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Tennis Racquets

Tennis Racquets is the hottest keyword in the niche. Most of the customers who start to play tennis will look for a racquet at first. The racquet can be hard to choose at first as it might relate to your height, your age, your style of playing. Here we break down all the factors and we try our best to give the information to the readers.


One of the tennis gear we need to talk about is “Footwears”. The kind of shoes you go might decide your game afterward. The shoes can help you:
1) Avoid ankle or any foot-related injuries.
2) Make you feel comfortable.
3) Help you speed up.

Tennis Equipment

Tennis Equipment is one of the most important things in tennis. You can’t just play with a ball and a racquet. This category includes all the:
1) Training equipment: the things that help you practice during the daytime. Help you improve your skill, techniques & speed.
2) Court Equipment: Like strings, net, … other things that belong to the court where you play the game.

Tennis Accessories

This is the part where we put our thought on those tennis accessories. The accessories here you can see might include:
1) Tennis Strings
2) Grips & Overgrips
3) Hats
4) Socks
5) Wristbands or headbands. And so on.

Guides & Tips

Guides & Tips about tennis is the section where we give our tips and ultimate guides about this type of racquet sport. This section will include 2 types of information:
1) Guides: this is just to make sure that you will have the correct guidance to start playing tennis. From scratch, I mean. When you have no idea how to have that right forehand until you can master the backhand. That’s what this guide thing for.
2) Tips: There is advice to help you improve your performance, speed, techniques, … It may not change immediately, but please be patient. Follow our tips to be better at tennis.

Tennis FAQs

Have questions about Tennis? So do many other people. We try to answer them as much as possible.

Tennis FAQs

Have questions about Tennis? So do many other people. We try to answer them as much as possible.