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What Is The Difference Between Tennis Shoes, Running Shoes, and Basketball Shoes?

The most important decision for an athlete is to choose the right shoes for his particular sport. If you are an athlete, and you are confused about the difference between tennis shoes, basketball sneakers, and running shoes. We have made it easier for you. Simply read below to find out.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are considerably lighter than basketball and running shoes. They have a low top and most of the time come with perforated toe box. Tennis shoes are mainly created to provide ultimate protection to the toes, as most of the pressure is put on toes while playing tennis.

You must go for the tennis shoes which offer the most toe protection, but also offer the best heel protection as ultimately even after your initial jump is on your toes, you still land on your heels. Apart from that, tennis shoes always have flat soles to help you get the appropriate amount of movement that you require.

Since tennis is almost always placed on abrasive courts, your tennis shoes must come with a soft rubber sole that wraps up the sensitive areas of your foot in a way to provide ultimate protection against any conceivabledamage.

Basketball Shoes

When it comes to getting basketball shoes, you need to make thorough research before you purchase them. Since basketball is a highly physical sport, you need to make sure that your basketball shoes can withstand the usage and abrasiveness that comes with it. Basketball shoes need to provide you with the right cushioning and traction to help you get the right bounce to dunk that ball right into the basket, but also have enough resistance to not throw you off ground, but provide you with the right control over your body.

With basketball shoes, it is never a good idea to go for too bouncy, or too weighty shoes. These shoes usually have high tops to guard your ankles and sidestep ankle-twisting during aggressive games, should be breathable for long games and must have good quality soles such as herringbone pattern.

Another important feature is the airbags that allow the air to be compressed inside the soles so that you get an appropriate cushioning on the ground. These shoes must also contain laces as well since you wouldn't want to slide or during the game. You can learn more about basketball shoes at https://kicksheat.com/.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are designed to provide the most comfort and shock absorption for longer hours. Running shoes usually have an upper that is shaped just like your foot, they have an ankle collar and rigid padding that protects your heel and allows you the liberty to move around easily without worrying about any possible foot injuries.


To sum it all up, tennis shoes provide you more support for the toe. Basketball Shoes are specifically designed for continuous movement of the ankle and endless bounces, and running shoes protects your heel and provide you the right padding for support during long runs.

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