Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews (Newest Update) – The Thorough Buying Guide

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The Tennis ball machine became an essential need of every tennis player. It may nothing but lifeline of the tennis players or silent partner ball machineThese portable machines can be easily carried anywhere in the basements, courts, backyards.

The harsh weather conditions don’t have any negative impact on the premium exterior of the equipment. There are different types of tennis ball machines to be selected according to the categories of the players, for the beginners there are less complicated machines as compared to the ones used by the professionals also these all machines called as the tennis tutor for beginners.

Lobster is a huge name in the tennis world; the Lobster tennis ball machines are great to practice with below are discussed some of these outstanding Lobster machines in detail; the reason behind the birth of this equipment was to assist the tennis players in their practice sessions and helps them in polishing up their game skills.

Nowadays when time has become precious, this machine is a great gift as the player can practice his game at any time of the day without wasting much time in waiting for his partner or the coach and thus upgrade his tennis skills by working on his shots and strokes and improve his pace to match up with the ball speed. The main aim of the device is to technologically update the sports of tennis.

 5 Best Tennis Ball Machines


Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Ball Machine

The machine is robotic in nature that is it is technology driven. The machine comprises of a big basket that can hold around 150 balls at a time; this basket has a cutout to provide a clear estimate of the ball level to the player standing at the other end of the net.

The machine weighs 35 oz. The 8” inches enlarged tires, flexible handle that is detachable and molded handholds all these characteristics add on to the portability of the equipment which makes it easy to be moved to any place according to the player‘s conveyance.

Whether the surface is gravel or full of grass, the machine moves smoothly on any surface. The elevation indicator located at the front shows the crystal clear view of the shot height. Regarding the technical specifications, the machine leads to random oscillation that covers full corner to corner, which makes way for the players to enhance their forehand and backhand shots.

The speed of the ground shot balls can be adjusted according to the level of the player’s capacity for the new players the ideal speed is 10mph which can be increased when the player wants to take their game to the next stage.Mainly, the increased speed is recommended for the expertise of this racquet game.

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Some of its other technical features are

  •  Feed rate counts up to 2-10 seconds.
  •  The elevation is manual that is0-50 degrees.
  •  It offers court time of 2 to 4 hours.
  •  Comes with the warranty of 2 years.
  •  The basic charger is included.
  •  Have a dynamic, fast charger to charge up the machine at faster speed.
  •  Includes external AC power supply for the uninterrupted use. This feature allows the machine to keep going on even when the battery is running out of the power and allowing the user to adopt any power method to charge up the battery.


Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Best Ball Machine

Lobster’s Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine boasts off elegant and sophisticated aerodynamic design, the Elite one has a battery life of full 4 to 8 hours offering quality time to the player to have unstoppable practice sessions on the tennis court.

This machine delivers full corner to corner random oscillation, and throws the ball at the high maximum speed of 80mph; these traits are of a huge help to the sportsperson to make his backhand and forehand shots strong, this device has the capacity of delivering heavy topspin and backspin.

One can hardly ignore the extraordinary ergonomic structure of this compact and transportable device having the adjustable handle that can be smoothly pushed or pull.Moreover, the big 8” wide wheels make it convenient for the player to carry the device anywhere.

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The special characteristic of the Elite 1 machine

  •  The machine had a huge attractive box to hold not less than 150 lawn tennis balls for the practice.
  •  Average feed rate is amount 2to 10 balls in a second.
  •  Offers an electronic elevation of 0 to 60 degrees.
  •  Have an elevation indicator for the player’s conveyance to give him a clear picture of the shot height.
  •  The machine weighs about 19 kg.
  •  Have a warranty of 2 years.
  • Molded handholds are right down the machine for holding the device while moving it and the pads prevent the sliding of the equipment.
  • The court placement indicator attached to this sleek machine provides for the full corner to corner sweeps.
  • Have an elegant hopper that let the user keep an eye on the ball level from the opposite side of the court for uninterrupted practice.
  • Comes with a basic charger.
  • The fast charger is optional.



This Lobster machine has more improved technical benefits to offer the players coming from the different categories whether you are a novice or a seasoned player this machine has something for every player. The additional special qualities of this Lobster device over the previous one are as follows

  •  Triple Oscillation

This machine not only provides horizontal oscillation but also sweeps randomly in a vertical direction for the deep and short shots in the random pattern. Great for lobs, volleys, and ground strokes.

The deadly combo of the vertical and horizontal oscillation enhances the tennis skills of the players and encourages them to improves their forehand, backhand along with the synchronizing of their pace with the ball’s speed by simply smashing the ball in every corner of the court- left, right, short, deep.

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  • Vertical elevation indicator

This feature is a bonus which was missing in the early version of the Lobster device. It allows the players to tune in their desired elevation settings to have a clear view of the shot height. This indicator leads to a fast and easy setup. Some other characteristics of the Lobster 2 machine are as follows

  • Speed

The machine can throw out the balls at the speed ranging between 10 to 80 mph an ideal speed for a machine. The player can adjust the level of the speed according to the individual needs and the game style.

  • Power

The battery of this Lobster product remains charged up to 4 to 8 whole hours.

  • Feed range

The average rate at which the Lobster 2 machine fires the ball at the player is 2 to 10 balls per second.In case the player wants to have more speedy throw of the ball then the machine can tune in the speed to 1.5 seconds which is for the advanced player to cope up with such a fast speed.The feed rate provided by this machine is good for swift volleys.

  • Ball capacity
  • The basket of the device can effortlessly carry on 150 lawn tennis balls.
  • Elevation is 0-60
  • Have a basic charger
  • Weighs about 42lbs.


Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Ball Machine

The elite liberty is a new member of the greatly acclaimed family of the elite series of the portable tennis ball machines. This latest machine from the Lobster is a perfect companion to indulge with for the hardcore practice at the net.

It is highly recommended for both the beginners and the advanced players. Before going for the product, it is a good idea to go through the specifications.

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  • Horizontal oscillation

The device renders horizontal oscillation to the players. The ball moves from the left to the right corner of the court. This feature improves the swing moves in addition to conditioning the muscles to strengthen the control.

  • Spin potential

The spin capability of the Lobster Elite liberty includes both the topspin and the backspin. The spin function leads to the improvement of the backhand and forehand shots. These dual spinning functions prepare the player to face unexpected ball movements making the player ready for the real tennis shots.

  • Battery life

The battery of the machine remains fully charged for the whole 2 to 4 hours providing 4 hours of the uninterrupted practice sessions at the court.

  • Huge sitting

The huge sitting at the top of the machine is capable of carrying 150 balls at a time which is quite convenient for the player as he gets ample time for trying the different shots.

  • Feed capability 

This ball machine is capable of firing 2 to 10 balls per second.

  • Durability

Durability is another trait that is added to the machine

  •  Speed range

The flexible speed range empowers the player to control and change the ball speed according to the capabilities of the players the speed can be decreased as low to 20mph or increased as high to 80 mph.

  • Inches large

8 inches large wheels, flexible handle and the molded handholds on the bottom side of the device allow this portable machine to be carried anywhere much easily.

  • Weight

The weight is 36 pounds.


Lobster Sports Elite Grand Iv Portable Ball Machine

The Elite Grand IV from the Lobster brand is a most dynamic design that includes the highly upgraded battery.

This technique innovative model has computerized software that has been formulated to figure out all possible combinations of pace, directions or trajectory and spin this feature for the device leads to the stimulation of a real match play.

Also, it also includes six pre –programmed shot drills that trigger the famous game styles namely grinder, all courter, moon baller, slicer, lefty and power baseliner, the mind blowing blending of the drills with pace, trajectory and spin fully train the user to face the elite opponents.

A simple push of a button starts off the desired game style of the player.The grand IV model has an advanced control panel and optional wireless remote control. This “Lexan” control panel displays touch buttons” and also features a digital LCD screen for menu selections and settings.

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The technical information about the product is given below

  • Oscillation-type

Mainly Random horizontal oscillation that includes short, mid and deep shots and random vertical oscillation including left, right and middle strokes are delivered that blends well with the dynamic speed and spin.

  • Positional settings

It leads to a three positional settings that comprise of the middle stage, narrow and wide positions respectively.

  • Speed

Speed capacity starts from 20mph to 80mph.

  • Battery

It is battery operated equipment.

  • Battery life

Battery life span is 4 to 8 hours which is quite long as compare to the other Lobster tennis machines.

  • Weight

Weighs about 44lbs.

  • Warranty

Comes with a two years warranty.

  • Throws up to 2 to 12 balls per second.
  • Includes an Elite premium fast charger.
  • Have a full functional wire free remote to control the feed rate as well the sweep.
  • Electronic elevation ranging from 0 to 50 degrees.


Best Tennis Ball Launchers

To become a perfect Tennis player, one need to go through the rigorous training sessions, sweating a lot out there on the lawn tennis court to master those impeccable forehand and backhand shots and hone up the skills to become the expert in the stunning lobs and volleys.

To have that glorious crown of an unconquerable Tennis player in addition to the hard practice, one need the best tennis equipment to make a smooth way to achieve the title of being an ace tennis player.

The true companions in helping out the players during their practice rounds include tennis ball machines, tennis ball launchers, tennis ball hoppers and not forgetting the user-friendly racquet.

The fundamental traits of a user-friendly tennis ball launcher are its long lasting durability, trustworthy, easy to carry and last but not the least its mind blowing functionality.

These tennis ball shooters are an outstanding substitute for the coach, and one does not need to wait for any partner on the other side of the net to exchange those tennis shots.

The diversity regarding the shots offered by the tennis ball launcher includes overheads to backhands to volleys.The best thing about this device is its capability to effortlessly blend the spin, the height and the movements of the ball to keep the player alert all the time to and push him harder to work on the foot agility to match up with the unpredictable pace of the lawn tennis ball. The market price of the machine varies, so it is better to invest in a tennis ball launcher machine that will return the positive output for many years to come.

Out in the market, a wide variety of the tennis ball launchers is available under the different brand names with particular technologies. It depends entirely on the user which one he would prefer according to his needs mainly two types are available

  1. Compressed Air type.
  2. Rotating Wheel.

The things to keep in the mind while buying are

  1. Kinds of spins the machine has to offer.
  2. Different oscillations.
  3. Capabilities of the machine.
  4. Is the machine controlled by the remote or not.

tennis ball machine

Choosing the right firing machine

Every tennis ball launcher machine works in a unique way depending on their technical features.First, we look at the both sides of the two kinds of launcher devices found in the market

  • Compressed Air

Firstly, the tennis ball shooting out straight from the machine suffers less wear and tear thus the life of the lawn tennis ball increases more, while choosing the compressed air machine saves both the money and time of the user.

Secondly, This tennis practice equipment is not heavy in the user‘s pocket it is a cheap tennis ball machine. By spending just a few bucks, one can become the proud owner of the compressed air tennis launcher machine.Now let’s look at the flip side of the coin

Since the machine works through the circulation of the air throughout the body of the machine at times, this can create lots of noise on the court which can be a little annoying and can distract the concentration of the player.

The different types of lawn tennis balls going inside this machine have negative impact on the consistency level of the machine resulting in the downfall of the flexible

  • Rotating Wheel

High on the consistency level as compare to the air compressed machine. The balls are thrown out towards the user in a same consistent level.

It is noise free equipment that means the player can concentrate more on his shots rather than bearing that irritating noise.

The demerits of the machine are

  • The balls are worn out more. Thus the user needs to spend more money on buying the tennis balls. Moreover, the frequent wearing and tearing of the balls interrupt the practice of the user as he has to stop playing once the ball is worn out badly.
  • If the user is after the rotating wheels, he will have to spend more money, for this machine is quite expensive as compare to the air compressed.

Every machine has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and each machine works in a unique way, it entirely depends on the user to opt for a machine that goes hand in hand with his style of game.Let’s make close compare between the two kinds of the machines

  • Rotating wheel machine is good at spinning the ball and can easily vary the speed as compare to the compressed Air machine which is quite vociferous and thus unable to spin the balls out
  • Unlike the Rotating machine that consumes less electricity, Compressed Air Machine requires more electricity, which is a drawback as this machine cannot be used with battery power.
  • Compressed Air machine has a spin adaptor which is missing in the case of the Rotating wheels machine.
  • The compressed air machine makes the balls more durable as these balls are less worn out whereas the balls are badly worn out in the case of the Rotating wheel device.
  • In comparison to the Rotating wheel device, the compressed air machine is less expensive. After going through the above comparison, it entirely depends on upon the user which tennis ball launcher he wants to purchase, as both the devices have pros and cons.

Uses of  Best Tennis Ball Machine

Best Tennis ball machine is the best friend of any tennis sports lover and great for those who wants to excel in the game and are eager to become an expertise of the tennis sports.

These tennis ball equipment are the great source of help when it comes to practice sessions. The user will have huge benefits once he bought the machine it saves both the time and money of the player, as he doesn’t need to wait for a friend to start the practice nor need to spend money to pay to the tennis ball machine ever

Some of the advantages of having the machine are discussed below

  • Great for all the players irrespective of their game level It hardly matters whether the user is a beginner or a seasoned player the machine is flexible enough to allow any level of the player to gain the maximum benefits from the device and enhance their tennis skills.
  • Boost up the stamina Endurance is utmost important if one wants overcome challenging situations and wants to beat their opponents playing on the opposite side these technically advanced devices are set up in such a way to engage the user in lengthy practice sessions to make them game ready for real tough and tiresome tennis matches by fuelling up their stamina level.
  • Flexible enough to adjust the drill needs The modern hi-tech machine is loaded with the flexible drill styles and offers the player multiple choices to choose from that go well with their level and style of the game. Thus the different level of the players derives equal benefits from the devices.
  • Makes the practice sessions joyful Ball machines shot out the ball towards the player like a professional opponent which brings a realistic touch to the game as the serves leads to fabulous strokes thus give a joyful color to the practice sessions.

These ball machines are pre loaded with triple oscillations features which provide ample opportunities to the player to enhance their footwork to match up with the pace of the Best tennis ball machine.

Tennis Ball Machine Power Kinds

  • Battery operated

Some of the tennis ball machine available in the market operates on the battery and these are all tennis tutors beneficial for practice before match.

The battery of this kind of machine can remain fully charged for 2 to 8 hours thus giving uninterrupted training sessions extending up to 8 hours.

The advantage of the device is its portability that makes it convenient to be carried anywhere by the user.

The batteries that come with kind of this battery operated machines are lead acid in nature so there no need to worry about any leakage even if the device turns up side down on handling or carrying.

Some of the negatives attached to the machines are the lack of oscillation, unable to hold large balls, and also got poor memory, so it is advisable to charge the machine completely.

First, the maximum amount of time the machine takes to get charged is 10 to 12 hours. To recharge the machine the user just need to plug the charger of the battery into any simple house outlets.

Some machines come with fast chargers which will cut down the recharge time up to 3 to 9 hours.

  • AC power

The positive thing about the AC power based ball machine are they offer quality practice time to the user which is hardly affected by the battery that is running down.

The player doesn’t need to worry about the recharging of the machine and can concentrate more on his game.

The biggest disadvantage regarding the machine is it not portable; this machine is quite heavy and large in the structure which makes it unable to move anywhere.

The option of Spin Portable tennis ball machines.

There are many different types of options available for spin portable ball machines. We can change the relative speed of the ball by changing the upper and lower wheel.

  • The ball discharge out with leading spin when the top wheel rotates faster compared to the lower wheel and fires the ball out with backspin when the lower wheel rotates faster than the upper wheel. If the wheels spin at an equal rate, then it provides a no spin level sphere.
  • With the help of knob on the control panel, we can easily control the level of spin of driven machine.
  • There are few machines that do not offer the spin control will have the wheel arranged in a horizontal plane.
  • The tennis ball will spin to either side wile changing the speed; side spin is not common, and so these machines do not allow spin control.


Tennis is a fantastic and challenging game where you can enjoy and keep your mind fresh in any age. But before play this game, you must have to increase the fun in this game.

You also need to find the right racket for you. Always Purchase the racquet according to your style and age. Choosing the right and best tennis ball machine to improve your skills and make you perfect to play the game.


What to Look For When Buying A Tennis Ball Machine

#1. Brands

#2. Price

#3. Power

#4. Propulsion

#5. Oscillation

#6. Speed

#7. Capacity

Top 3 Best Tennis Ball Machines On The Market

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A Few Final Words