or snaps after extended use.

b). Closed string pattern

This style is more of a crisscross or intersecting strings pattern and ideal for gaining stability and more directional control. This pattern can fit an advanced player for generating more power, like using an open string racket. It offers more durability and is ideal for extended uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tennis racket does Serena Williams use?

Serena and Roger Federer are among the few popular players to get their autograph rackets. Serena uses the Wilson Blade SW102 Autograph, which launched in 2020 after a one-year collaboration with the Wilson Labs.

2. Is there a difference between the best tennis rackets for women and men?

All tennis racquets are unisex, with the only difference being the way brands market their product and the grip type, but both genders can use all rackets.

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