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How To Beat A Pusher In Tennis?

The “Moonballer” and How to Beat It 1) Go to the internet. When you get the opportunity, do it, and be prepared to hit a lot of overheads. 2) Infiltrate the volley court. 3) Take a volley into no-land man’s to intercept the moon ball. 4) A rising star. 5) Get your opponent close to the net.

Similarly, How do you beat a Moonballer in tennis?

The “Moonballer” and How to Beat It 1) Go to the internet. When you get the opportunity, do it, and be prepared to hit a lot of overheads. 2) Infiltrate the volley court. 3) Take a volley into no-land man’s to intercept the moon ball. 4) A rising star. 5) Get your opponent close to the net.

Also, it is asked, How do you beat pushers in tennis Reddit?

To overcome them, I use three strategies: Make your approach shots routine and lethal. Pushers excel at passing shots and lobs, so give them as little as possible to work with. Rallies should have a range of speed and spin. Serve and return.

Secondly, Is Djokovic a pusher?

Djokovic plays from the baseline. Not a pushy person. He is not afraid to take risks and constantly and effectively plays the line.

Also, How do you beat a dinker in tennis?

How To Get Rid Of The Dinker The “dinkerdeserves respect. This is arguably the most crucial suggestion. Allow them to cope with deep, high-bouncing balls from the baseline. Come on over to the internet. The positioning of your serves should be varied. Transform them diagonally.

People also ask, What is aggressive baseliner in tennis?

By playing strong groundstrokes for winners from the region of the baseline or behind it, an offensive or aggressive baseliner aims to dominate and influence play.

Related Questions and Answers

What is being a pusher?

A pusher in tennis is a defensive player who “pushes” back every shot they can catch without intentionally striking a winner. They have the ability to slant shots, shoot deep, and lob well.

Is Djokovic a counter puncher?

Novak Djokovic was formerly regarded a counterpuncher, but like Rafael Nadal, he has subsequently improved his style. While counterpunching, Djokovic did not have the same success as Nadal. Djokovic didn’t start having success until he improved his game.

Is Simon a pusher?

Simon is just a defensive player with no offensive capabilities. He’s neither a pusher nor a junkballer, and his strokes aren’t very powerful. Simon, on the other hand, does not get much vitriol since everyone recognizes that he is mostly unimportant to the trip.

Is Monfils a pusher?

Monfils is a skilled pusher who sometimes chooses to ball-bash. He also thinks of the most interesting methods to lose a point.

How late can you start playing tennis?

You may believe it is too late to begin tennis today since you did not play as a child or even as a teenager. Tennis can be played at any age, and it is beneficial to both your physical and emotional health. Tennis is a sport that may be enjoyed for a lifetime.

What are junk ballers in tennis?

What Does It Mean to Be a Junk Baller? The trash baller is undoubtedly the most unconventional sort of player. Junk ballers, unlike baseliners or aggressive players, do not strive to outscore their opponents with scorching shots.

Is Djokovic an aggressive baseliner?

When he faces Fed in some matches, Djokovic might go from an aggressive baseliner to a pusher.

Is Rafael Nadal a counter puncher?

Most Effective Counterpuncher Good players seldom have difficulty returning tough shots, but Nadal is one of the greatest. The ability of Nadal to create shots is what makes counter-punching so powerful.

What’s another word for pusher?

You’ll find 32 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms for pusher on this page, including drug peddler, pest, meddler, interrupter, dealer, invader, criminal, peddler, transactions, baby-buggy, and baby-carriage.

Should I be aggressive in tennis?

The fact is that if you can keep your offensive consistent, you will win games. Avoiding the extremes of overhitting or playing too conservatively may be avoided by hitting the proper shots at the right time and directing play with a controlled aggressiveness mentality.

How do I become an aggressive baseliner?

BASELINER WITH STRENGTH First ball open court, serve wide. Return the first ball to T. T initial ball angle is served. Forehand is used to dictate points. With the forehand, he covers at least 2/3 of the court. When feasible, he tries to gain ground and take his time. When necessary, able to yield ground. When he has a lead, he likes to play.

Is tennis an aggressive sport?

“Tennis is a very demanding sport; one must be able to concentrate without being influenced by other factors,” says Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal discussed his thoughts on tennis in a recent interview with Cantabria Labs, calling it a “very tough sport” that demands a lot of attention.

Does Djokovic have any weakness?

Djokovic comes the closest to becoming the ideal tennis player. His biggest weakness used to be his serve and net game, but he has transformed the serve into a near-elite weapon (he’s no serve bot, but his serve no longer loses him matches). His net game has also improved, making him more difficult to exploit.

Does Novak Djokovic have a weakness?

“He’s a fantastic tennis player with no flaws,” Nadal remarked of Djokovic. “He’s competent on a clay court, a grass court, or a hard court.” And he’s been particularly consistent this year. Even when things seem to be out of order, the excitement of knowing that I will undoubtedly win compensates.”

What pro tennis players are pushers?

On the ATP, Gilles Simon is the greatest example of a pusher. Brad Gilbert in the twenty-first century. Of course, this is in comparison to ATP standards; club pushers clearly hit harder. They’d knock a club player off the court if they played them.

Is Monfils a counter puncher?

IN ATP/WTA, WHO IS A COUNTER PUNCHER? There are still some counter punchers on the ATP and WTA circuits today, but their numbers are declining in contrast to the past. Andy Murray, the former world number one, and Gal Monfils, one of the best French players in the recent decade, may both be found in the ATP.


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There are many famous tennis pushers who have won a lot of matches. Some of them include Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and John McEnroe.

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