Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2020

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On the tennis court, the injuries always occur at any time. Nowadays, players across the globe are suffering from terrible heel pain. On the other hand, the players put all their effort into destroying their severe hurt every day. Unfortunately, there are even no practical solutions to this trouble. The disease which we refer to you is Plantar Fasciitis. From that, it is crucially necessary for us at this time is to find suitable tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis to avoid pain and severe injury.

Quick Choices From The Editor - Don't Have Time to Go Through The Whole Article? These Are The Best Men / Women Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Now

Men pick: Nike Men's Low-top Sneaker (Beige)

Rating: 4.3/5

The light & comfortable pair of shoes with really just-right price tag that will be the suitable choice for any men. Moreover, Nike Men's Low-top Sneaker has a diversity of colors & sizes for your choice. 

Women pick: Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Rating: 4.7/5

Great brand with great price for every players who want to start playing tennis or to have a very quick choice that's affordable.

In reality, the issues caused by a lifestyle that regularly led to some common problems. Thanks to cutting edge technology, we have the closest partner that supports us during the play and also prevent the syndrome related to the disease above. The best buddies that we would like to introduce to you are the best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. In this article, all typical ten tennis shoes that are useful for players on the move to court and in-game. Moreover, they will help you much more to avoid unpredictable pain when you are enjoying the game.

Before reviewing the list of products, we would like to mention some essential outlines related to Plantar Fasciitis. It is the treatment and how to opt for the most suitable plantar fasciitis shoes.

What is "Plantar Fasciitis"?

Plantar fasciitis is a typical injury for tennis players who has a lot more move intensity. The chain of motions related to the repetition of pulling the periosteum from the calcaneus on foot is the primary cause of it. Running and jumping are the actions that quickly has a severe impact on the players.

When it comes to the symptoms, they consist of pain and swelling, especially in the heel. Apart from the routine injury on the court, there are still other causes like stretching and preparing improperly before playing a game.

Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

This disease is very harmful to your health, so we will suggest some methods which help you to avoid injuries as well as eliminate it.

The first one is taking relaxation. That is excellent advice for you. The players quickly face pain in the heel zone on their feet after they complete your games. Therefore, you should stop it and take the rest immediately. However, the trouble related to your foot will appear when you will be back on the court.

The next step is Insole's assistance. Here is a helpful solution for players if you still keep going on the game. The crucial thing you should do is putting a supportive insole into your tennis shoes. Afterward, the ones will fit snugly into your shoe, support the arch of your feet, and stay your feet fit.

Besides, we will suggest that you need to purchase the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis. On the other hand, doctor recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis is the most effective cure for you at this time. The tennis players will not quite worry about some injuries and pains when they possess a pretty pair of shoes such as Nike and K-Swiss brands.

How to opt for the most suitable tennis shoes?

To help you gain a more in-depth insight into them, we will show you some fundamental characteristics below.

The first feature is the Cushioned Heel. Some recent research findings prove that the strain caused by the repetition of motions on the heel of the foot could result in plantar fasciitis. From that, your tennis shoes will need a cushioning on the heel spots to tackle this circumstance.

The second one is Arch assistance. When you dropped on the court and the natural arch of your foot is not available. It leads to the entire your foot will be placed straight down as well as led to plantar fasciitis. Thus, a pair of tennis shoes with arch support can ensure the safety of your foot.

When it moves to the Stability, it will prevent any problems during your run around the court and get far away from injuries. Your shoes integrated plantar fasciitis brace that make your moves will become more comfortable, and troubles related to rubbing eliminated.

The comfort is the final aspect that we want to highlight. Players will never choose a product that not creates a comfortable feeling for them. Do not worry. All of these shoes are the best one that makes you a lot more exciting and confident.

And now, let’s move on to our tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis review: 


#1. Nike Air Zoom X HC Men's Tennis Shoes Aa8030 Sneakers Trainers




Here is the first best support tennis shoes version of plantar fasciitis tennis shoes that we would like to bring to you. When it comes to the primary characteristics of this product, Nike Air Vapor X manufactured from mesh and synthetic materials.

It's upper constructed with a Dynamic Fit system, which boosts up grip in the ankle. Aside from it, the availability of the TPU frame offers lateral support for the player movement as well as their quick steps. Also, another system that integrated into the TPU frame like lace closure will ensure your foot to be comfortable and defeating Plantar Fasciitis at any time.

The next component of these shoes that we mention is the midsole. In this one, the Vapor X HC possesses a zoom air unit in the heel and an extra padded shoe liner. It leads to creating responsive cushioning for assisting the player while they serve their ball. Next, a phylon sole even supports stability in the midfoot, whereas the non-marking outsole with a wavy design used for rising to traction.


Running small and narrow (size)


  • There is a wide range of colors.
  • It is lightweight and durable.
  • The Zoom Air unit supports low-profile and reaction for players.
  • The HydroSorb grip is as comfortable and effective as advertised.
  • Extraordinary quality at such an affordable price.


  • As you progress you may want to restring it.
  • Might be a bit too light for more advanced players.


Overall, with some distinctive features above, this Vapor X HC will be a fantastic model and ideal for those who want to experience it on the court.

#2. K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express designed from the previous prototype of Ultra Express. It is a kind of lightweight black tennis shoes created for convenience and comfort.

This one manufactured of 100% synthetic leather materials. It was enhanced to have a more breathable, fashionable upper. With the seamless technology of mesh, a breathable material combined with a synthetic overlay will help you to move better while you are on the move on the tennis court.

When it comes to the characteristics of this version, it possesses a mid-foot assisted chassis and a Durawap toe guard. Moreover, the texture of it even owns a K-EVA Strobel board and a double platform in Guideglide EVA midsole. The mid-foot with chassis offers a lot more stability for users. On the other hand, you will rarely fall during your run and operation. Aside from it, the Durawrap toe guard is produced to reduce the pressure of excessive toe dragging and ensure the safety level for every your walk.

This K-Swiss is a gorgeous pattern that integrated with common attributes that make you confident in yourself on the court.

The benefit of Durawrap at midfoot increases stability.

Drag Guard will help you avoid the wear and tear on your toe.

Plenty of colors for users.

The rubber outsole is very sturdy and durable.

The size needs better innovation.

It takes a lot of movements with the foot chamber.

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#3. Adidas Men's Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

The next marvelous model that we would like to introduce to you is Adidas Gamecourt Tennis Shoe. It is quite suitable for the novice or the apprentice sportsman. Besides, this version is not only good quality but also fits a lot more your wallet.

This pair of shoes manufactured from textiles, so players can wash them without spoiling the sole or the fabric. Moreover, the delicate combination of synthetic material will guarantee stability and durability during your use.

The unique feature of adidas men's tennis shoes is the sewn tongue which simulated to support your feet with a snug fit. The next component of this product is whirls and slides. They will assist you with such quick moves on the court.

The soles designed from rubber and a non-slip base will support the superb balance for the players. Last but not least, we believe that this product will make you successful with the more comfortable moves on the court. Moreover, it'll also ensure your comfort and perfect fit during your practice.

It owned by extra-lateral support.

Stability and adjustment are fabulous.

The toe box system is very more extensive.

The tongue of shoes when you are opening could be narrow for your foot, so it’s probably difficult to put on.

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#5. ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Men's Tennis Shoes

This version is a wide tennis shoes for users. It designed with a fashionable appearance as well as performed effectively.

Let’s move on to some features of Gel-Challenger 12.

The seamless fit and Gel Cushioning attached supporting players to move gently. The rubber outsole has been constructed on the court surface and promotes protection in high wear spots. The next one that we refer you is the upper. The synthetic materials and mesh mixed with Flexion Fit technology will provide breathability and versatility. The heel collar assists in aggressive cuts.

A GEL Cushioning System simulates the midsole of these shoes. This one avoids your feet from the injury on the court. Moreover, the Solyte Midsole offers a lightweight cushioning and durability. Besides, the midfoot Trusstic System resists twisting and improves your stability.

The final part that we mention is the Outsole: The rubber outsole in a herringbone tread supports marvelous traction and durability on the court surface.

It possesses a mesh upper for breathability

The rubber outsole made from high-quality

Gel cushion is shock reduction

Fabulous assistance for fat dashes through the court

There is not enough gel on the heel.

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#1. ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6 Women's Tennis Shoes

Here are comfortable tennis shoes which good for recreational players who don’t need assistance. It offers the fundamental assistance and stability feature required of a frequent tennis shoe. One of the best properties is the forefoot cushioning system directed towards softening the influence which occurs during your small foot movements. If you need an entry-level, this best shoes for playing tennis can’t limit you to break the bank.

When it comes to the outsole, it produced from solid rubber, which offers durability and traction. Moreover, the vital trait of the outsole permits you to experience on the courts without worrying about gigantic holes on the surface.

Next, the midsole supports marvellous cushioning with assistance as well as stability. The first primary feature of it is the Asics forefoot GEL technology cushioning system that reduces the weight of the sole. The second one that we would like to highlight is the Trusstic system technology. This cushioning system consisted of two silicone patches that absorbing the shock and spread the force along with the midsole.

Another upper of these shoes features mesh materials with synthetic overlays that keep the foot balance and guarantee it does not twist in the shoebox. It helps you to focus solely on the game. Besides, the anti-gravel tongue keeps away from the small debris from moving inside the shoe. The rubber Pguard wraps in the front, providing us with the perfect protection and improve the durability of the shoe.

GEL technology cushioning system softens the shock influence.
These shoes supported by Pguard toe protector.
This product is comfortable and durable
Trusstic system stimulates higher propulsion.

This version might not fit the players with wide feet.

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#2. ASICS Gel-Game 7 Women's Tennis Shoe

The Gel Game 7 are lines of fabulous tennis shoes women that emphasizes the signature GEL cushioning system towards a removable Ortholite sock liner and EVA midsole. They all integrated to create a perfect court shoe.

The first thing that we want to refer to you is the Ortholite. It is an open material highly-sought after for some particular reasons. Ortholite designed to contour well to the shape of your feet, offering users with assistance when they need it. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and owns a long-term compression rate that keeps the insole in a new form for a long time. Besides, it is removable for an adjustment orthotic if needed.

When your feet land on the ground, there is a ton of pressure placed on your feet could make shock absorption paramount when it moves to decrease injury. Thus, the GEL cushioning system placed in the forefoot of these shoes and absorbing the shock from every strike. This version recognized as the best tennis shoes for flat feet, as well as keeps you going better on the court.

Breathable mesh with artificial overlays for side reinforcement and sturdiness.
Constructed with a broader heel that allows for higher stability off the rear of the rearfoot.
Manufactured for hard courts.
Moulded foam footbed

The forefoot component was quite tight.

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#3. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women Tennis Shoes

Another shoe for playing tennis that we would like to introduce to you is the K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women tennis shoe.

This Bigshot Light 3 hits a perfect match for tennis players. The retro appearance is fashionable at this time, so if players want a pair that you can wear from work to the court.

The black tennis shoes women possess seven different colours, you can seek the best one that suits your preferences. On the other hand, thanks to their ultimate stability and assistance, tennis players need a shoe that accommodates their weaving and helps them defeat opponents quickly.

When it comes to the upper, it is a mixture of lightweight mesh and synthetic leather. Moreover, the pair of shoes also offer you more convenience, comfort, and breathability. Besides, the toe box is perfect and roomy, so you don’t have to squish your toes.

Another crucial that we want to mention is the rubber outsole. It assists with stability, primarily because it supports a considerable amount of traction while absorbing shock from the court. Next, the tongue and collar both cushioned to guarantee your ankles protected when you move on the court.

This version offered a comfortable ride with solid durability and stability.
It is lightweight and proper ventilation.
The size was perfect for my wider feet.

The uppers were quite stiff, and the lateral part of the forefoot was too bulky.

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#4. Babolat Women's Tennis Jet Mach I All Court

We believe that Babolat will be the best tennis shoes for arch support version that impresses you this year. First of all, The Mach with the others aside from being slightly heavier on foot. It helps you feel the cushioning a bit more in this shoe. Also, the extra cushioning makes you feel unsteady.

When it comes to the style of this Babolat, it is a perfect dark blue and pink that are superb stylish on the courts. However, the shoelaces are a little bit shorter than previous styles. Mainly, you can double knot your laces for supporting and these laces were a bit short, making you come untied during the games.

Another thing that you need to concentrate on is the breathability and flexibility. When taking shoes out of the box at first, they are quite stiff. However, users feel comfortable gradually when they performed during their matches. On the other hand, this model offers you the confidence to move smoothly on the court. Moreover, they embraced and assisted your foot superb well.

It mixes with mesh and Kevlar for lightweight breathability and comfort.
The outsole is like an S-shaped pattern for higher levels of traction on any court surface.
The midsole integrated with cushioning technology, so it offers comfort underfoot.

Some people complained about the size that was too small.

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#5. Nike Women's Zoom Cage 3 Tennis Shoe

The next model that we would like to bring to you is the Nike Women’s Zoom Cage 3 Tennis shoes. Firstly, we would like to discuss foot assistance and stability. These shoes are superb stable among these shoes. It holds your feet securely and seemed to adapt to your footwork. The balance was a fabulous complement to the slicker traction. On the other hand, it was a perfect one that possesses a function of stability for the tennis players.

When it comes to durability, we make sure that the outsoles held up superb well. Players can keep putting these shoes on and wearing them to try to make peace with the comfort issues on the court.

Another crucial thing that you should care about is traction. The Zoom Cage 3 supports traction on the hard courts with a modified herringbone tread pattern. As you are playing on any court, you are satisfied with this perfect feature because it never lets you be slippery.

Last but not least, this version is the best tennis shoes for teenage girls who want to experience the game comfortably.


  • This product offers stability and outsole durability.
  • It is so lightweight when you step on the court.
  • These shoes can narrow foot shape and aggressive footwork style.


  • The uppers of the Zoom Cage 3 are quite stiff.


The MicroGel Radical is designed to be an extension of your body, not an anchor that weighs your arm down. So if you can create anything like reasonable contact you stand a great chance of extending the rally.

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Final Words

In summary, we believe that all tennis players can afford to pick up the best tennis shoes for them. On the other hand, these above are not only the leading quality versions but also meet their expenses. Moreover, we always keep updating some latest useful information related to these shoes to users.

Finally, purchasing outstanding tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis will offer you some years of enjoyment and relaxation after a long week of work. We wish all the best in your shoes, experiencing the pretty moment on the court.        

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