🎾Best Kid Tennis Racket Reviews (Newest Edition) – The Complete Buying Guide To Find The Perfect Junior Tennis Racket For Your Children

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If you want to get the Best Kid Tennis Rackets there is something good in this article, “First we make our habits, and then our habits make us.” Great Habits take us a long joyful way so as a parent why not cultivate the seeds of great habits in our offsprings from a tender age.

Indulging kids into sports from a young age is both beneficial for their health as well in deciding up their profession to so extent. Nowadays Tennis is getting quite popular with the young generation.

Once your child shows up the interest in the sports of tennis, the next thing to do is to get him the right Tennis racquet. Buying the tennis sports equipment can cost the parents al, so it is advisable to start off with something readily available, and not much expensive the old racquet is perfect for your young one to find out whether your child is a tennis lover or not.


Before moving on to our products review, there are some primary issues related to characteristics of tennis racket that your parents and players need to gain a deeper understanding a lot. Don’t wait it any more, let’s follow us to discover them out right now.

When do your children get started playing tennis?

It is a tough question for you at this time. As usual, we encourage parents to create a ton of chances for their kids to play this tennis approximately the age of four or five years old, or they show interest a lot in this sport. However, the most crucial thing is suitable equipment such as a tennis racket, a tennis ball, and a tennis ball machine. All of them are the leading tennis for kids’ items, which you should have on the court.

Another case shows that the kids who are older than six years old are super into tennis games. Yeah, no problems. Some tennis genius perhaps starts their career until they are over eight years old. Thus, do not worry too much about this. We hope parents can let their kids develop this game awareness naturally.

The size of tennis racquet for kids

Picking up the suitable size of children’s tennis rackets is as complicated as it is for adults.

As usual, each child grows up at a different age, so we must spend a lot of time on the research of tennis racquet size by age to make the fabulous tennis racquets for them. There are useful guidelines that you can find out about which tennis racquet will be a great option.

The chart below describes the average racquet length, which is suitable for children of any age and height.

Height (Centimeters)
Racket (Inches)
4 years or younger
88 - 99
5-6 years
100 - 106
7-8 years
107 - 114
8-9 years
115 - 122
9-10 years
123 - 140
10 or older
141 - 150

As the chart of tennis racket size for kids recommends, the most critical measurements for choosing a junior tennis racquet is the length of the racquet and the height of your kid.

The length of tennis racquet is one of the critical adjustments that producers make to ensure they are user-friendly, whereas the height of your child will identify which racquet length they need to use.

For most parents, this guide will be sufficient for picking up the best size racquet. However, some parents will think their children don’t fit entirely into the table above. Thus, we should carry out the test to know the ideal fit.

Last but not least, the size of the racket not only depends on children’s ages but also their height.

>> USTA Gear Up: Junior Tennis Racquet Size Guide

Grip Sizes for children

Tennis grip size simulates the circumference of a racquet’s handle. The measurement unit is inches. On the other hand, picking up the suitable grip size is superb easy since producers create all a four-inch grip size for all junior tennis racquets. When comparing to adult grip sizes, you perhaps find some alterations.

In some special cases, a racquet grip is too large or too small for your kid. Therefore, parents should make some adjustments to customize the fit. Besides, making the grip smaller can be difficult, so you should pay a visit to your instructor or take your racquet to the local tennis shop.

If you recognize the tennis racket grip size is too small, you should build up a grip and add an overgrip, which will increase the grip size by around 1/16 of an inch.

Here are the types of tennis grip size chart:

L1 = 4 1/8 (For children up to 10 years old)

L2 = 4 1/4

L3 = 4 3/8

L4 = 4 1/2

The rest of the handles from L2 to L4 are for children from ten years old and adults. The choice will depend on the comfort when it comes to grabbing each person and with which they feel most comfortable.

Strings for kids tennis racquet

As usual, kids tennis racquets will go pre-strung by the producers. Strings are not a vital factor in the beginning stages of approaching how to play tennis.

Our primary recommendation for parents is not to worry about the strings until their kids are using a full-size of the 27-inch tennis racquet. On the other hand, the kinds of strings and the tension they are strung at perhaps start to become an element.

Tennis racket materials and weight

Like strings, ultimate racquet materials are not a significant factor in the process of selecting a tennis racquet for kids. On the top of tennis racket weight, children will not be able to identify the distinction when comparing material.

Most of the junior tennis racquets manufactured of lightweight aluminum and graphite, so it is perfect for parents who are going to purchase a tennis racket that are cheaper. The materials are cheap ones that make children tennis racquets pretty more affordable than experience level of them.

According to our views, the essential factor with regards to material and a kids’ tennis racquet is durability.

How much should you pay for the kids’ tennis racquet?

The majority of kids’ tennis racquets will fall around the 20$ to 30$. You will find out about some tennis racquets price lower and larger sized tennis racquets priced higher. On the other hand, the price depended on your purposes as well as financial conditions.



Wilson Junior Burn Pink Tennis Racquet

Here is the Burn Junior Pink kids tennis racquet that we would like to introduce to you. It is the marvellous one that suits most of the players, especially your kids who are superb into the tennis field. The texture of it manufactured from aluminium alloy, but it is quite sturdy and resistant to damages.

When it comes to size, it is still in existence with a wide range of one for your children. One of the fantastic things about this racquet is that it equips with mainly four different sizes. Therefore, your lovely kids could change them up to the next size without transforming the style of the racquet.

The range of sizes varies from 19 to 25 inches. The first level of 19-inches is for less four-year kids. The 21-inches one fit around four to five years. Next, the 23-inches is suitable for six to eight years, and the 25-inches is for from nine to ten-years kids.

The prototype of this product designed with an arm-friendly appearance. From that, your little children will not feel any fatigue and be comfortable while they play it for a long time. Moreover, it also supports a state of the art string pattern that assists in increasing a ball spin right now when it moves with your racquet. Last but not least, this kind of model is the right partner when we are on the way to the tennis court at the weekend.


  • It works very effectively.      
  • It is an exciting option for beginners, especially the kids. 
  • The texture simulated with a friendly shape and quick response. 
  • The racquet is lightweight and handy. 


  • The racquet still contains some issues related to hitting the ball with force.

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Head IG Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

This racquet is perfect for children among best kids tennis rackets falling under the age group of 6 to 11. This power-packed racquet exhibits the similar extraordinary Graphene XT technique that it’s adult version does enable the young tennis players to experience the same power, spin as well controls that the adult users feel when they use the adult model of this racquet.

The selling feature of this kids head racquet is its head light balance technology that is responsible for reducing vibration, not only this but also leads to the robust structure of the racquet.

This feather-like weight of the equipment makes it kids friendly no matter what age the user is he can easily make the racquet dance to his tunes; the young player can smoothly manage the different position of the racquet at the lawn tennis court and this light racquet effortlessly triggers the stroke speed required for the effectual spin.

The HEAD IG Speed Kids emphasis more on higher racquet head speed as well on rotational racquets movements for the extra power and spin. This technique had ideally shifted the weight more towards the tip and the handle for greater even distribution which mounts to smoother acceleration and ultimate power and increased stability.

The light weight of the racquet is a great asset as it takes fewer efforts to manage the lawn tennis racquet, the weight of this racquet on the weighing machine is just 7.6 oz and evenly distributed.

One of the characteristics of this racquet is that it is head heavy; in this kind of equipment the head of the frame is much more massive as compared to the handle.

Since the racquet mentioned above is head heavy it is a perfect pick for the young tennis sportspersons who are new to the sports of tennis; these racquets produce rapid swings. The head heavy racquets are ideal for those players who want to make their baseline robust and powerful.

The swing weight is nothing but the indicator to find out how heavy the racquet is on the wrist once the player swings the racquet. Well, in case of this racquet the swing weight is 260.


  • Support for rotational movements and spin.
  • Increase the stability.
  • Producing rapid swings


  • The head of the frame is much more massive.

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Babolat Pure Aero Junior 26 Tennis Racquet

The kids Babolat Pure Aero 26 racquets have all the great traits of its great predecessor with one newly added quality that is this racquet comes with a high-powered cortex system to generate more comfort and tactility.

The head of this racquet is the combination of braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments that provide solid rock-like support to the frame and at the same time, minimizes torque for efficient precision.

This racquet has three kinds of dampeners and kids tennis bag to suit the individual style of each young player. The overall maneuverability provided by this kid’s friendly racquet is marvelous.

The racquet is one of the best tennis rackets with its superb touch and control leashes out great volleys and not forgetting the stunning groundstrokes born out of these racquets as the end product of the head speed that is generated by this junior Babolat product, the aerodynamic feature of this junior equipment leads to the creation of genius fast strokes. This racquet is an ideal gift for those kids who want to make their baseline strong.

This kids equipment comes with a  head size of 100 squares inches which is not bad to play with for bigger the racquet head, the more power it generates and also provides a  larger sweet spot which makes it a bit easier for the little hands to hit the ball around the middle area of the racquet.

The stiffness of any racquet is directly connected with the power, and the comfort, bending of the racquet frame on touching the ball, snatches away all the energy of the ball having an adverse impact on the shot’s power.

Thus the structure needs to be stiffer to avoid unnecessary deflection. The manufacturers of the Babolat brand have overcome this problem by providing racquet having stiffness around 69.


  • Create comfort for kids.
  • Make their baseline strong.
  • High quality materials.


  • The structure needs to be stiffer.

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Weierfu Junior Tennis Racket for Kids Toddlers

The toddler tennis racket version that we would like to introduce to you is the Weierfu Junior tennis racket.

The racket is simulated foryour toddlers with original size approximately 17 inches. Besides, it possessessome colors, such as white, yellow, and red, which can stimulate yourchildren’s eyes and enthusiasm.

When it comes to the materialof this model, it mainly manufactured from leading aluminum alloys that make itlightweight. Therefore, your kids will find it easy to swing during theirgames. Moreover, this product is very durable because it used with rectangularsection technology. It leads to increase significantly as well as premiumquality.

Another exciting thing that we want to highlight is that the availability of a two-pack. It designed for convenience for your toddlers who are always energetic.


  • It has a variety of sizes and colors.

  • This model owns a storage bag for keeping in store some items.

  • It is durable and lightweight.


  • Be only suitable for children aged under 4.

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Street Tennis Club Tennis Rackets for Kids

Street Tennis Club has been producing among a cluster of best kids tennis rackets that tailored for the majority of the juvenile population. Moreover, one of their most extraordinary innovations is the Tennis Racket for Kids.

When it comes to thecomponents of this version, this part of the tennis racket mainly designed toassist your kid in enhancing their strokes and improve contact with the ballideally. It manufactured from the polyester string.

Based on your age and height, the parents could select the most suitable tennis racket for your children.

The racket producedfrom aluminum alloys, which make it pretty more lightweight for users.Furthermore, it helps your child’s strokes as well as build up their tenacityon the court. Besides, it comes with pre-stringed for your comfort.

Another part that we would like to mention is the grip. The grip fabricated from polyurethane and supported for both hands of a child. Next, The engineer has designed an interactive video game, which motivates kids to learn and play tennis easily.


  • It made from lightweight aluminum for convenient handy.
  • Your kids can feel comfortable when swinging the ball.
  • There are a lot of sizes for your kid.
  • It supports an interactive online game.


  • There are not many colors.

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Babolat Ballfighter 17 Junior Tennis Racquet

The next product that we would like to introduce to you is Babolat Ballfighter 17 Junior Tennis Racquet.

The Babolat Ballfighter Junior Tennis Racquet is an outstanding tennis racket for kids aged four years old. Moreover, this racquet designed with superb small grips for your kid’s small hands and pair with Babolat’s Memogrip Technology, which assists them where to put their hands on forehands, backhands and how to hold a tennis racket properly.

When it comes to the materials, it is quite lightweight and goes with Babolat’s Memogrip system to make children remember where to put their hands on the appropriate position.

Another pretty thing that we would like to refer to is the backpack. The Babolat junior tennis backpack owns a padded racket compartment that will keep one racket with the handle sticking out of the top. Also, a handle cover unzipped from the top and placed over for complete racquet protection while you are on the move. Besides, it features one small accessory pocket in the front, padded, adjustable straps for convenience during carrying tennis gear.


  • It is extremely lightweight
  • Babolat’s Memogrip Technology makes you play tennis games easily.
  • The backpack brings some benefits for users.


  • Some problems related to handling.

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Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

Another beginner tennis racket product that we would like to bring to you is the Head Speed Kids Tennis Racquet for Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Jr Racket.

This racquet has a lot of conveniences, comfort for handy on the wrist and hand. It manufactured for the juniors who are searching for boosting up their skills. Besides, the short length of the racquet makes it convenient to swing while the beam and head size are equal to take easy control, spin, and power. Moreover, this kind of racquet is pretty more stable.

When it comes to the materials of this version, the racquet produced from aluminum alloys and integrated pre-strung. Besides, according to the size of the racquet, the weight and length of the racquet are pretty different.

Last but not least, this racquet is one of the best tennis rackets for beginners since it is lightweight, comfortable, and possesses an excellent grip. It is available in a range of sizes, so depending on your kid’s height, With the appropriate size, this racquet can offermore comfort and tenacity on the court.


  • It has a pretty grip.
  • Convenient use on the wrist and hand.
  • Your kid feel comfortable because this racquet is quite stable.


  • This version is only suitable for starters. 

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Fostoy Junior Tennis Racket

Fostoy Junior Tennis racquet is the marvelous version which we would like to send to you.

As you know earlier, the demand of your children to choose the tennis racquet is not only high quality but also can meet their capacity to perform on the court. Despite toys or kind of anything like that, they always require a small size tennis racquet so that they can play with it conveniently. Therefore, we would like to introduce the Fostoy junior racket, which is extremely suitable for small children.

When you purchase the kids’ tennis racket, it will support a storage bag.

Each of the racket’s weight is only 360 grams which are super convenient for your children. Instead of purchasing expensive toys, you can give them these tennis rackets on their birthday for their better enhancement in tennis sport.


  •  Made from carbon aluminum integration molding technology, which improves racket stability and flexibility.
  •  Assisting hitting the ball more easily during a game or practice.
  •  This version packed with a cover bag for keeping in store some items.  


  • The string needs little improvement in the future.

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Marvel Junior Spider-Man Tennis Racquet

The Marvel tennis racquet will be an excellent choice for your kids at this time. Here is our detailed review of this version.

The first thing about it was its versatility. On the other hand, there is a series of the racquet with four different sizes. From that, we believe your children love it because they only stick for it.

When it comes to the appearance of this product, it produced with the two-piece frame paired with red, black color, and Spiderman logos.

Next, the racquet goes with pre-strung by the engineer, so you don’t have to worry about getting it strung. On the other hand, it is a stable and durable racquet. Besides, the paint job done well, and there are no reports on any chips occurring. Moreover, the frame is quite sturdy, lengthening its longevity.

Another crucial thing to highlight is the material weight. It is a lightweight racquet that’s quite suitable for girls. Some argue that the design is best for boys, but if your girl loves Spiderman as much as everyone else, it will fit her.


  • This racquet is lightweight.
  • The delicate design of it will make your children enjoy it.
  • Supported with pre-strung.
  • There are many sizes for your kids.


  • The handle grip wears out.  

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Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet  

You need to purchase a racket from a leading manufacturer, and you hope it to be an affordable one when you are choosing for a five-year-old kid.

We want to recommend the product called Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet. Wilson is well known for the leading tennis equipment in America so that you can satisfy with this version a lot.

The racquet is perfect for younger hands since it produced from aluminum alloy. Therefore, your children, as well as a three year old one, could have some fun without any fatigue.

When it comes to the features of this racquet, it is an excellent junior racquet for your young children. The racquet goes with strung, so it is convenient to use right out of the box.

The price of this youth tennis racket is superb affordable, so your parents could grab it quickly for their lovely kids. Besides, with a grip size of it, your younger children will use it comfortably as well as having a fantastic swing while experiencing their games.


  • Convenient to handle.
  • Sizes for different ages.
  • The price is affordable.
  • This version made of the durable frame.


  • No cover attached to your product.

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Head Instinct Kids Tennis Racquet  

The next product that we would like to introduce to you is the Head Instinct Kids Tennis Racquet.

First of all, we would like to move on to head performance; it born out of revolutionizing how we ski and play tennis. Moreover, it has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. Therefore, this version plays a significant role among the best tennis equipment on the market.

These Head Instinct junior tennis rackets are mostly suitable for a range of youth players who aged from four to eight years old.

When it comes to theadvantage of it, we believe that the youth tennis rackets posses a head lightbalance, which helps reducing vibration as well as assisting stability whenhitting the ball.

The material of this version manufactured from durable aluminum alloys and beamed construction so your children can play it without worrying too much about its longevity.


  • It is durable and lasts longer.
  • Well, fit for kids who are under eight years old.
  • Reducing vibration during your games.


  • Be not ready to use a full-sized frame.

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Hello Kitty Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Your little girl willbe superb exciting about this kind of racquet because it simulated with thefashionable style and pretty color for girl children. Here is our review of isHello Kitty Sports Junior tennis racquet.

This racket designed for your daughters, who are big fans of Hello Kitty. On the other hand, it is a beautiful racquet that is almost suitable for daughters to practice for the first time. This version possesses a pink pearl paint and a bow logo on tennis racket stringing. Therefore, all daughters can not resist their cuteness.

When it comes to the materials, we make sure that you are more surprised because it is not only pretty but also durable. Therefore, your kids will find some funs and easy to learn during the games. Last but not least, it is a particular product that meets some girl’s demand rather than boys.


  • Delicate and stylish.
  • Owns a good grip.
  • Last-longer and fancy color. 


  • Heavier compared to other racquets.

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Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

Another racket that we would like to refer to you is Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet. On the other hand, it is essential equipment that supports your children to have pretty more fun while they do some sports activity, especially tennis. This version is superbly suitable for children who are under ten years old to be familiar with these rackets.

This kind of racket consists of all four sizes according to your levels of height and preferences. Besides, the Gamma tennis racquet is one of the lightest tennis rackets, so your children hold and swing it easily. Moreover, this product also manufactured from leading quality material so that we guarantee it will be durable in many years.

The appearance of this version is quite a lot delicate, which can be eye-catching for both boys and girls while they are experiencing on the court.


  • Convenient to swing.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • High-quality material.


  • Expensive.

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Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Nadal junior tennis racket is the newer edition this year. This good tennis racket is suitable for children between ten and twelve years old. The aesthetics are a very fabulous option for your kids who are playing more for fun all the time.

It manufactured with an aluminum alloy frame, so you will recognize that it is a bit lightweight but durable. It equipped with pre-strung and owned a black synthetic gut that makes it great for your child who is preparing before the game.

Now, move on to the feature of this version, the junior tennis racket based on Rafael Nadal brand. It also designed to fit players aged up to twelve years old. Moreover, it is a beautiful version of your child’s outdoor activities and those who get into the game a lot.

The racket possesses a grip size of four inches and includes a headcover for any other purposes.


  • The price is quite reasonably affordable.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Tight string pattern.


  • Not an ultimate option for your child who needs to play for tennis competitions.

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Wilson Federer Junior Tennis Racquet

If you are a Federer fan, it is an attractive choice for you. You will hit volleys and serve basis all day with this racket. It is a fabulous racket that helps you to improve your skills and your technique significantly.

When it comes to thefeature of this racket, it features arc technology, which ensures excellentbalance and stability during your games.

Next, you will be interested in perforated grips which also enhanced your grip on the racket, so it will not slip from your hand during the play. Moreover, the stop shock pads reduce the vibration of the racket when a ball hits.

The tennis racket owns a head size of 106 square inches with three points head light strung balance. The main strings you will recognize that the power of the racket increased intensively.

The grip assists for better airflow and lends to the moisture-wicking ability of the grip zone to keep your hands cool and dry.


  • Moisture-wicking technology keeps hands dry.
  • The level of balance is so great.
  • Good head size.
  • Shock pads for shock absorption.


  • Not use for heavy ground court.

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To sum up 

After scanning through our kids’ tennis racket reviews, you can pick up the best kids’ tennis racquet that meets your children’s demand. By doing that, it will help you avoid injury when using a racquet which is too large and motivates them on the tennis court.

Do you still have any queries? Leave your comments below. We are always there for you at your worst!