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Everything About Prince Textreme Warrior 100

Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is considered as one of the best tennis racquets for base players, who are looking for a combination of power, spin, and accuracy. Since it's a well-rounded tennis racket, we will spend this whole article reviewing this one and only racket. 

An Overall Look

Prince TeXtreme Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet (4-1/4)

Technical Features:

  • 100 sq. inches head size allow more opportunities to hit the shots with power. 
  • Great ability to give power shots. 
  • Weight: 11.14 oz - perfect weight for all the professional racquets.
  • 6 points head light balance with a string tension of 50-60 pounds - a perfect choice for the beginners.
  • Amazing flexibility, which makes it arm-friendly.



Prince Warrior 100 is the most popular tennis racquet available on the market, and it is famous for its amazing frame material, which helps a lot in increasing its overall stability and does not affect its stiffness at all.

Therefore, we will tell you everything you want to know about this best racquet in our article today in order to make you know why you need to try this professional tennis racquet.

Who will suit this racket the most?

It is most suitable for experienced players, and also those intermediate players if your style is the aggressive baseliner as they put an emphasis on spin and power of their every shot.

What's Good about this racket?

First, we go to the 'pros' side of this racket. Here goes some of the criteria:  

Textreme Technology

The textreme technology has a great ability to reduce torsion by up to 25% resulting in unparalleled stability, and the best professionals like Annika Beck have used this racquet because of that technology.

This technology makes a real difference at the net, which helps in making the racket textreme warrior 100 has a great performer at the net.

It also makes the frame stronger, allowing the racquet to withstand many years of use.

Material and construction

It comes with a very high-quality material, which gives it the durability to last longer, and it helps to dampen all the shocks and vibrations because it is running along the entire length of its frame.

The material of this racquet will provide you with an overall comfortable feel on the court, so it will always be your perfect choice ever.

When it comes to the construction, you need to know that its string bed is made with high-quality strings, which will not break easily.

You do not have to worry about the performance of this racquet because it is one of the most versatile racquets, which will make you enjoy playing by it all the time, and you will see that it does a great job on the tennis court.

Serving with Prince textreme warrior 100

You will notice that you will make the best serving ever with Prince textreme warrior 100 because it makes your job quite easy.

If you are looking for excellent maneuverability, then you need to choose this racquet because of its 10.6-ounce weight and head light balance.

It will be easy for you to snap up at the ball with this racquet without facing any problems.

When you use this racket on the first serve, you will find that it allows you to generate lots of speeds.

You will also enjoy the open 16x18-string pattern of the Prince textreme warrior because it helps in generating pace too, and it also allows you to start off the point on the right foot.

Ground strokes with Prince Textreme

You will find that this racquet is really excelled in making groundstrokes because it is a very stable racquet and very solid on contact even against heavy balls.

It is terrific given that it is a sub-11-ounce racquet, and you will have plenty of access to spin because of its 16 x 18-string pattern on a 100 sq. in head.

This racquet will make you have a good balance between power and control at the same time in a perfect way, unlike all the other tennis racquets.

By this Prince textreme warrior 100, you will be able to take a good rip at the ball and the spin, and then you will notice that you can drive the ball down and keep it in the court.

You will get a stable and accurate play through thanks to the high-quality material used in its construction.

Returns with Prince racket warrior 100

You will find that this racquet is very effective on the court, and you will make an impressive job with it in the returns.

With this unique racquet, you will get a perfect defense when hitting the ball harder, and it will make you able to nicely block it while still be able to make the ball land flatter on the court.

You need to know that you will get maximum stability and a good grip when attacking towards your opponent if you decided to return harder hit balls.

The headlight balance plays an important role in making an excellent grip on the racquet, and this will give you a great opportunity to push back your opponent.

Volleys with Prince textreme warrior 100

Prince textreme delivers an extraordinary punch on volleys thanks to its solid and a highly responsive feel, and it is because of its head light balance, which offers you excellent maneuverability, and makes it great at the court.

It can also offer very soft drop volleys because of the thinner beam and its extra flex frame, so it provides you with a softer drop volley feel on the court.

Enjoy the comfortable grip of Prince textreme warrior 100

If you are looking for a perfect racquet, which can give you the best and the most comfortable grip, then you need to choose Prince Textreme Warrior 100 without thinking.

With its comfort, you will have better control over your shots, which will help you to have better stability and maximum accuracy on your shots.

The comfortable grip of Prince Textreme Warrior 100 has so many features, such as:

  • Sweat-proof
  • Thin padding inside
  • Absorb the shocks and vibrations at the time of contact with the ball

Problems when you buy Textreme Warrior 100

Nothing is perfect, we all know that everything has its own drawbacks and problems, the Prince warrior 100 has its own problems too, and you will notice those drawbacks when you buy one of them.

You will see that the problems you will face are not as bad as the other kinds of tennis racquets, but they are still problems for many people.

Therefore, we will tell you in the following points the most important things the company should have considered, and you need to know them before buying.

#1. Racquet cover/zip bag

You will be surprised when you see yourself buying and paying for getting that perfect racquet, and you do not get a handy racquet racket cover along with your purchase.

We all know that almost all the tennis racquets on the market come with a nicely padded zip bag, and they must have a shoulder strap as well for your convenience.

Unfortunately, you will not get that with Prince textreme warrior 100, and all you can do is to buy a spare cover/zip bag from your nearest sports shop, and you will find it at an affordable price.

Limited color options

Everyone is looking for a good racquet with a nice color, but you will not get that thing when you decide to buy Prince textreme because it comes with very limited color options.

You will notice that the color scheme on this racquet itself is satisfactory and does not appeal much, so if you want to buy a racquet with attractive color, then you do not have to choose Prince textreme warrior 100.

#2. The stringing pattern

It is not a bad thing for all the people, but some players complain from it because they found that the stringing pattern is too loose, and it does not provide optimal energy transfer, which will compromise the power of the ball, so you need to hit it hard.

#3. Is it too stiff? 

Only the people who have not so strong wrists will face a problem with this racquet because it will be too stiff for them, but other people will find it great for them.

#4. Is it too much power?

If you want to be the master on mid-court, and you need to make some transition shots, then you will have to be heavy on the spin to maintain enough control.

You will also notice that it can use a bit more mass to handle incoming pace at net and to transfer shots with more plow through, and some people found it hard to control on the racquet.

Final Words

Prince textreme warrior 100 will also be suitable for all the players who have a strong wrist because of its weight, so we can say that the maneuverability can be an issue if you do not apply enough force to sustain the weight.

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