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Best Racquetball Racquet to Maneuver Each Game With Ease

If you've just started playing racquetball or have been playing it for years, you know how much fun it is. Not only do you get a good workout because of the fast-paced action, but you also get entertained. Nonetheless, one of the most important factors of enjoying the game is having the best racquetball racquet.

The decision on which racquetball racquet to play with is not a decision that should be taken lightly as your racquet affects your maneuverability, control, and power. Today, we're looking at the five best racquetball racquets that you can choose from. We know that it can be a hassle to choose the best racquetball racquet. Therefore, we've taken the liberty to research for you. Here are the best racquetball racquets in the market.

1. Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet (2-Pack)
  • V-Matrix frame allows for extra string bed movement and greater power
  • V-Matrix cross section for added stiffness providing more power and strength

Starting us off is the best racquetball racquet for a new player. If you want an affordable and playable racquetball racquet that will give you lots of power and control, this is the option for you. Wilson is the official racquet of US racquetball and is responsible for many of the high-quality racquets you come across. The best thing about this brand is that they have a racquetball racquet for every player, from beginner to professional.

This Wilson Striker is perfect for you if you are a beginner or a casual player who is not looking to shell out a lot of money for a racquetball racquet. This best racquetball racquet comes at an affordable and low price and is set to help a beginner like yourself get accustomed to the game. The frame of this racquetball racquet is made of T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy that makes the racquetball racquet strong and able to withstand any rigors of heavy play.

The V-Matrix Frame gives you extra bed movement and more power while striking the ball. The V-Matrix cross-section also adds to your strength of stiffness of the racquetball racquet as you play. Because this Wilson Striker is cheap, it is not the most high-quality racquet you'll find out there. If you're after high quality, look at the options below.


  • Highly affordable.
  • Enables extra bed movement.
  • Best for beginners.
  • Great for a casual player.
  • Made of strong T6 aluminum alloy.


  • Only great for beginners and casual players.

2. HEAD Intelligence i.165 Racquet

Our second best racquetball racquet is designed for players with a fast or medium swing. If you like to rely on precision rather than power, this is the racquetball racquet for you. Weighing a mere 5.8 ounces, this racquetball racquet is lightweight and gives you great maneuverability and response while you play.

Although it's lightweight, this racquetball racquet has great power thanks to its Interllfibers technology. This gives you more zip to your shots because the strings of the racquetball racquet stiffen on impact with the ball. Talk about a great string pattern. This racquet has a goof grip that ensures that you are secure in the knowledge that you won't drop it. Made for intermediate players, you'll find that this racquet offers you superb performance and playability.

This racquet contains the brand's patented Intelligence Technology that makes it popular among players worldwide. Out of all the best racquetball racquets on this list, you'll love this one if you want a racquet that is a breeze to play with, thanks to its weight and standard 22-inch length. Its teardrop shape and 103 square inch head provide you with a striking surface ideal for power and control.


  • Affordable.
  • Made for intermediate players.
  • Grip size feels good in your hands.
  • Made for players with a fast or medium swing.
  • Lightweight.


  • Players may need to adjust to the swing speed.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

3. E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet
  • 22" Longstring: Eight center mains extend in free space from the head of the frame through the...
  • Zero Richter Tubes: Mainstrings are enclosed in 84" of vibration-dampening tubes hidden in the...
  • Bypass Stringing System: Mainstrings skip every two holes, so the ball does not strike two...
  • 10.5" Cross Strings: Anchored at outside edges of the frame and extending in free space through...
  • Monster String Holes: Extra-large 2.54 cm² holes allow both main and cross strings to be anchored...

If you are a lover of this sport, you need serious equipment to allow you to maximize your potential while you're on the court. Whether you are a beginner player or professional player, getting the right equipment is the first step to go. This E-Force racquetball racquet has a monster string hole technology that enables its strings to be anchored outside its frame. This gives you more stringbed deflection and punch.

In addition to the power it generates, this racquetball racquet's frame has a flexible nature that allows you to maintain its control. Its zero Richter tube technology makes it great to play with because it gives the racquetball racquet vibration dampening properties. The quadriform shape of its head gives a large surface area and a large sweet spot to strike the ball during the game perfectly.

If you're looking to upgrade your current racquet to the next skill level, choose this E-Force Chaos racquetball racket with a 107 square inch racquet head and weight of a little over seven ounces. This is one of the best racquetball rackets that are great for beginners and intermediate players. This racket can also be used by advanced players thanks to its sweet spot, string pattern, and control. If you are a new player who doesn't yet have the technique to catch the ball perfectly every time, the quadriform racquet head will be a bonus.


  • Affordable.
  • Great for new and intermediate players.
  • Gives you a good feeling of control.
  • Has great vibration dampening properties.
  • Suitable quadriform head shape.


  • Strings may break after continued use.

4. HEAD Black Widow Racquetball Racquet

Continuing our racquetball racquets list is the HEAD Black Widow racquetball racquet that is great for intermediate players looking to advance their racquetball racquet to the next level. Although it's light in weight, this racquetball racket is strong thanks to its CT2 Technology. If you like playing with a light racket that will not hurt your arm and still give you a great feel and response, go for this racquet.

The construction of its Innegra material is made with the carbo-polypro technology, making this racquet lighter than the other rackets on this list. This racket's speed and lightness make this racquetball racket great for experienced players with an advanced swing. Its material also gives you a great vibration dampening effect to prevent any injuries. If you like a racket that can generate power and is durable, this is the one for you.

The great mix of power and touch makes this piece of sports equipment suitable for beginner, professional, and experienced players.


  • Lightweight.
  • Great vibration dampening properties.
  • Great balance of power and touch.
  • Good value for money.


  • Durability may fade after some months.

5. E-Force Heatseeker 3.0 175 Racquetball Racquet

E-Force Heatseeker 3.0 175 Racquetball Racquet-3 5/8
  • packed with E-Force technologies for more power
  • features Hi-Octane Boosters, Powerhouse Shaft, Recoil Power Edge, Hi Compression Wing, Extreme...
  • Prestrung with E-Force Oxygen 17
  • Weight: 190g
  • Length: 22 inches

Professional and intermediate players will love this best racket from E-force. This is one of the best racquets thanks to its cutting-edge technology and features. Its bypass stringing and 22-inch long stringing give this racket ira power. These long strings run from the racquet head through its hollow handle to give you the extreme length possible.

The style of the competitive edge of this racket makes it great for playing on the court and keeping your balance. Its durable and lightweight nature is thanks to its Tri-Carbon Frame and head being able to accommodate regular playing on your end. Of the best racquetball racquets on this list, this one has a great balance of power and light.

This racquet gives you a good swing, stability, and playability. The construction of this racquet is, so that very low vibrations get to your arm after taking shots. This ensures that you are not susceptible to any injuries due to shots of the sport. Weighing about 5.5 ounces, this racquet is on the lighter end of the racquetball racquets on this list.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Has great control and power.
  • Lessens vibrations going into your arm.
  • Has a good grip size.


  • Has a lot of gap space between strings.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Racquetball Racquet

1. Swing Speed

A good factor in determining the racket for you is your swing speed, as this determines the weight of the racket you need.

a). Slow Swing Speed - Heavyweight Racquet

If you fit the category of having a slow swing, you are probably new to the sport. Experienced players usually transition from a power heavy game into a more controlled game. If you fall into this bunch, a heavyweight racket may be good for you too.

b). Moderate Swing - Medium Weight Racquet

You'll find that most sports players fall into this second category because it includes players who need a bit more response. These racquets of the game have a good balance of control and power.

c). Fast Swing - Light Weight Racquet

These racquets maximize maneuverability and are best for players who generate their own power. Their weight makes these racquets unsuitable for game players who have any arm or shoulder ailments.

2. Racquet Balance

This factor comes down to preference as you need to choose the racquets with the weight that suits your individual frame. If the racket's weight is towards the head, the racket will feel heavier but have more power. However, if the weight is more towards the handle, the racket will feel lighter and more maneuverable.

3. Style of Play

As a game player, you have your preferred style of play that you lean towards while playing on the court. You could be a power hitter or a strategic player who relies on their precision. Nonetheless, many players fall into a mix of these two where precision and power come into play.

If you are a heavy hitter, you need a heavy racket and a large head to give you enough power. A fairly stiff frame and a quadriform-shaped head will also give your shots the power you need. On the other hand, if you rely on feel and control, you want to get yourself a lighter racquet with a smaller head.

These rackets will allow you to have more sensitivity and touch as you play the game and hit the ball. The lighter your racket, the faster it will be to maneuver it in your hand. You'll find that a tear-shaped head is great for a strategic player. Nonetheless, it would help if you never compromised on the quality of the rackets you choose.

4. Grip Size

When it comes to grip, you either have bigger or smaller. However, you'll find that the smaller grip size is preferred when choosing rackets.

This is because the smaller grip size allows you to have maximum wrist snap. This, in turn, translates into an increased power potential no matter your skill level. The larger grip size usually accommodates those with larger hands.

5. Cost

We've looked at some very affordable racquets, including our first option above, one of the cheapest racquets in the market. Nonetheless, the cost usually comes down to your preference. If you want a high-quality and durable racket, you may need to dig deeper into your pockets.

The best thing is to go with a racket that fits your budget without compromising on the quality. Also, the skill level you are in will affect the cost of your racquets in case you need more features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you play racquetball with a tennis racket?

Playing with a tennis racket will not give you the speed or control you need while playing racquetball. On the other hand, a good racquetball racket will allow you to play to the maximum potential. This is because the construction of strings on a tennis racket gives the player maximum control in tennis which requires specific shots and placements.

If you use a tennis racket to play racquetball, you will damage its strings.

2. How often should you restring a racquetball racquet?

The frequency depends on how many times you play racquetball per week. For example, if you play four days a week, you should restring your racket every three months. On the other hand, if you play twice per week, you can restring your racket at least twice each year. 

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