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Best Tennis Shoes for Women Who Need Stability and Comfort

Tennis is one of the biggest sports in the world. While it is fun, brings joy, and inspires you, it also takes a wild toll on your body. To mitigate the effect, you require the best gear when playing, and this starts with the best tennis shoes for women.

A great tennis game or practice session involves a lot of running, jumping, and sliding. Most of the time, you will be moving in lateral directions on the court at very high speeds, then coming to abrupt stops as you return a serve.

If you are looking for a pair of the best tennis shoes, it has got to have enough cushioning and offer support and stability to meet the demands of the game. Here are 5 of the best women's tennis shoes on the market today and a few tips to guide you to your best option.



ASICS Women's Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes, 5, White/Lagoon
  • PGuard Toe Protector - Enhanced toe durability.
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) Technology - ASICS design philosophy that employs linked componentry...
  • P.H.F (Personal Heel Fit)¬†Collar Lining - 2 layers of memory foam line the collar and mold to the...
  • Flexion Fit Upper - Proprietary upper which provides form fitting comfort without sacrificing...
  • Solyte Midsole Material - A lighter weight midsole compound than ASICS standard EVA and SpEVA...

These Asics Women's Gel resolution tennis shoes are your best buy if you want a close-to-the-court feeling and responsiveness. They come with a Flexion Fit upper made with recycled mesh and synthetic materials. Asics have these shoe models for both men and women.

The midsole area of the shoe is filled with gel cushioning, which provides the best support and comfort, and leaves you feeling connected to the court. It is a great feature that guards you against fatigue and poor game concentration.

The shoe also employs the PGuard Toe protector that improves the shoe's durability. The outsole of the shoe comes with the AHAR compound, which, together with the PGuard toe protector, improves traction and reduces wear.

The upper of the shoe is also specially designed with the latest technologies to benefit your game. The midfoot area is enhanced with DYNAWALL, a technology that increases stability to support lateral movements. The shoe also features a sturdy heel counter that provides a dynamic fit you will need during different transitions.

This shoe is not lightweight, but it is comfortable and effective if you already know what you need to improve your game. Some of its most unique features include the memory foam-lined ankle collar that allows it to contour to the shape of your foot for best results. It requires break-in time and is ideal for different court surfaces.

This best tennis shoe is available in different colors, sizes and at affordable prices.


  • Gel cushioning provides the best comfort and stability.
  • Comes with a 6-month durability guarantee.
  • Designed with the best technologies for all tennis playing scenarios.
  • The heel counter keeps your feet locked in at all times.


  • It can feel a bit heavy on the feettakes some time to break-in.

2. K-Swiss Women's Hypercourt Express Tennis Shoe :


This model from K-Swiss is one of the top tennis shoes for women. It is best for those seeking quick and responsive play on clay courts.

It features a herringbone tread pattern to keep you grounded as you chase after balls. The high wear areas of the outsole are improved with rubber to guarantee longevity. The shoe features a protective toe box wide enough to leave enough toe space for tennis players with wide feet.

For the upper, the shoe comes in a lace-up design. The upper is made with lightweight mesh that is bonded to TPU in a seam-free constriction. The mesh makes the shoe very breathable and flexible and ideal for fast-paced games.

When getting tennis shoes, you need a pair that contours softly around your foot for the best support. This pair of K-Swiss Hypercourt shoes provide maximum ankle support with a padded ankle collar. At the same time, the padded insole also provides enough cushioning so you can wear the shoe for long periods.

It is available at an affordable price and comes in different colors and sizes. The shoe is designed for comfort, stability, and support on a demanding tennis court.


  • It is a lightweight shoe.
  • They are reasonably priced tennis shoes. 
  • It comes with a lightweight and breathable mesh upperIdeal for tennis players looking for response and stability.
  • Rubber sole with a herringbone pattern is ideal for clay courts.
  • Available in vibrant colors, so you don't compromise on style.
  • Suitable for a tennis player with wider feet, who need more room in the toe box


  • Cushioning can be improved.
  • It is not a very durable shoe.

3. Best for Hard Courts: New Balance Women's 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoes

New Balance Women's 696 V4 Hard Court Tennis Shoe, White/Grey/Tidepool, 12
  • Durable Design: A full-length NDurance outsole provides superior traction and durability to help get...
  • Supports Every Shot: These New Balance tennis shoes also feature a herringbone-patterned,...
  • Made for Hard Court Matches: With outsole material designed specifically for hard court play, these...
  • Lightweight Cushioning: Perforations at the forefoot increase breathability while the REVlite...
  • Seasonal Colors for a Stylish Finish: These New Balance tennis shoes come in bright, seasonal colors...

If you play tennis on a hard court, you need tennis shoes that are specially designed for the court, such as this model from New Balance. Hard courts are the most demanding playing surfaces and require the most durable outsoles from tennis shoes.

The New Balance 696 V4 tennis shoes come with a durable outsole that provides you enough traction as you sprint and slide on the court. They feature an aggressive herringbone tread pattern that you need for the perfect grip and give. The grip is an essential factor when you play on a hard court as your will be making a lot of lateral movements.

Additionally, the sole is labeled non-marking, which means it will protect the integrity of the court you play on. Non-marking tennis shoes are made with outsoles that won't leave any color or scratches on a court. The rubber outsoles of this shoe guarantee that.

The shoe upper is made with a blend of synthetic material and mesh material to guarantee breathability, also a feature that plays an important role in your game. Also, the upper features perforations at the forefoot for the same ventilation effect.

The midsole is made with REVlite to make the shoe lightweight. It offers adequate cushioning, which leaves you with a low-to-the-ground feeling to boost your confidence as you play.

These shoes are made for comfort, performance, and style. They come in different vibrant colors to pair with your outfits and different sizes for all tennis players.


  • From a reputable brand.
  • Made with rubber soles and feature a herringbone tread pattern for maximum grip during lateral movements.
  • Non-marking soles preserve the integrity of the court.
  • Durable outsoles ideal for hard courts.
  • Enough ankle support.
  • Lightweight midsole to give you perfect feeling of contact with the ground.
  • Lightweight and breathable upper.
  • Available in different colors to suit your style.


  • Out of the box, shoes are stiff and uncomfortable, thus requiring a good amount of break-in time.
  • Not always true to size.

4. Wilson RUSH PRO 3.0 Tennis Shoes for Women : 


Wilson is one of the best tennis equipment and accessories brands. Their Rush Pro 3.0 shoes don't disappoint and are designed for speed, high performance, and durability.

The upper is made with lightly-layered engineered mesh to enhance breathability and flexibility. It is a lace-up shoe that also features an asymmetrical and elongated heel counter for adequate arch support and stability.

The tennis shoes also come with enough cushioning to guarantee comfort when you play for extended periods. It comes with a full inner sock build for better fit, and thus, better comfort. However, the feature also makes the shoe a bit tight for people with wider feet. The shoe also features a padded collar and tongue.

The anti-twist sole is made of rubber. It features a herringbone pattern that provides enough grip and give to improve your game. The sole features a 4D support chassis, a feature that limits the effect of supination and torsion so you can control pivot movements on the court.

The shoe's stability is also made better by the 9mm heel-to-toe drop, giving you the ideal compromise between performance and comfort. The shoe is ideal for hard and clay courts. It is also available in different colors and sizes.


  • Ideal for people who supinate or have tibial torsion.
  • Ideal tennis shoes for performance, comfort, and durability.
  • Offers an ideal low to the ground feel.
  • Comes with an inner sock for a better fit.
  • Excellent heel counter design to improve arch support.
  • Rubber sole and herringbone pattern for grip and give.
  • Mesh upper ideal for breathability and comfort.
  • Padded ankle collar and tongue.


  • Inner sock feature not ideal for wider feet.

5. Best Lightweight: Adidas Women's Adizero Ubersonic 3 Women's Tennis Shoes

This Adidas model is a lightweight tennis shoe designed for use on a clay court. It comes in a seam-less bootie design. The upper is made with a mesh and synthetic blend for breathability and comfort inside the shoe.

The clay-court pair of shoes are designed for fast-paced play. As such, they need to have the best qualities to meet the demands of a slippery clay court. The shoe comes with a synthetic sole with a low-top shaft for arch support.

The durable outsole features a herringbone pattern for grip and also, a lightweight chassis for added stability. It is ideal for people with different types of pronation. The lace-up design helps improve the stability, while the snug feel provides the most secure fit.

They come with a true-to-size fit. They are also available in different colors and sizes.


  • They are lightweight.
  • The tennis shoes are ideal for people with different pronations.
  • The sock-like design offers a snug-like secure fitIdeal clay court shoes.
  • Breathable and flexible.
  • They don't require break-in time.


  • Not the best arch support.
  • Not very durable.

Factors to Consider As You Buy The Best Tennis Shoes for Women

Before you buy your best pair of tennis shoes, here are three of the most important factors you need to consider;

  1. Court surface
  2. Your feet
  3. Your style of play

a) Court Surface

There are three types of tennis courts; hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts. Each type changes your footwork and game significantly. To not affect your games negatively, you will need to have a specific shoe designed for each court.

  1. A hard-court tennis shoe has features that absorb most shock and provide enough traction. It will feature a modified herringbone pattern that for grip and give. Additionally, this shoe requires a strong upper that arrests transitioning impact for better stability. It also needs enough cushioning to arrest impact when you land and to prevent uncontrollable twisting of your ankles. The toe box is also best built up to prevent your toes from injuries.
  2. A clay court tennis shoe has a tight upper knit to prevent the clay from entering the shoe while providing maximum stability. Additionally, it also needs an excellent full herringbone pattern on the outsole (zigzags) to make it easy to slide from one side of the tennis court to the other. The outsole will also be adequate to provide enough traction moving forward or backward; thus, you won't need to worry about your speed.
  3. Grass court tennis shoes feature nubs or pimples on the outsoles. A grass tennis court tends to be slippery, and with this outsole, preferably on a rubber outsole, you will get the needed grip to play without worry. As it is a soft surface, this outsole is the best bet to prevent damaging the court.

b) Your feet

Before you get your new pair of tennis shoes, you need to understand the size of your feet and how you walk. You will find the best tennis shoes for wide-width, medium width, or narrow feet. Additionally, your pronation can also determine which tennis shoe is best for you.

If you either supinate or overpronate, certain shoes can expose you to injuries when playing tennis. Thus, it would be best to buy a shoe with adequate midfoot cushioning and, in some cases, with a support chassis for balance and stability.

c) Your style of play

To get the best tennis shoes for women, it would help to understand the kind of tennis player you are. Consider how fast you sprint across the court and how hard you like hitting your balls.

Lightweight tennis shoes are best for sprinting across the court, while middleweight tennis shoes are better for hard hitters who need to make abrupt stops to return serves.

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